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  • VIC

Since my china-made-2yr-old orange N8 seems to be slowly deteriorating right now, what with the probably unfixable wifi problem restarts and now freezing problems. I wonder what would be the difference when I get the Finland-made Bronze N8 in a week. I'm a bit excited as I'm gonna get a brand new one and still apprehensive that it might still suffer the same probs I had with my soon-to-be-retired old one.
I just hope there's an app like Symtorrent that used to worked in Anna so I can download torrents straight to my phone. Any of you guys know an app I can use on my N8 that is able to do what Symtorrent was able to do. And I'm not gonna revert back to Anna.

  • mustapha

the only problem i have in my n8 is the camera,is sometimes not clear,i did opening it and i saw something like there was a flow of power in the engine,the place is black indicating that,that is getting to the menu side,someone cheated me and sold it to me,with this,my n8 is owsen,don't panick to buy this phone brothers and sisters.

  • garyv8

Hi all,gotta bit of a problem with my n8,the sms view keeps reverting to conversation/threaded,as fast as i reset it to inbox view i'll go back to it & its back on threaded again,any ideas?

  • wired

Carol, 06 Nov 2012you remind me, of me:). I was like this more then one year ... moreHi Carol. I would like to make me clear some things. 1. If you know for how much longer n8 will be on the market. 2. If i get one brand new the os will be belle as factory pre installed or a previous version and i must do belle upgrade. 3. Is there any difference between first and second case regarding memory free space or other operating problems? In any case what should i prefer to get? (in your opinion ).

  • mac

can install macedonian language on my n8?

  • MB

carol, 06 Nov 2012i had this problem when i update to refresh via OTA (cause ... moreok dear carol iam going try it after that i will tel you the result ok thank you very much

  • Carol

sanbin24, 06 Nov 2012hey Carol ...!!! Do me a favour plz. Should i buy n8 as a... moreyou remind me, of me:). I was like this more then one year ago:). When allot of bad stuff you could hear about the n8 also allot of good stuff to. I shore well liked the n8 allot. ALLOT ALLOT. And i needed a good camera in my device so back then N8 was the only option for me (now we have the mighty 808, i can't wait to get it))). But still, so many bad things!!! Man... was i confused. But i remembered that non-experienced users always talk to much and also never know how to use a Symbian. Also, there was a fight against Nokia back then, so allot of liars that never touched an n8 were complaining about others complaining's to make people think that this device is 70% bad. It was kind of impossible for Nokia to sell such a bad phone as i was hearing. I mean: Come on! There are always some factory defects phones, but to say that all of them are bad is just mockery for Nokia. So i tried my "luck". And never had a problem with mine, of course, from my experience with Nokia, that should have been obvious! It is the device that has Nokia quality written all over. Just one time, in a year, rebooted it self, and that because of an app i've installed and wasn't very compatible with my n8. But of course, i know how to work with smartphones. Allot of people don't know that. I also know how to update properly. There is an OTA update function, but never update your firmware via ota. As from anna to belle there is a great system change, so it s clearly that if you want to update your device without errors don't do it via OTA. Of course that nokia didn't let people to install Belle via ota, but that's not the only thing it should be done. The Phone should be formatted before updating. It is normal that some apps installed in anna will give errors in belle making the phone lagging. This is a mobile system and like all the operating systems in the world, needs some care. At the end, is your choice! I would buy 808 but if you don't have so much money you can buy it. It is a good phone. After one year of use i am still not even closed to bored:). After all, all the problems that are system related can be fixed very easy. If you have a hardware related problem with it, you have 2 years warranty. it is not like you cannot replace it after buying it. It is also not like all of them are doomed and i have the only good one in the world:))

  • mcgag1984

Is there a way to get wider video playback online with the N8 seems my flash player is outdated and cant see how to upgrade it?

  • Carol

Lindie, 06 Nov 2012Hi there i've got a Problem with my N8 it's keeps on freezi... moreGo to Nokia again, and never take it to those low life's people. Nokia , as far as i know, has international warranty, so you can buy it from Germany and repair it in Italy or anywhere is a Nokia care center and for free if it's newer then 2 years.

  • carol

MB, 06 Nov 2012yes dear carol iam using belle !! And my cell is new so i ... morei had this problem when i update to refresh via OTA (cause i had to leave my house and had no patience) My phone hanged when loading heavy pages with flash. But not always. i did a reflash with phoenix and now everything is ok. As i was saying, if it's new, is good that you haven't done so many things in it. But is your choice. you can also, take it back. they will do the same:). i think.

  • VIC

It's a real tragedy that I can't anymore download torrent files on my N8 Belle Refresh. I remember I was able to at Anna using Symtorrent. I already emailed Symtorrent and I guess they won't be updating their great app anymore.
What's more pitiful is that I plan on getting an 808 Pureview but if I cannot download torrents on it, then sadly, I won't be buying it.
Now I'm torn between Motorola Razr i and Nokia Lumia 820. Since I think my N8 is unfixable on its wifi problem, might as well upgrade to a bigger, more powerful phone.
I just hope there is an app that would be able again to download torrents for Symbian so I would definitely get a brand new N8 or the 808.

  • miloci

nokia n8 is wonderful

  • Jewel

I hv been using it, battery life is satisfactory but the main problem is that the processor speed is not sufficiant that can run the applications smoothly. Moreover Symbrian operating system is not attractive and ovi store does not have much useful and satisfactory applications. So it is better to use the phones which runs by Android OS. Also the are cheapper than Nokia with more speedy hardware and other benefits.

  • Lindie

Hi there i've got a Problem with my N8 it's keeps on freezing .at one stage i took it to Mtn i've been told that it needs a software upgrade been told that i must take it to Nokia i did that the next thing when i got a problem they told me that the warranty is expiried because Nokia worked on's got 9months old.

Now i'm stuck with it i cannot take it to them anymore because it's not their problem at all .I'm dissapointed .

thank you

  • she

[deleted post]i have one bcuz my phone was lost

  • mahi

[deleted post]compear to n8 & galaxy tab 2 which is user friendly because i am confused now i have n8 & i want to sale my cel & i want purchase galaxy tab 2 could u please suggest me which handset is good please help me out

  • sanbin24

carol, 05 Nov 2012Maybe you've installed something that messed up your system... morehey Carol ...!!!
Do me a favour plz.
Should i buy n8 as a best camera phone under 20 k..??
Many users show hang up problems wid this phone, so m often afraid of gettin one for me..
Plz suggest sth..

  • MB

carol, 05 Nov 2012Maybe you've installed something that messed up your system... moreyes dear carol iam using belle !! And my cell is new so i dont want to format so early !! And
this system error happen just after few days after buying it !! Every thing is ok except this hang up while doing net n iam worried about this system error !!''
And thank you carol for your sugession !!

  • Carol

olufshina, 05 Nov 2012I upgraded to Belle but nothing seems to change, it remains... moreMaybe you had already Symbian belle installed and you just updated to belle refreshed. Belle refreshed is just fixing some bugs add's some new widgets, some "facelift" here and there. And that's about it.

  • carol

MB, 05 Nov 2012My Nokia N8 only two month old and I have one porblem with ... moreMaybe you've installed something that messed up your system... Did you updated your phone to belle after you bought it? If yes, did something happened during the update? Also, is your phone updated via OTA (over the air) or you have used your pc for updating. Or, your phone came updated to Belle. Anyway, it is not a very old device and presuming you have not done to many personalization in it, you can do a factory reset and format and reinstall your software via nokia suite.