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  • Claude

Can't wait to receive one.

  • pbhat

Although not mentioned and some unconfirmed opinion says it does not have stereo speakers but I think it will have stereo speakers as its quite high on audio specs with Dolby Digital and SRS surround etc. This is entirely my guess though. May be the speakers are hidden somewhere (like 5800) and is not visible in pics. Lets hope for the best.

  • Qt

Kcd, 04 May 2010Wow! Nokia really pulled a rabbit out of the hat this time. ... moreNokia N8 just as any other Nokia phone from now on is capable of running applications written for Qt framework. This means that any applications that will be written for future Meego or Symbain^4 devices will run on N8 as well.

  • KID

isn't this Symbian^3 gonna be open source just like android? does that mean that there's gonna be a lot of apps pouring down for the nokia phone from this point??

  • Anonymous

You need screw driver to replace battery

look here

  • TeD

Someone ask Nokia why they left out stereo speakers for this high end phone please.

  • HiTek

Why no stereo speakers Nokia?

  • Akash from nepal

Suresh Rai Nepal, 04 May 2010Hey,this is the greatest phone i have ever seen.It is my dream ... moreNokia n8 nepali prices rs.37,000

  • Kcd

Wow! Nokia really pulled a rabbit out of the hat this time.

But as with any magic trick you might want to step back and look at the big picture. The Symbian^3 OS on this phone is going to be the shortest lived OS Symbian has made - to be replaced in a matter of months by Symbian^4. In other words releasing this phone with Symbian^3 is a stop gap measure by Nokia to mesmerize their audience. And if Nokia had any business sense they will release the same phone again next year with the new OS - maybe call it N8^4. Now that's going to piss off all the early adopters especially when they realize that no one is interested to write applications for an OS with barely any supported handsets. Still the show has to go on...

  • Anonymous

poor resolution

  • Prat

chris, 04 May 2010no infrared port! how lame! how lame nokia! how lame!infrared is a backdated technology.No one will miss it

  • chris

no infrared port! how lame! how lame nokia! how lame!

  • prat

the battery isn't user replaceble.............that sucks

  • mnon

the nokia online store should have the real price of the device once it is out. local stores and other online stores will overcharge for sure

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2010Nokia has a retailers price + the mandatory taxes for every coun... morethank for the info. wish dealer in my state not so greedy lol.....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2010hemmmm just hope no delay on the release of the phone. hope pho... moreIf released like the 6700classic last year ... early July..than it will be just fine....but frankly...i see it being released about....second half of August....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2010do you ppl think Nokia can control the price in store... Let it ... moreNokia has a retailers price + the mandatory taxes for every country price..if high or low will ONLY be set by the store's desired profit (taht will be big at first and gradualy go down untill the 3% minumum)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2010do you ppl think Nokia can control the price in store... Let it ... moremy country soccer not good no150 and below in the world may be lol who care... most of ppl in my country support euro league. and i am fan of liverpool..

  • Anonymous

Roger Johnson, 04 May 2010It’s a shame anyone gave Eldar’s so called ‘review’ at mobile-re... morehey...i did not credit him...

the only info i took was the pricing estimate...which is very realistic. you have to admit that there is no way that the price will be just 370 (maybe will be dropped to around there after 1year)
...and was interesting to see the accesories it will come with from mobile-review's pictures

So... it seems very plausible that it will be around 450Euro ...also prety possible that in first instance will be somewhere between that figure (450) and 490...

  • Kenji

What I'm happy to see what Nokia is doing is that they are also appealing to the US tmobile frequency band. It's nice being able to buy a phone with the 1700/2100band so I can use the FULL potential of the phone since it has flash internet browsing xD