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  • vedha

nokia 5800 user, 17 May 2010I had nokia n73 and it still alive! i had used it more than THRE... moreI am using N72 for 4 years it still do its job quite good. Nothing comes near Nokia

  • iPhone user

Shahzad, 16 May 2010If now only Nokia allows to install also Maemo/Meego on it, will... moreAlas !!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 May 2010s60v5 is compactible with s60v3. I have N5800 and i know. Also s... moreS60v3 apps are compatible with S50v5 N97 and N95? Yes, that must be why I can download things like DivX player for the N95 from DivX labs and it won't work, or the way the original sports tracker, won't work, or countless other apps, won't work, because they're NOT DESIGNED FOR TOUCH SCREEN.

Have you managed to get Google Mobile working on your 5800/N97 so that it doesn't report that the phone is incompatible?

  • Anonymous

KID, 17 May 2010cant agree with you mate, cause this device is using a new Symbi... moreI wish I could have your optimism re Symbian^3 being designed for TouchScreen. Everything looks pretty much the same to me but with a face lift. Im sure its had a lot of work under the scenes, but... eh, Im still waiting to see some videos of the messaging interface!

  • hafidz

when n8 become 2 our country (malaysia)???
n do u think how about the price,dudes..tq

  • brynn

Can symbian^3 and ^4 platform support button type mobile fones..

  • leo

with the good price and spec list this powerfull the n8 will sell as much as 5800 and be a top seller,,i would put this in for smartphone of the year.

  • puma

nokia 5800 user, 17 May 2010I had nokia n73 and it still alive! i had used it more than THRE... moreI have e70 for many years. It fell many times on asphalt or concrete and never failed. It just works.

  • KID

Anonymous, 17 May 2010come on consumer must stick together so that manufacture produce... moreyeah man, PEACE (',')c\/

  • Anonymous

come on consumer must stick together so that manufacture produce a better n quality smartphone. each OS have its own pros and cons. Live with ur OS, U hv ur best OS why u want to bash other OS saying it is old,buggy,bla bla bla... no manufacture force to to buy their smartsphone. Ok sometimes thay do make a hype about their OS to lure consumer but its not forcing. Sharing is caring... arguing is not caring. We can hv multi OS living peace and harmony in this world. PEACE.

  • brynn

Anonymous, 17 May 2010I can also mention that ppl use their N900 as servers, running A... moresometimes the free stuff is simpler and works better,,open office org,,gimp etc do the job and as you say its free...These developers are out there to prove that software should be free and free equivalents are just as effective as paid for stuff..I remember gimp coming out and it was very basic but the proof was there that writers were prepared to imitate paid for software and give it away..

Have not tried n900 i think it maybe a bit out of my league but if i can pick up a cheap one second hand id give it a go..

  • ajflex fr

I am using pr1.2 firmware and it good but i think meego os will be very good for nokia n900 in my option.
No other smartphone or mobile computer (internet tablet) as phone feature.
the nokia n900 is in a league of it's own.

  • Anonymous

the most anticipated phone currently.

  • Anonymous

I can also mention that ppl use their N900 as servers, running Apache and PHP. And, want the most advanced photo editor on a handheld device ever? Compare the free GIMP of N900 to any overpriced photo editior on any other device, and try to run a full Office suite on any other device, and on top of it all, for free? And this is supposed to be bad stuff?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 May 2010Some powerful hardware on this phone, but I am sorry but Symbian... moreSo whats your problem with Maemo 5? I think the only problem is that you never tried it. Look at what N900 can do, and then tell me any other phone that comes close? N900 does not have any real competition, WinMo cant run those "full version" complex programs that was written for real PC, its not even compatible with Windows, while Maemo/Easy Debian on N900 can run pretty much anything that Debian has compiled for ARM processors. One of a kind.. But ok, too advanced for regular users for some reason, Meego will fix that pretty soon, but i do have to question peoples IQ if they cant use an N900...

  • Sunny

N8 should be easily available in market & 12 mega pixel means you can bring person who is far away from you with clear picture their shouldnt be blurr if you zoom completely...

  • Anonymous

symbian ruins everything.

  • Anonymous

Dont Get Me Wrong.... I used only nokia and my future phone will be nokia.

Long Live Nokia.
"Conning People"

  • Anonymous

for nokia user only LOL.
if u want a smartphone aka mobile computer get N900.
if u want value for money get C6.
if u want to support nokia until they release symbian^4 or meego device get N8.

support nokia even sometime i feel their are
"Conning People"

  • Anonymous

The cheapest and yet the best smartphone

can you resist it