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  • Anonymous

i use this phone from december last year,and i dont like it

  • Anis

its great to keep up to date with this :P ugh looooool

daily i open so many websites to stay uptodate with the latest news ehehehe also social networks helps dude! follow N8 on facebook at

  • Anis

sarthak, 09 Jun 2010hey can any 1 tell me shall i go for nokia n900 or n8 whic... moreboth are great and defferent!

i will vote for N8

  • sarthak

hey can any 1 tell me shall i go for nokia n900 or n8 which 1 is better

  • Anonymous

Nokis_Tec, 09 Jun 2010that makes us two!! nothing will stop me from getting the n... moreme three hahahaa

  • Nokis_Tec

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2010+1000 Me too Anis! Neither Galaxy S, Wave, nor iPhone 4 w... morethat makes us two!! nothing will stop me from getting the n8 too!!!

  • Anonymous

Anis, 09 Jun 2010These recent days there are lots of tempting news and rumou... more+1000
Me too Anis!
Neither Galaxy S, Wave, nor iPhone 4 will stop me getting the N8!
Waiting patiently XD

  • Anis

These recent days there are lots of tempting news and rumours. Some of them are enough to break the patience of the people who are waiting for Nokia N8. But well, I have lists of mine that I keep thinking when the time that nerdgasms enters my mind and try to eliminate my excitement for N8.

I like Nokia N8 so much and that’s:

◦Because N8 is the first Nokia phone to have a 12 MP and also it is the successor for the N86 and N82. With Xenon attached on N8, night shots would be never a problem anymore. We should not also forget on how Carl Zeiss added the superb optics flavour in N82 and that’s why it became legendary camera phone of Nokia. This is getting more exciting in the new N8 because of the reduced Xenon flash and a more promising Carl Zeiss optics. Now I will not worry for cropping the image and printing it to large materials.

◦Because it will record and play HD videos. Aside from crisp photos, we will get also a video recording capabilities in HD!

◦Because N8 has the biggest camera sensor from the field of camera phones and other compact cameras. An astonishing 1/1.8″ Sensor. It has also a 1.75µm pixel size which gives better performance in low light. The bigger and the larger in numbers means better. These are how the 12MP will be useful.

◦Because it is Symbian^3 and you will actually notice that the home screen are similar to the Symbian^1 in N9 and N97 mini. The cool stuff here is we will get 4 homescreen on the new N8. Plus adding more to excitement is the new UI on the phone. I saw the gallery and editing features and I was really amazed on the changes and the speed is noticeably have improved on N8.

◦Because this is cool, the USB OTG! Another thing is the way that N8 can make our usb sticks and storage a slave. I don’t need to transfer my files on the computer before reaching the N8. I can also just add movies and songs directly to N8 from a USB drive.

◦Because HD tvs and projectors are everywhere and I can finally stream or play high quality videos in the big screens.

◦Because I always watch TV. I’m really an avid subscriber of National Geographic and CNN and I am really happy with the new features of N8. I can bring N8 anywhere and watch my favorite channels. Of course, this will be more exciting because of the OLED screen of Nokia N8.

◦Because I can’t pick the right color for me until now. I can’t pick on what exact color to get on Nokia N8 and this is a big problem yet fun! All colors are really attractive and the more I wait the more I rattle in choosing the right color for me. Anodized materials offers comfy feelings in my hands and giving more durability. But here’s a dark grey N8 gallery.

◦Because of my gaming capabilities. My first Nseries devices was N81 and I bought it with the reason I love gaming. Ngage 2.0 was good but it will be better if it will be put in a device with a fast and powerful hardwares and N8 has the future. I really love watching tires rubbing to the concrete of highways.

◦Because it is affordable. I mentioned lots of cool features of N8 and yet the price of N8 is really affordable! Who can imagine that all these features with a price tag of 370 Euro (before taxes and subsidies).

That’s the few things why I like N8 and love to wait for it. I hope some of you have the same sentiment on mine. lols.

  • Mobilemaster

Niraj, 09 Jun 2010I think you should go for N97 mini. Its better than N97.I don't like the N97 Mini, I want a 3.5 inch screen phone, and the N97 looks cool. I want to know 100% it is slow or not with example only 10Gb of internal memory?

  • Mobilemaster

Mark, 09 Jun 2010Depends on what you do with it. Read this and then decide: ... moreThank you, I read almost everything on that site. It has a weak battery, the CPU isn't enough, and the Ram too. The guy didn't mentioned if the phone is slow or not, and that is my question. I kept one in my hands, but that was a brand new phone, without many pictures, music, games, and application.
That guy said some things about the QWERTY keypad too, but I like it very much! :) It is transflective, that is an awesome feature.

  • Anonymous

For the first time i'm agreeing to Tom-Heldge about Iphone to N8 comparison, sum of his posts were educative like cross comparison of phones but the way it got recycled and recycled again it makes it a little bit annoying, but I hope I can hear more from tom-heldge cross comparing phones other than N8 and X10. I once liked reading his posts at first and then after i just skip and skip posts with his name on. Just lately I read again his posts.

  • Mark

[deleted post]Hi propose we let him be, and if he starts X10-ing again or rant about cpu, we report him then. Deal?

  • mw

nokia always delivers,this phone is packing everything i would want in a smartphone, slow motion video play back would be cool 2.


I got new 6303i free of cost from nokia care as a replacement for my damaged Nokia6303classic! Everything is updated in this phone,gallery is same as N8 ! It works very smooth,easy to scroll,watching photos in full view itz very faster than before! Provided theme is just same as N8,looks cool ! Good sign of NOKIA future(N8);)

  • Niraj

Mobilemaster, 09 Jun 2010I need help! Please somebody who has experience, to tell... moreI think you should go for N97 mini. Its better than N97.

  • Anis

N8 Battery life management,Power Management:

Power Management 2.0mm Charger Connector/USB Charging

Battery model BL-4D 3.7V 1200mAh

GSM Talk Time up to 12.0 hours

WCDMA Talk Time up to 5.8 hours

GSM Standby Time up to 16 days

WCDMA Standby Time up to 17 days

Video Playback Time up to 7.0 hours[1]

Video Recording Time up to 3.3 hours[2]

Video Call Time up to 2.6 hours

Music Playback Time up to 2 days

Navigation Time up to 6.6 hours

WLAN Browsing Time up to 9.0 hours

Notes1 720p 30fps: H.264.
2 720p 25fps: H.264

  • Mark

Mobilemaster, 09 Jun 2010I need help! Please somebody who has experience, to tell... moreDepends on what you do with it. Read this and then decide:

I personally find the N97 mini better, as it has more ram for the things it needs to do.

The N97 and N97 mini are both not the fastest phones around now. But, they have an incredible amount of features.

Good luck!

  • Mark

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2010can you hotlink the image pleeaaasseee??? THANK YOU FOR ALL... moreHere you go anonymous:

  • Mobilemaster

I need help!

Please somebody who has experience, to tell me the N97 is slow or not?? I heard that it is slow when u use more programs on it side by side. I am not a Nokia fan, but I want to buy an N97 in white. :X

  • Anonymous

Anyone mind to explain how is the "Current Ranking" page for GSM Arena works?

Popularity wise, this phone should be on top of the list but still there is no sign of it.

Is it a monthly thingy?