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  • gagan

Anonymous, 09 May 2010What? The X10 only has a Snapdragon CPU. The N8 has a Broadcom G... morewho says to you that x10 dont have a gpu it has a gpu with open gl 2.0 support check the review and videos on you tube

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 May 201016 gb is not too much. 64 gb is to about tlling me what's your criteria for "too much" and "not too much"?!?!?

  • Anonymous

is the camera movable? well, wether movable or fixed, i would say not good in the pocket...

  • Anonymous

Guuyss! which is better this or satio?? if we were talking about the camera and the video quality??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 May 2010still n900 the bestMeego phone is even better

n97 mini has comfortable qwerty

n8 is good looks e71 lookalike, great camera, good spec, finally nokia offer satisfating spec for symbian after n95

i can see the rise in nokia smartphone market share this year onward

  • Anonymous

still n900 the best

  • WHY,Nokia??.

Beautiful design,BUT that is all!!.
NO good!!. =(

  • Anonymous

Nokia world 2010

  • suprajun

I think the best phone made by nokia hardwear and softwear it's n900 but still need lot of develompent

  • Anonymous

* Motorola Droid:TI OMAP3430 + PowerVR SGX530,7 million per second polygons

* Nexus One:Qualcomm QSD8×50 + Adreno 200,22 million per second polygons

* iPhone 3G S:600 MHz Cortex-A8 + PowerVR SGX535,28 million per second polygons

* Samsung Galaxy S:S5PC110 + PowerVR SGX540,90 million per second polygons

**** Nokia N8 broadcom 2727 chip,32 million per second polygons

this is a comparison picture some of the brand.

  • Anonymous

16 gb is not too much. 64 gb is to much.

  • Anonymous

i voted it 10 10 10~

  • Anonymous

Basir From Banglades, 10 May 2010May be it's best phone in 2010. But 16 gb too much memory. Its u... morewhat?? 16 gig too much for you?? i have 40 gig (32+8) in my N900 and its not enough. But ofcorse, N900 is a computer, N8 is just a simple Symbian smartphone, so i guess 16gig is ok with N8 for most users. still its not enough in advanced devices that can be used for more tasks.

  • firefly

nokia is trying to capture the market in USA by this cool phone.

  • Anonymous

does this phone have a QWERTY keyboard?

  • Basir From Banglades

May be it's best phone in 2010. But 16 gb too much memory. Its unnesesary. Thanks

  • okp

koRngear, 10 May 2010to OKP and annony.... We, in Bangladesh have our Official Nok... morekorngear...very hard for me to comment on your words, as i dont live in bangadesh..i dont know how your mobile contracts are set up or what they cost, all i know is that in australia the mobile fone is a must have..i dont know a single person who doesnt have one...the i phone here is considered to be a near status symbil . We dont get the grey market here that i read about so much on user comments on gsmarena...i can only say what i know from the dozens of fones i have had,and friends of mine have had..and from this i have deemed nokia to be going backwards with their products with the chinese build....if you like cheap quality ,well good for you..i dont..if im going to pay close to a $1000 australian for a fone I WANT QUALITY. And nokia have let it slide downhill ..

  • sam

Nokia Phones are great but they look very ugly compared to other phones....

  • Anonymous

Will nokia make n8 mini with 3.1 inches screen, lower spec but with gpu