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  • Eva

mj, 05 Jun 2010does is it mean I can't change the battery?No you can't change the battery on your own as it is not USER replaceable.

It has got screws and screw Nokia for that.

  • Anonymous

whyy nokia dont change thos ugly battery and network icons?? to colorise maybe

  • sameer

mj, 05 Jun 2010does is it mean I can't change the battery?you can buddy but not at home i guess.. also i think there should be purpose behind 1200mhz battery.. it might be well optimized than 1320mhz on old phones with less features.. nokias are not fool to put low power battery in high end phones.. better to wait reviews on this from final product..

  • Various

Rajesh, 05 Jun 2010Tom, the reason Nokia has included a fixed inbuilt 1200 mAh... moreSame also goes for Omnia hd. People were also excited about it for the hd video recording and many people also claims that it is best. But after its release all hype are gone. When X10 and Galaxy S announce, people are also very excited that they will be extremly fast. But in reality both still lag despite the 1 ghz processor. These hype are usual and never stop.

  • mj

does is it mean I can't change the battery?

  • Rajesh

[deleted post]Tom, the reason Nokia has included a fixed inbuilt 1200 mAh battery in N8 is " THEY WANT TO MAKE N8 AS SLEEK AS POSSIBLE " and to maintain the good battery life the included a low clocked CPU...but here thats not the issue...till here its all fine. But the problem starts when you will use the added facilities...12mpx camera with Xenon Flash and 720 HD recording...USB OTG, huge 3.5" screen ( in comparision to cramped one on 5800 xm ), graphic accelerator, TV out etc. You dont need to be a highly qualified technician to say that these added specs will chew on the battery and drain it in a day if you use any of them even 1 hour a day. Now even it you have to charge the battery in every 2 days ( which I doubt ), in 3 or 4 months the battery power will start detiorating and maybe in 6 months you have to take N8 to the service centre to replace a new battery....And mind you this battery wont be cheap ( my guess is you have to pay about USD 50 for replacement, if at all you are able to do the replacement ). Its here the core of problem lies...its too early for me to make a judgement, but you have to be cautious before leaping into N8. Before E72 was launched E72 gsmarena was highly voted as everyone on the site had 110% hopes and they sweard on E72 to be the best Qwerty device in the E72 is living in dark...all the hype is gone...I am myself using E72 as my 2nd phone after Samsung I8910 HD but must confess its construction is a let down altogether ( though its made of steel ) and price dropped 40% in just 3 months after its launch.

  • sameer

[deleted post]oh you talk about eldar? he had previewed very early prototype of n8 n latter said it was his mistake to preview it too in depth n early.. but he has now got progressed built and he is happy with it n going to preview it again.. he is now even happy with n97 as he has got new beta firmware to test n according to him, its a fast.. you say he is good reviewer, his site is very popular then follow him properly n know all the facts n latest happening.. he is there on twitter as well.. so don't just post what you like.. obviously you seems to nokia hater but none of it work here..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]"Nokia N8 can last longer than the XPERIA X10, but that doesn't mean the 1200 mAh battery in the N8 is more powerfull than the 1500 mAh battery in the XPERIA X10."

So in this context which battery is more powerful is not important.
The important point is "N8 can last longer than the Xperia X10".

Yea, so what is your purpose of pointing out which battery is more powerful?
Are u lost? Cause I am lost with what point u are trying to bring out.

  • MSharaph

Why the "Call Record"
always "max 30 days"
can't they make it unlimited?!

  • sameer

Rajesh, 05 Jun 2010Its not only SE but Nokia too in recent times has made phon... moreAnother reason is also a huge price fall.. its true nokia too having bad built quality on some phones but they are not falling.. their new and high end models still have the same quality for what nokia is known. new coming c series phones like c5 are well reported on built quality. also newly launched 6700 slide is very well built according to review on this site.. majority of handsets from Eseries lineup are robust. but thats not the case with sony ericsson. T series from them had exceptionally well built quality. it bit went down in walkman series though cybershot lineup phones were ok but now the quality and standards have fallen further.. also post sale service is very pathetic. one usually regrett buying their high end phone.. here now a days sony phones are known for weak signal reception and low sound on ringing phone (hardly sufficient to notice in noisy areas).. this was never a case with their old phones.. it feels like old sony ericsson is missing somewhere and they have been taken over by other low standard companies..

