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  • Tomy

Just virtual QWERTy :(

  • SSK

I wanna buy an iphone 3GS. Inspired by the multitouch input method feature of the touch screen of iphone. But after listening about that awsome cell, I think so its better to wait few months more then to waste lots of money.

  • KID

Anonymous, 18 May 2010hi chance to slide my fingers through an N8.. my frd i... morewow, I'm really jealous mate. Seems like a lot of people already get their hands on the unit.

by the way, how bout the build quality mate? is it good? solid? And I'm wondering if the gallery load up the picture / video thumbnail fast? In condition when it's loading a lot of em? Cause my 5800, when I enter the gallery, the picture that relatively large, takes some times to load the thumbnail, and that bothers me a bit you know

  • Anonymous

By the time N8 release, Samsung Omnia HD 2 will Available, take a look:

The rumoured specifications are:

* 4″ CapacitiveCapacitive Super AMOLEDAMOLED Screen
* 12 Megapixel Camera with Xenon and LED Flash, HD (1280*720 pixel) Video Recording at 30 FPS
* 16/32 GB Internal Memory (Two Variants Available)
* Symbian^3
* GPS, Wi-FiWi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0

  • KID

Tom-Helge, 18 May 2010KID, everyone here are allowed to discuss everything about the N... moreok man, my bad, I'm just saying that maybe you can say it another way so that people around here wont get upset. Of course everybody is free to have their opinion here, but I think it will feel much better if the argument feels like a positive argument and not a negative one.

Anyway, that's just me mate, no offense at all

  • Anonymous

hi chance to slide my fingers through an N8.. my frd is in a testing project..the phone is amazing..the capacitive touch is soothing.. overall is speed is nice (the phone was fully loaded for testing purpose).. video clarity is amazing..plays .mkv files with ease..the dolby sound is mind blowing (tried with my sennheiser cx180).. camera clarity is fair(for a 12mp)..some drawbacks that i felt are there is no dedicated key for accessing call details..the loud speaker is mono only..the overall look is cool.. saw both silver and orange..the animated back ground is cool.. waiting eagerly for the phone to get released.. :-)

  • Tom-Helge

[deleted post]KID, everyone here are allowed to discuss everything about the N8 here.

Atm i'm just discussing the downsides of the phone and why we can't take N8 as high spec mobile phone.

And if you don't like that i'm coming with points on why the N8 is not a phone meant for the future, then you don't have to comment on it either.

Everyone is free to have it's own opinions about the N8. I'm just pointing out where N8 fails and where N8 fails totally to be a multimedia phone over other phones for example.

I really want to see N8 run a 720p movie converted to mp4 on 6k kbps in quality totally stutter free.

I'm even gonna try to convert some of my Avatar movie that is in Blu-Ray format (MKV and 1080p + 19.5k kbps in quality) to mp4. Then i'm gonna try to convert some of that to mp4 in 1920x1080 resolution with 19.5k kbps to see if the X10 can handle a 1080p movie in mp4 format with 19.5k kbps without stuttering. Just to see if the 1 GHz Snapdragon can handle it. But i doubt it can handle that without stuttering.

It handle the 720p movies extremely well though.

  • Anonymous

Tom-Helge, 18 May 2010loooop, you are wrong about something here. Yes X10 have 1 GB... moreStronger CPU --- with power hugry OS = not efficient

PRO - light OS (resource consumption) + good GPU = N8 - Good

N8 = AMOLED screen = low power consumption + bl-4D = good performance = EFFICIENCY

get it? or how can it be expressed simpelr. IF U CAN'T get this, STOP posting, or post on other forum, like IPhone where high IQ is not required

  • KID

Anonymous, 18 May 2010SE launched same phone in way back OCT. 2009 named SATIOagain, I'm asking this for the second time, tell me, just tell me, what is the factor that SATIO has that's over N8??

  • Anonymous

SE launched same phone in way back OCT. 2009 named SATIO

  • hhhhhh

ok listen the x10 is a little better but the n8 is cheaper . the n8 is better only price stop fighting over it ok

  • Tom-Helge

loooop, 18 May 2010are u serious... n8 beats x10 anytime... beside what u said abo... moreloooop, you are wrong about something here.

