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Nokia N8

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  • kk

mobile of the year

  • Svk

It is very funny to see that many ppl giving comments on this phone comparing it wid i-phone 3GS , SE Satio/experia , Samsung galaxy etc. But how many of them really used those phones personally is a real doubt. It's very easy to comment just by reading phone spec on website. A phone on paper and a phone on hand can be hugely different!

And most importantly let this phone come to consumer market and after that write ur hands-on-review specially on symbian^3 OS which many ppl hates knowing nothing about it at all!

  • Mike 1200

edison, 28 Apr 2010 n8 looks different from other nokias but sony ericsson is still... moreTo Edison

Hi,after reading ur post just wanted to tell I purchased my first ever sony eric, so excited yesterday, not very much today, I can't transfer any pics or files music from my current n97 to the x10i?????

I guess I should be happy spending $820! but a little disappointed today, let me know if anyone knows how to transfer music.

Btw, I'll be sticking with nokia now, first time a different cell in 5 years.

  • prashanth

im sure this phone is gonna be an iphone killer..the specs are just just waiting to check out the UI though...if its slick and cool with those smooth transition effects and also the speed of the device is gud... im definitely getting this awesome device ...ppl shud not judge symbian's new os without givin it a try...wat if its really better than the iphone OS :) :) !!!

  • maro

superb. hope they put divx/xvid player

  • Anonymous

all of my nokia fans i am a nokia fan also straight to the end this is the best phone ever made i give it 10/10 superb nokia nokia is the best there is nokia fa life i have a nokia n 86 and i am lokking to get this n8

  • JULI

is very incredible... i want one give me naw

  • Anonymous

Where are the speakers?

  • mattb

Representing, 28 Apr 2010This phone is great! Its a shame we don't get to see the rumored... moreyou never had an n97!! n95 is old now.

  • Anonymous

people who use symbian properly loves it, it is so neatly arranged, the os that others say its boring, all they want is eye candy, they dont care about convenience. symbian rulz, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • VeenuMayoo

Very nice

  • Jari Litmanen

This phone just SATIO copycat, i'm just wonder why Nokia always COPY another brand?


Better buy Nokia N79 rather than buying this much costly mobile phone.

  • Mobilemaster

hate nokia, 28 Apr 2010WTF!!!!! chines nokia phone What this ugly look It's look hug... moreIf you are a SE fan, welcome to the SE forum!! :)

  • Den10

sms not threaded??

  • panos

in the specifications you claim stereo speakers, but I can not see them !!!
Is it really stereo ?

  • Krishanu Sadhu

Feature packed multimedia device : can't wish for anything more. The camera is superb.

  • edison

n8 looks different from other nokias but sony ericsson is still the best,was using satio but now xperia x10 and it will be my 20th sony ericsson phone nokia is wack......LOVE U SONY ERICSSON

  • Anonymous

i like the specs of this phone, very nice, way batter then iphone 3gs. that phone suck cost me a arm & a leg to get. FxxK. sorry i not good with english.

  • cameraphonelovers

i am not a symbian fan, but the features in this phone is amazing. and i kinda dig the design too, so much colors to choose! haha.. hopefully by the time of release they can create a great user experience over this symbian^3. :)