  • goron goron

Engineer Man, 04 Jun 2010Did you know that an older Symbian Series 30 or 40 series p... morehohoho its really cool.
so now tom know that CPU speed is not a problem.
and for the people who still questioning bout Ghz in N8 or comparing only in CPU Ghz,should read Engineer Man post first.
nice post Engineer Man.

  • Rajesh

Mario, 05 Jun 2010Sonyericsson is DEAD ! They only have 3% market share (down... moreIts not only SE but Nokia too in recent times has made phones with horrible construction. At times if you dont read the brand Nokia on phone, you will think its a toy phone from China. If you dont know about this tell me and I will post the Nokia model Nos with worst contruction materials used. Yes, I do agree with you that SE too has lost its class which was visible in form of robust construction about 4 or 5 years back. China has spoiled many companies teaching them to cut corners in terms of quality to multiply the profits....

  • Symbian 3

Symbian 3

Lee Williams, Executive director of Symbian Foundation

Lee Williams also stresses that Symbian^3 is a transitory release to Symbian^4. Which makes me wonder again, what Nokia’s CEO was talking about, when he said that S^3 was THE major effort/investment for Nokia, and S^4 is a much smaller, incremental release. Everyone from Symbian, that I talked to about this, is contradicting Nokia CEO on S^3/S^4 relative importance.

  • Anonymous

andrew burgin, 05 Jun 2010Just recieved a email from Nokiablog an showing some more p... morethose coming from prototypes spreaded widely are just ok but nokia development centres have new builts and they have posted video sample just couple of days ago. its shockingly well on 720p hd.

  • andrew burgin

Just recieved a email from Nokiablog an showing some more photos taken by the N8,an o.k it might be a Preview N8 but the photos were not that outstanding an hope the Final N8 can take top quality photos an videos,just dying to see an use the Nokia N8

  • Symbian 3 - Rework

Symbian^3 is a rework of Symbian^1, fixing and improving the OS from the base to the top. Some UI/UX elements have been improved, such as the single tap, the multiple home screens, the widget management, but most of the work has been done under the hood. Optimizing the platform for the new Mobile needs is the goal.

S.B. What does “rework” of Symbian one mean? And you also say, that Symbian^3 is transition release. But Nokia CEO says that that, “in terms of OS development, all the major heavy lifting has been done in Symbian^3. It is the key upgrade to the high end line-up. Symbian^4 will be just an incremental improvement over S^3, requiring much less effort and investment.” Sounds a bit contradictory to me.

“Rework” means fixing what doesn’t work, improving what is not performant enough, making the system more robust, make it more simple to develop and maintain it. A “rework” or “refactoring” is needed periodicly. Sometimes it is done all along the development process, sometimes it is needed to have a period of major refactoring.

  • Dev

[deleted post]Yes, it does work flawlessly. But I guess now a days they both come with same headset that is WH701 and its a powerful, loud yet well balanced. I am not sure which one you got.

  • Symbian 3

Symbian 3

Is it really a new OS? No, its not. Basically, Symbian development has a timebox and whatever comes at the end of timebox is named a new version.

S.B. Btw, what happened to Symbian^2? We have handsets with S60.5/Symbian^1, we have upcoming handsets with S^3. But, outside of Japan, I haven’t seen any handsets with S^2?

J.F. The way Symbian OS development works nowadays, is based on “Time Boxing”. A release is developed during a certain Time Box of 6 months. S^2, S^3, S^4 are just names connected to the end of the Time Box.

When S^2 Time Box was getting to the end, S^2 didn’t have any “customer”. There was no device planning to use it, except in Japan.

S^3 Time Box started, and with it Nokia decided to make a product. S^3 is an evolution of S^2, the same way that S^4 will be of S^3

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Yes

  • jericho

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2010You sould ask n8 or x6 of course n8well yeah cause i've seen many good apps for the 5800XM and that's what make me ask..thx anyway :)