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Nokia N8

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  • Roben

Amazing design. we hadnt expect to nokia to design like this. but the nokia mobiles screen quality are not good. i hope it will be better in this product

  • David, London, UK

I hope the Li - Po 1500 mAh battery can handle the 1GHZ processor. The N900 battery is poor and that phone has to be charged twice daily I hear. If this battery is good, then I will get this phone. I currently have the Nokia E72 and the battery is tremendous. I can go up to four days until I recharge. I cannot have a phone with a poor battery. I am not into carrying a spare battery or leaving my phone in the charger 24/7. I will get my new phone in October or November.

  • MIKE

At last ....
I think i like it !!! :-)))

  • hackm0d

Bryanfury, 26 Mar 2010Hope nokia learns frm it mistake..they should include grahic acc... moreThe N97 does not have an ARM Cortex A8. The iPhone 3GS and i8910 are some that do.

  • BC

Nokia makes good mobile phones but if this phone (as rumore suggested) come out in 4Q2010 which is 6 to 9 months from now (that is if it makes it on time), it will be kinda late. Samsung already has a very good camera phone out (W880) with 12m picture and 720p video and SE has Satio. By the end of 2010 I am pretty sure Samsung and Sony Ericsson will have something far more advance than the N8.
If N8 come out by the end of April or May I will wait for it but I can't wait until 4Q2010.

  • ARM

wael hamada, 26 Mar 2010OMG! what is this HDMI !!!!!!!HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

Google it. LOL!

  • Anonymous

here comes the BEAST... 8,10,10. best features ever seen

  • Memoon

I think this will be on the always do something special...and ths xpriment shd wrk...

  • hani

will be announced mid april , means in 20 days .

  • Anonymous

KING is bk score Design 9.4 Features 9.5 Performance 9.5 the highest score in the whole gsmarena phone omg i vote 10 10 10

  • Ghazall_Ampang

finally motherland nokia has sent their commando to against satio from SE kingdom and 3 commando from Samsung land.

  • wael hamada

OMG! what is this HDMI !!!!!!!

  • Bryanfury

Hope nokia learns frm it mistake..they should include grahic accelerator so n-gage can be revived with a new look...and also ram should be 384mb if not 512mb...i have N97 i which it cortex A8 600mhz with graphic accelerator and 256 mb ram...i would have used the phone for atleast 2-3 yrs if not 5yrs and also they should have more c: drive capacity say aroung 512 mb...thats what u call a flagship mobile phone...plz NOKIA ope ur eyes

  • Payam

If this phone release , that's make a BIG BANG

  • Anonymous

Dave Jones, 25 Mar 2010I bought this phone a few days ago for $250 it's ok but the came... moreVery funny.. i bought this phone ten years ago. but in dream like u......

  • noman

this headset is looking like the best ever introduced by nokia/ i love it

  • abutuqa

great features good design but the performance will be decided after use but from nokia expected to be great but with a $250 (if correct) i think there is something not perfect for this mobile the price should be more than $500

  • mo

I hope the specs are true and it has lens protector and kickback stand as seen on Nokia N86. Hopefully it has DUAL LEDs

  • oho

Dave Jones, 25 Mar 2010I bought this phone a few days ago for $250 it's ok but the came... moreyes, I remember I sold you it!

  • Anonymous

good one from nokia.