Nokia N8

Nokia N8

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  • noman

this headset is looking like the best ever introduced by nokia/ i love it

  • abutuqa

great features good design but the performance will be decided after use but from nokia expected to be great but with a $250 (if correct) i think there is something not perfect for this mobile the price should be more than $500

  • mo

I hope the specs are true and it has lens protector and kickback stand as seen on Nokia N86. Hopefully it has DUAL LEDs

  • oho

Dave Jones, 25 Mar 2010I bought this phone a few days ago for $250 it's ok but the... moreyes, I remember I sold you it!

  • Anonymous

good one from nokia.

  • Dave Jones

I bought this phone a few days ago for $250 it's ok but the camera quality is a little poor.

  • Anonymous

very good phone i give Design 9.2 Features 9.6 Performance 9.8

  • Anonymous

why rate something I haven't had a chance to physically see or use? looks like it will be a great phone though.

  • Anonymous

hope it can above 9.0 9.0 9.0

  • Anonymous

Nice to see Nokia finally catching up to the likes of Samsung and LG in terms of hardware. However, as far as I'm concerned, the handset will sink or swim depending on the quality of Symbian S^3. I do hope that it does well though, I really want to see Nokia continue the success they had with the N900.

  • saurabh

Guys , this is based on nokia's latest symbian OS with multi touch !

  • Riamo

o.m.g i can't believe my eyes.
finally its here "the nokia's warrior"
i cant w8 to buy this phone

  • Anonymous

How bout you all stop even bothering commenting on a phone that may not even come out. Stress less :P

  • Vishal The great

@)--, 24 Mar 2010nokia.. always no.1..Samsung was the 1st to release 12mp camera phone then SE & Nokia has'nt even released this just rumoured. So SAMSUNG #1

  • Anonymous

what is the point of voting for this phone anyway.
this will get you nowhere. get a life.

but im voting 0 0 0 !
crappy design, lack of innovation.
and it has the nokia logo on it.

  • Anonymous

It's not a real phone from nokia company !!! It's FAKE !!!

  • Anonymous

guys vote it 10 10 10! nokia haters are attacking the ratings.

  • nujnuj

thumbs up. . . its an0ther c0ol ph0ne that anyone will wait 4 it. but this could much better if it is a windows phone. . .

  • Brionac

Nice phone for advanced users and the like.

Not for the normal everyday idiot, though.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010Do you have access to the prototype, if you don't then you ... moredo you have the access yourself? can you read the specs in this website?