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Nokia N8

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  • Mobilemaster

[deleted post]Hey Nokla.

Would you tell me please what is your favourite mobile phone company? Thanks. :)

  • Firoz

Anonymous, 11 May 2010if any one want to buy N8 then contact with price is only 585$.Hey man What about 5800 navigator and x6 16gb

  • stvn7

[deleted post]haha..dude so this is what you do with your spare time go to our forum and say crazy things..tsk tsk feel porsysor you dude..poor baby..

  • kaushal

wow!!!!d specifications r not bad n seems worth waiting 4 d phone...........truly wuld b my next phone........wel i just want 2 knw wen is it releasing????has any date of release cum out??????
secondly may i knw wht is d price of it approx?????

  • stvn7

okp, 11 May 2010 i really enjoy reading posts when nokia are about to realese a ... morehahahaha..dude you're not that different with the things that you said come you said that iphone is better, you haven't even used the iphone 4g! And you have not yet compared it with're funny dude. You just ate what you just said haha!

  • huang

Anonymous, 11 May 2010what is S9000 dude ?!?!!!? there is NO such phone! are you by... moreIts a nice looking phone and would be good for kids mainly, unfortunately phones these days that do not offer WiFi are pointless.

Society today demands that people use social networks, email and web just to function.

Users may not have plans and may be pay as you go and this is where WLAN is key, these users can use the web,email and anything else for free.

Contracts work for some people but ultimately way more expensive, I have not put money into my pay as you go phone in over 4 months and i can make and receive calls via VOIP without issue.

Anyway, its different strokes for different folks, for me WiFi is mandatory in a phone.

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  • Anonymous

what is the meaning of Q1 Q2 Q4 Q4 2010

  • Gorun

I don't recomand waiting for the n8 because n900 already exist!Maemo/Meego is a more powerfull OS than all symbian's.I know that nokia make a division of it's devices and from now high-end class is with meego os and middle class with symbian^3 and the upcoming symbian^4.PS!the only thing which is attractive at n8 compare with n900 is camera!If photos are one of your priorities I recomand to wait for the n8!

  • chibueze

helloo i need it i love it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2010if any one want to buy N8 then contact with price is only 585$.i am interested inbuying the N8

  • samo

Anonymous, 11 May 2010if any one want to buy N8 then contact with price is only 585$.i wanna that mobile ..that's amazing

  • Anonymous

seph, 11 May 2010S9000 = samsung i9000 galaxy SNo....cuz i9000 S is INFERIOR and doesn't have those specs! (1080p, 12mp ? )LOL it's Android that has YET a lot of improvements needed to reach Symbian

  • Anonymous

and okp (were u trying to pun Nokias CEO's media nickname, Opk?) i wont play the little game u iphone fanboys buy into, ur basing the success of a phone moodel entirely on it's application ecosystem, truth be told, iphone hardware has to be the most fundamentally backward hardware architecture on today's market, its bandwidth requirement is crippling AT&T's networking hardware...and all this..jus so u can use an app. and those looking at the speed of this phone and cringing...realise this...Symbian is one of the lightest OSes u can find around..It would be like strapping on an extra fuel tank onto a prius...pretty close to retardation.

  • Taru Rahman

just i waiting for it............ 5 4 3 2 1 0...........

  • Anonymous

okp, 11 May 2010 i really enjoy reading posts when nokia are about to realese a ... moreoh very clever. you say every phone is better than the n8 because the n8 is not out yet. then you go on to say the iphone 5g is better than everything else, even though the iphone 5g is not out either. well done.

iphones are so limited in terms of functionality. they're great for using basic apps and ok for internet, and the ui is very user friendly. but that is all. no flash player for internet and rubbish camera make them useless for someone like me. they are successful purely because of marketing (ipods established the 'i' brand to be what it is now) and ease of use. anyone who is really interested in exploiting the functionality of their phone will use android or symbian.

  • tam

nice battery life. and best os in the market. the only thing i dont like is the screen resolution.

  • Anonymous

Loving it, regardless of what people say, nokia hardware jus trumps all..had an N86 and couldn hav been happier (for those SE fans and their Aino pal has one and without a doubt...carl zeiss lenses + nokia = impeccable SE fail)

  • andrew

oho, 11 May 2010Differences are: 1- N8 is made by Nokia, Vivaz is made by SE! ... morewow well done dude! even i didnt realise how superior the n8 was compared to vivaz!

  • Hassan

i'm Loving this handSet seems Bigger but its very Light impressive,Welldone Nokia Team ;)

see this link for pics and their comments on hardware :)­s-on/

  • seph

S9000 = samsung i9000 galaxy S