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Nokia N8

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  • Ken Ryu of Khamis KS

Gr8 Phone!ang Lupit....

  • XxX

[deleted post]It costs around 23000 pesos here in the philippines.

  • XxX

I will buy this phone... Besides being cheap and having a large amount of internal memory, it will make me look more handsome... Peace. Haha.

  • SIlent

This is a GREAT phone. Definitely gonna get it.
Release release release...

  • Anonymous

can we upgrade from symbian^3 to symbian^4 please search for it and tell us if we have n8 with symbian^'s amazing

  • Sticky Fingaz

I looooove this phone! It's has all the lastest stuff + it's for the right price... Love it!

  • Anonymous

is the screen scratch resistant too ?
or just the aluminum surface ?

  • Anonymous

dude this is better than nokia n900

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2010Worst Phone ever. Nokia just keep repackaging the 5800 to N... morewhat?? it's not yesterday dude, it's already today, just look at the spec, and also new OS too, if you compared this phone with N97, X6, or 5800, they're all just looks like a bunch of dumb phone.

I own 5800 right now, and still using it, waiting till this baby go out in the market, and I'm surely gonna buy it!!

  • EdB

Best phone right now. HTC HD2 is a close second, but it requires the $25 pda fee in The USA. The N8 & HTC HD2 offer the most features, but the N8 w/T-Mobile is cheaper to operate.

  • Anonymous

Worst Phone ever. Nokia just keep repackaging the 5800 to N97 then X6 and now to N8. Nokia wake up smell the roses. Yesterday Technology for today.

  • KID

Kcd, 04 May 2010KID - so do I - just don't want to be disappointed by getti... moreyeah, me too.

actually, I've been thinking about this one thing for some times now, why is it that the Symbian^3 looks like cant be compared at the same level as another OS, like android for example?

is it about the User Interface? os is it about the apps? or is it about how easy you can share and connect to your social network? or anything else?

cause I've been thingking that I want to try an android phone too, but I just cant see a distinguished advantage from android from this symbian^3

mostly, I think it's because of the number of the apps, cause android is an open source OS, but isnt it S^3 also an open source now??

  • nem

really nice phone specs.. just wish they used 1Ghz processor instead and an android os. still great phone though

  • Kcd

KID, 04 May 2010well, true, maybe it's not so simple as a Firmware upgrade ... moreKID - so do I - just don't want to be disappointed by getting an overwhelming phone with what might be an underwhelming OS (compared to other OS) - so I'll wait until Nokia release it with S^4 (I am sure they will be testing S^4 with this phone).

  • KID

also, I read somewhere that this phone will also support threaded sms view out of the box, nice!!

  • Deep space bar

bububaba, 04 May 2010What's Nokia's problem? They need to increase the processor... moreWhy would they have to do that for symbian3 already is marked as a low consumption OS just like S60 why do you think it doesn't need much to run
But just need a little more to run faster
434 is ok since the n97/97mini,5800,5530,5233/5230 all run at that same speed so inscreasing the clockspeed
Adding more ram
Making the screen amoled
Have an aluminum unibody
And tweeking the OS to optimum performance
Will make the phone so much better which it has

  • KID

bububaba, 04 May 2010What's Nokia's problem? They need to increase the processor... morewell, I think 680 is enough power, it has a graphic accelerator too. And also, maybe nokia will give this phone an extra power along with a firmware upgrade, just like my 5800.

I really cant wait to buy this phone!! but the price are usually going up in my country, like when N900 come up here, it's priced around US$ 710

  • KID

Kcd, 04 May 2010Going from Symbian^3 to Symbian^4 is not like a simple firm... morewell, true, maybe it's not so simple as a Firmware upgrade to switch from Symbian^3 to Symbian^4, but I still hope for the best

  • Kcd

KID, 04 May 2010I think maybe that nokia will enable N8 to be upgraded from... moreI wish people wouldn't speculate about upgrading the phone from S^3 to S^4 - it's not been mentioned anywhere on the Symbian or Nokia site. If you want this phone with S^4 then wait - if Nokia has any sense they will release it early next year with S^4.

  • KID

cristid, 04 May 2010Nokia really needs to upgrade its displays, this is a low r... morewell, I think the 360x640 is fine already, since this is a mid class phone I think, and the high end phone will be using meego as their OS

true, it's not much if you compared it to other phone like HTC HD2, or Omnia HD, but I think that's not a problem, look at Iphone, it has a lower res than N8, but still a great phone isnt it??