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Nokia N8

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  • Akash from nepal

My next phone

  • kasf doza

GR8 phone , I am gr8 supporten nokia phone ,
nokia best of luck ,

  • Roger Johnson

It’s a shame anyone gave Eldar’s so called ‘review’ at mobile-review any time or credibility whatsoever. The man is a well known Nokia-hater who has had conflicts with Nokia before and been slapped down by them.

As for the US tech blogs, sorry, but they simply don’t have a clue what they are talking about. The US tech media is well known globally for being ignorant about mobile generally – they live in such an insular, inward looking world, and are highly defensive and protective about home-grown technology (Android, iPhone).

The truth is the N8 makes current and rumoured iPhone and Android devices look like over-priced toys. The truth hurts – it hurts Android and iPhone fans, and it hurts US tech blogs who love their home-grown tech. So they slag off and do down non US tech. I’ve seen it lots before. Luckily the US is actually not a very important mobile market at all, only about 8% of world’s mobile users live there. So I think we can live with the US, loud and proud as they are, not appreciating Nokia technology. It’s their loss.

  • kim samsung

zacharias, 04 May 2010It's too late SE and Samsung has already released a 12M pixel sm... morebut the n8 has HDMI rite? :-)

  • eliza

yeah!! i Agree!! Pink looks cool.. and if there is, i would buy one..i hope nokia co. will be able to read this.

  • Atlantis

It is no stereo?!!!!!!!!!!

  • dianne

PINK would be a great color for n8. It's very popular for girls.

  • daniel

with nokia it's all about the design and the functionality of the smart phone..and the n8 looks great and the specifications are extraordinary.

  • Weapon-R

nokia n8 is a great phone... No doubt and i really agree with that.

But, isnt it much graeter if the nokia luanch new edition? Like n8i.

Some specs improve but not much make it costly.

Here are some...

Internal memory - push it to 32gb like n900
bluetooth - upgrade to v4.0 to save some energy during the pairing devices using bluetooth
beauty shot - for camera. Because my girlfriend is kinda ugly during daytime. Ahaha!
Battery - raise to 1500mah

no need to upgrade the cpu and ram because its just a symbian and to avoid raising the power consumption.

Arent my ideas are brilliant???!!!



Praise the nokia n8!!!



I Like that
and i want buy now but its price is not clear d witch dat is available in market.
I allread use XM 5800 i like nokia

  • Yes but.

Yes there are other 12mp cameraphones but this ones has a better picture quality than the others.

  • majky

zacharias, 04 May 2010It's too late SE and Samsung has already released a 12M pixel sm... morebut not 12 megapixel with HD video and capacitive display together

  • techieME

GREAT phone!! can't wait to have it. KUDOS to NOKIA!! ^^

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2010Nokia has been asking symbian community to suggest ui ideas to h... morenothing is gonna improve this lame os anymore. lol

  • Anonymous

Jean, 04 May 2010Changing the old lame symbian OS.Nokia has been asking symbian community to suggest ui ideas to help improve symbian ui,

hope to see your revolutionary ui ideas
go to

  • Jean

Anonymous, 04 May 2010What kind of revolution you want to see?Changing the old lame symbian OS.

  • Anonymous

qqq, 04 May 2010the official Nokia online store has the E72 for 320 euro and the... moreactualy the price...according to in euro (in germany for ex) will be aroung 490Euro.

There is of course, besides the 370 the 19%VAT (440Eur) + Green tax for electronics + etc it is reasonable to say that will surely NOT be under 450Euro

so i guess it is going to be somewhere arond the price of the n900 ~ X6 32gb

I work in mobile phone i hope my estimate will be quite accurate. this is what i always do when a phone in announced to see what are my opportunities to import/sell something at a good prine or if the price is bi, maybe wait or look for something else

  • Anonymous

What kind of revolution you want to see?

  • Jean

Anonymous, 04 May 2010NEW - largest phone cam angle, sensow. Check the dictionary for ... moreHey fanboy, don't start throwing nonsense. I'm an unbiased guy giving an unbiased opinion. So stop it. And yes, having a better camera sensor isn't a revolution in the phone industry...

  • Anonymous

To understand symbian^3, go to youtube to look for it, about s4, you need to go to visit to look for nokia s4 ui proposal