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  • mastamolvi

ericdgadgetfreak, 13 Apr 2010expected by 4th quarter 2010? no nokia buys for me in the meanti... moredo you know where i can get more details for the n8

  • ericdgadgetfreak

expected by 4th quarter 2010? no nokia buys for me in the meantime then! SE and Samsung...bring em on!

  • Anonymous

Facts obviously aren't strait yet. 12.1 MP does seem kinda obsurd, trying to compare to what Sony's throwing. Difference is, Sony is now totally run by China. Brand means very little, they do the research, and China makes the phone. If american countries made it, the phone would be alot better quality. No issues at all, and by the way, price would x2.

  • Rajitt

Dan, 12 Apr 2010Sabotage? How come you think about it? Are you in favor of ano... moreWell...if u consider a mobile that has a rating of 9.7 9.7 9.7 for a long long time and suddenly it stoops down to 8.6 8.8 8.7, i think u might fairly call it a sabotage!
And yes, I am in favour of an other mobile, namely the C6, n I hope to buy it soon...wt......

  • Dan

Rajitt, 12 Apr 2010I guess the guys at GSMArena should look over this, someone, or ... moreSabotage? How come you think about it? Are you in favor of another handset? WT...

  • Anonymous

nokia mobile total wastage of money every handset produced by nokia have common problem of hanging so many time. Camera 12 mpix but its clearity not more than sony 2 mpix camera

  • Pabbi

Wow NOKIA,,,, 12 Mega Pixel camera with carl Zeiss lense. 32GB buildin memory,,, FM with FM transmitter. Great phone. live time free navigation worldwide. and much more....

  • Anonymous

Absolutely agreed... to me the survey is not reliable.
It looks like only figures ..not facts.

  • JJayYY

Y not MAEMO ? Can i install it later on ?

  • K Jamil

it wud b the best if it hs a qwerty keyboard & 4.3" screen :-(
bt it still looks cool..dnt hv ne idea about sym^3..

  • ezchap

Have anyone check out the Sharp Aquos 941SH mobile as it have an awesomes 4" HD screen of 480 x 1024 res with an 8 Megapixel camera compared to what on the market now which varies between 480 x 800 or 854 res.

What would be ideal for this new Nokia N8 or N98 would be for the screen to have at least 480 x 854 res and will defiently buy this phone as so far Nokia camera optics are still the best incomparison to Sony Ericsson which are rubbish.

Hey GSMARENA when will you have a full review on the Sharp Aquos 941SH mobile phone. Also check out the imobile TV658 touchscreen mobile as it is an awesomes dual sim with dual standby mobile and the 8 megapixel camera are on par if not better than all in the market 8 megapixel cam phones available today.

Hopefully the Nokia N8 will have 480 x 800 screen res at the very least.

  • Anonymous

like that not good nokia fan people vote to 9.7 9.7 9.7 and now drop bk to 8.6 8.8 8.8 omg dont tell us gsmarena also hate nokia zzz

  • heflyer99

No divx and xvid. not gooddddd

  • Rajitt

I guess the guys at GSMArena should look over this, someone, or even many guys seem 2 have savotaged the ratings!!!

  • Rajitt

chocoberry, 12 Apr 2010LOL I need to correct my comment. It has 8.6/8.8/8.8 scores, not... moreJust a minute, Chocoberry... u were'nt wrong abt the scores of 9.7 9.7 9.7. That was the rating 4 this phone, alright, all of a sudden the scores have dipped to 8.6 8.8 8.7... now how did that happen???

  • chocoberry

LOL I need to correct my comment. It has 8.6/8.8/8.8 scores, not very strange. What happen'd to my laptop.

  • Simple user

SaidWhuassap, 11 Apr 2010360x640?? What is this 2005? This.... is....


lol :-)))) This was the reason i started to avoid Nokia - low res screens.

  • chocoberry

I guess this phone will be very very good.

But I still highly doubt why this device deserves all 9.7 superb average on vote--Much higher than Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, or even Nokia N97 the bestseller--since nothing is confirmed for this device.

With 360*640 resolution, an age-ago limitation of Symbian S60, I really don't know what Nokia is doing. Did they purchase a new 4.0" AMOLED with 360*640 res from Samsung? (apparently Samsung is the only company that provides mobile AMOLED screens) Or just downsampled it?

  • SaidWhuassap

360x640?? What is this 2005?

  • smee

I truly and wholeheartedly hope I can manage to wait until this mobile is out. I'm in dire need for a good Nokia handset with FM transmitter, and so far:
1) N900 doesn't have full ovi maps, its OS has potential but still lagging behind, and could be dropped in favor of Meego/Maemo 6 with no update in future...
2) N97 is too buggy, laggy, and cannot be compared to android or iphone OS.
3) N97 mini, solves some N97 problems, reasonably priced for 8GB, but no FM transmitter.

Plus, 32GB is only a status symbol for the flagship. I'd prefer to have 16GB device, for a better price, with expandable SD cards. Nokia CEO plz read this ^^