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  • gregg003

very cool phone, spec-wise and design wise, and its showing impressive performance so far base on the sample videos and images that came out.

the new UI seemed impressive rather so of this phone could lived up or even gets better before it comes out, there is no other reason why its not going to sell by the millions beating every other competitors to dust

  • Nokian13

i'm lookin forward to v3 symbian.... Hopefully its a mix of maemo type where we have full control of personalizing screen. I had N900 for two days had to sell it cuz it was HEAVY WEIGHT. I stepped out of nokia after N900 to test Motorola Milestorm... Android is crazy but phone is still kinda had the weight. V3 Symbian should have mix of maemo... Maemo is the way to go... People want to customize and have some control over their phone's OS. I STOPPED USING CARRIER BRANDED PHONES FROM WHEN I GOT MY BRAINS WORKING. If your carrier gives you chance to upgrade, go ahead and pick the expensive phone and flip it and get the money and go BUY NOKIA's top line FACTORY UNLOCKED!!!!. Carriers Monopoly shouldn't go on forever... we studied so much as customers... don't be a fool. BRING THEM DOWN. N8 IS SICK. Especially their video ad. THE MUSIC AND ANIMATION WILL DRAW SONY,MOTOROLA,HTC,AND OTHERS LIKE MAGNET TO STEELS.....

  • ME!!

[deleted post]I had an iPhone.. I've found small interesting app. unless you are a freak DOS games user, then you could say.. it has interesting apps.
So.. what are you looking for then?? a computer?? it would be better for me to take my HP Pavillion.
moreover.. the battery is very weak.. so impotence.
there is no video call camera.. sooo out dated
you have to pay for the GPS.. as if you live in the prehistoric time. COME ON MANN!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Of course Iphone is smooth, it can only run one aplication at the same time LOL

  • Android fan

Anonymous, 04 May 2010You're talking as if they only got gaming apps. Well news flash!... moreDude...... Symbian had business apps before iphone and Android even existed… and I’m not defending them here, I’m just being objective… I used Nokia forever and my Android is like breath of fresh air after all those years… and I’m loving my little green friend.
What will android give you for this much money ???? HTC Legend at best….. and let’s be honest here.. after few weeks of Sense eye candy, excitement is gonne, but very bad WiFi reception is unfortunately still there  and HTC is known for good hardware and built quality…. Yet they failed…. How many apps can you install on Desire….their flagship….  Incredible ( US version of Desire ) having big problems with “auto-shut off function “ haahaaaaaa…. and u think Hero will ever get taste of éclair ????
Everybody’s complaining about Nokia not providing updates for there phones but they do… look at the 5800…. Granted Nokia is far from perfect… they lost me with N97 and it will take more then funky videos of N8 to get me back .. or my money to be precise……

As I said…. I’m sticking with Android for now….will wait and see what N8 is like in real world.

  • yupiwant------it.

but what am i gonna do with my n900?

  • brynn

Anonymous, 04 May 2010Have you heard of nokia qt sdk which was relaesed the same day n... moreThats true but its out of most peoples knowledge..Theres nothing more i would like to do than help the symbian community but it still out of my reach still is any programming/coding altho i have joined the foundation and have made suggestions,,if only i could carry out the coding myself i would write the apps instead of suggesting them..

Ive had a lot to deal with this past year and its cut into study time..Dads very ill,more family deaths and these horrible,horrible events push you even further to make more of your life..I want to be able to programme,,fly on a plane ,,visit hadron collider and Ayrs rock and have money to carry on my tech obssession,,Sounds daft but these are my things i want to do before i die but they will cost lots so really hoping economy gets sorted..I started off with basic electronics but computer programming is really powerful stuff and of course i dont have to learn it but i hate been beaten and i get irate because its a huge learning project but i am going do it..

  • Niraj

Has anyone see this;
N8 is the most popular phone in Gsmarena with 97% daily interest. Second most popular phone is Nokia 5230, do you know its daily interest?? Just 28%
A huge gape between first and second... It shows that how much people are interested on this phone...

  • Anonymous

Android fan, 04 May 2010Dude seriously... I have android phone as well, so please cut th... moreYou're talking as if they only got gaming apps. Well news flash! Android and iPhone has got the best business app on mobile phones too. And yeah BB is a good business phone too, but symbian?? They're apps are crap. Really slow and very frustrating.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Have you heard of nokia qt sdk which was relaesed the same day n8 was announced? It is a great tool for developer, nokia has now put much effort and app development, the tool is for designed for developing apps and games for meego and all symbian os without hassle.

  • Android fan

[deleted post]Dude seriously... I have android phone as well, so please cut the crap.... Android is good for geeks, if you've got a lot of time to mess with it....yea it's got over 50000 apps in market but how many of those are actually good for anything… 2/3 rds of them are useless ( soundboard and 10 000 fart apps ). And how many can you install on a 600-700 $ android phone… not to many “ low on phone memory” sound familiar ???? You can always root it off course and get apps2SD but phone becomes unstable and requires hard resets… my android has 800 Mhz and éclair and let me tell u it’s sluggish…
iPhone…. I will not even go there… it’s a status symbol nothing else….. well some multitasking as well with 4th generation .. 

People that really need smart phone will go either Symbian or BB … talking about people that really gonna use it for it’s intended purpose…. Not like majority of people out there… for games, fart apps and such…..

I will wait for the phone come out and read about user experience and reviews. It’s not perfect phone but for this price it’s awesome. Will start saving for one. Android is going on Ebay.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Eye candy is to boost nokia sales

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 04 May 2010Friends, this phone have non removal battery, but it is not a pr... moreIt has removable battery . You screwdriver to open it . And it is easy

  • Niraj

Friends, this phone have non removal battery, but it is not a problem, you can easily use Nokia Extra Power DC 11 to recharge this mobile while go, it is a light pocket device..­s/all-accessories/power/chargers/nokia-extra-pow­er-dc-11/specifications

  • ebong

wheew! can i have 1......

  • Anonymous

hope nokia can release it in store by july and hope it hv not much bug or problem. its a dream phone for mid range ppl if price 370~400 pound

  • Adam Joe

Anonymous, 04 May 2010This phone can even compete with iphone 5, yes 5 gYes i also agree with u, nokia n8 also can easily compete and beat iphone 10g, iphone is always good for another phone to reduced the price

  • Anonymous

aytus, 04 May 2010remember this phone has to compete with iphone 4.. not that i am... moreWhat??? The n8 can't compete with iphone4G??? You kidding rite?, coz lookat the cam, the specs, no itunes needed, true multitasking etc, it's way ahead of apple iphone 4G. !!
Of course it can compete and easily beat iphone 4G!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

If nokia cant put more eyecandy to s3, they are stupid. S3 is important os for nokia after the s1

  • Anonymous

aytus, 04 May 2010remember this phone has to compete with iphone 4.. not that i am... moreThis phone can even compete with iphone 5, yes 5 g