Yes X10 have 1 GB internal memory, but the phone comes with 8 GB microSD card. So when you take away what the OS use of the internal memory of the X10, then you have 8.5 GB with space on the phone. Not ot bad.

Yes, X10 have much more powerfull CPU that use more power. But X10 have a more powerfull battery than the N8 though.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 was delivered with FM RDS Radio. The radio is called MW600.

The X10 doesn't have internal radio i think. Someone says it have it, but because of Android 1.6, it doesn't have it. I might be wrong here, so correct me if i'm wrong here.

  • loooop

Tom-Helge, 18 May 2010Dude, you can't be much updated about specifications on mobile p... moreare u serious... n8 beats x10 anytime...
beside what u said about the cam and bluetooth
it has 16 gb of storage wich ur precious x10 have only 1gb....
ur x10 have more processor wich will kill ur battery quicker...
x 10 no radio. omg
n8 :multitouch
gprs class 33
edge class 33
secondary cam if u want too...
navigation for life...

and it's even cheaper than x10

and u still see the x10 is better... go brag with it at ur x10 page not here... piss off...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 May 2010Waste. Better buy Satiothis is d nly phn if u wanna buy then never buy satio....

  • 333

hwee, 18 May 2010this is definately my next phone, i always take photo using phon... moreno it has no cam cover but it is scratch resistant so no need to have a cover...

  • Rajesh

It seems that Nokia has stopped thinking on concrete terms. Nokia E63 which has a tiny 2.36 inches screen and below USD 150 price has a 1500 mAh battery and this N8 which has a huge 3.5 inch battery a double speed processor with graphic accelerator comes with 1200 mAh battery. Where are the brains?

  • Anonymous

Tom-Helge, 18 May 2010Hey. Mark, do you know that an ARM Cortex 600 MHz CPU is more... moreHi Tom,

Yes I do understand that A8 @ 600 is faster than ARM 11 @ 680. The point was that the GPU does much in S^3 UI, that you did not mention the GPU (again) and that it is the combination of multiple things that define speed, and the S^3, ARM11 & Broadcom GPU could very well lead to a snappier experience than Android on Snapdragon. Just looking at the CPU is pointless.

I for one am happy they do not use Android, as I think it is a terrible idea in the long run to have google own the os, even if it is "free".

Then, Nokia is not shooting for the poorer people, they are using what they are good at now, to make space for high end devices coming. You see, this N8 is really an incredible package for the price. This will hurt the competition. This does not compete with Iphone or X10. Nokia is planning to do this with MeeGo.

Anyway, i only responded to point out the CPU GPU OS combination point. Rgds.

  • Tom-Helge

Mark, 18 May 2010Hi Tom, You do not seem to be the smartest chap around here. ... moreHey.

Mark, do you know that an ARM Cortex 600 MHz CPU is more powerfull than an ARM 11 680 MHz CPU by quite alot?.

Why do you think i said N8 should have had an ARM Cortex CPU instead?. I wasn't comparing MHz speeds at all here. I was just comparing how powerfull reach of the CPU's are after how their architecture is builded up on.

So like i said, if this phone had been any high spec, it would need to have an ARM Cortex 600 MHz at least.

Well yeah, Symbian runs good on lower specs phones, but still. Symbian as a future OS isn't looking good tbh. Android seems to be the future.

If this phone have had 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, 480x800 resolution on the screen as minimum with Android 2.1 / 2.2. Then this phone would be a monster phone.

But i know Nokia is aiming for more of the cheaper crowds, so you can't expect as much out of the phones from Nokias as you can do with other brands.

  • Jim

A 1200 mAh,weak good will be 1500 mAh
B Symbian ^3 OS,bad one, future it's android
C ARM 11 680 MHz processor,come on,no less then 1ghz

  • hafidz

Bong, 18 May 2010Dear Hafidz, with regards to your inquiry, I believe the N8 will... moretq bong..still waiting 4 n8 on july,hope it can be my special besday gift..(",)v