Nokia N8

Nokia N8

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  • Riamo

o.m.g i can't believe my eyes.
finally its here "the nokia's warrior"
i cant w8 to buy this phone

  • Anonymous

How bout you all stop even bothering commenting on a phone that may not even come out. Stress less :P

  • Vishal The great

@)--, 24 Mar 2010nokia.. always no.1..Samsung was the 1st to release 12mp camera phone then SE & Nokia has'nt even released this just rumoured. So SAMSUNG #1

  • Anonymous

what is the point of voting for this phone anyway.
this will get you nowhere. get a life.

but im voting 0 0 0 !
crappy design, lack of innovation.
and it has the nokia logo on it.

  • Anonymous

It's not a real phone from nokia company !!! It's FAKE !!!

  • Anonymous

guys vote it 10 10 10! nokia haters are attacking the ratings.

  • nujnuj

thumbs up. . . its an0ther c0ol ph0ne that anyone will wait 4 it. but this could much better if it is a windows phone. . .

  • Brionac

Nice phone for advanced users and the like.

Not for the normal everyday idiot, though.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010Do you have access to the prototype, if you don't then you can't... moredo you have the access yourself? can you read the specs in this website?

  • MA

Ok, if this phone is real, is stupid if are avaliable in 4Q of 2010, is too late.

  • Anonymous

it'll cost 100 thousand dollars right?

  • HTC HD3

once this phone comes out so will HTC HD3 i real phone
compared to this garbage
think about it

  • Anonymous

If nokia copied se aino, i hope they copy the thickness of aino too. cause all nokia n phones have a thickness of a brick.

but otherwise good features.

no copying next time!

  • zues

i dont care what crap is said from losers, id like to actually use and comment this piece of tech. first thing i hits the market, all specs sounds good, it looks good, thats about how i would use my fone

  • Anonymous

It's 680mhz, not 1ghz and 3,5" not 4" screen

  • Anonymous

why not Symbian^4 ??!!

  • OMG

Oh my God!!! I think i've just wet my shorts
- Symbian ^3
- 4.0 Amoled display
- Scratch resistant Glass Capcitive touch screen
- Hdmi
- 12 mp cam with xenon flash
- slide out keyboard
- 1Ghz Processor
- 32GB memory

OMG!!! The King is back... All hail the the N8

  • @)--

my hp.. First motorola--> T10 Ericson--> Nokia 3310 --> Nokia 7610 --> Nokia 6680--> n now Nokia N95.. Nokia.. Nokia..

  • hhh

looks like a sidekick phone if it have a slide out qwerty keyboard.

  • @)--

nokia.. always no.1..