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  • Deep space bar

Anonymous, 04 May 20103.2 screen n8 mini? Yes we want it lower pprice . We hopeOh no you don't nokia should have 3.5' screens as a standard now and the n8i should have 64gb and new stuff added

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Symbian does have ton of apps, but most of it do not show up at ovi store, what a pity!

Apps like garmin, oxford dictionary, .....etc

  • Deep space bar

tom, 04 May 2010wow, stuning,much more features then iphone 3gLol iphone never had features to begin with cause the developers had to make them and where is apple's where to be seen like always atleast nokia makes their own software aswell and packs their phones with lots of goodies and wicked features

  • Anonymous

3.2 screen n8 mini? Yes we want it

lower pprice . We hope

  • tom

wow, stuning,much more features then iphone 3g

  • vice

Rooby, 03 May 2010Beautiful phone, but the Battery 1200 is not enaught. I agree. It should atleast be 1500mAh. then it would be perfect!

  • Quad ro

The n8 also has midp 2.1 and wifi n speeds.Flash lite v4,compass for layers,dolby an hdmi which make it a special fone anyway and monster batt life. Cool or at

  • uzak

i have samsung pixon 12, but i realy miss my nokia n82. i hope this phone camera also good like n82.n 82 flash is realy strong

  • brynn

leo, 03 May 2010Will they make a high spec fone like this in non touch form..I h... moreBeing a non-touch button smartfone fan first and foremost i hope your question gets answered cause ive heard nothing yet..

  • leo

Will they make a high spec fone like this in non touch form..I hope and prey they do..

  • Anonymous

Why they didn't put Android inside it?? Symbian OS is slow with almost no apps and games compare to google and apple...!

This cell phone has the best specs except the Symbain OS! Will not buy this phone just for the camera!

  • minster

what is micro usb OTG ?

  • MD

i think is to big

  • brynn

N8 is using the sorenson spark codec,,havent heard of this for a few years..I know its part of quicktime( or was) but why put it in N8 ?? Hope its nothing to do with any apple architecture or implementation..

  • Jim

Mobilemaster, 03 May 2010Hi Niraj! I saw too that interview with Eldar Murtazin. Well,... morehi,just wondering if u know the price of this phone,and also is it on pay as u go.Thanks

  • Idam

N8 is very good.`
buy n8 how ?

  • Anonymous

will it have snake game?

  • Rajitt

brynn, 03 May 2010knowing Nokia they will bring out the N8 Mini ..Hahahahahaha...that's a pretty good guess! Lots of Nokia lovers would appreciate a gesture like that, alright!

  • brynn

[deleted post]knowing Nokia they will bring out the N8 Mini ..

  • Perseu

Hi, nokia N8 is the best, i wait very much for that.Good job.