Nokia N8

Nokia N8

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  • Anonymous

Finally, nokia breakthrough the camera spect... 12 megapixel... with xenon flash. but all nokian fan wanna full spect info for this phone.. anyone who have full spect bout this phoe please reply

  • ((K))


finally nokia down sonyericsson with N8 !

  • Reo

Why donn't any company made a device with 4"+ display and 5-row qwerty.But anyway tasty feature list.Good to have nokia beck top of the list again.

  • Hi-Tek

Finally Nokia is ready to compete again. You were falling behind and I was worried.

  • Anonymous

vote it 10 10 10 guys! it has multitouch a 4.0" capacitive TS and maybe a 1 ghz or 600mhz. Symbian^3 is really great! Congrats Nokia!

Nokia is in the lead. Samsung follows!

  • careemm sri lanka

man u could not ask for for mo
12 mp cam
xenon flash
nokia brand
4' screen
WOOW combination of NOKia inside + htc HD 2 design ... perfect in side and out..what i dream of known for the image of 40 -50 years old out of shape lady out side and a CAT bulldozer inside . I m very fashion conscious .. and i always love what nokia has inside OS and user friendly..

  • John

At last nokia is making a real smartphone...:D:D:D

  • brad

looks like nokia n8 copying the sony ericsson aino design at front..

  • AleXD

No Multi-touch??? o.O
The rest of specs are cool, nice job Nokia...

  • xenon

xenon, finally

  • Anonymous

1st!! look good :)

  • Anonymous

if this is real then it is damn sheet ugly.
great specs but no innovations whatsoever.


  • oho

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010hahaha don't dream too much are expecting all those sp... moreActually no need to expectations.
I bet u heard of Eldar Murtazin .. he confirmed the phone.
And if you din't hear about him, I advise you to know him.

  • Maka1

Nokia keeps on ruling.this phone rocks infact I can't wait let me start saving

  • Anonymous

and1one, 23 Mar 2010it should have amoled capacitive touchscreen with supports for m... morehahaha don't dream too much are expecting all those specifications from nokia????

  • Anonymous

no lens cover,no kickstand as rumored before...

1200 mAh battery for 4 inch

anyways i am eagerly waiting to meet good handset from nokia...

go ahead and announce it u betray again i wont forgive u....

  • amir from iran

WOW! nokia gratz! but i'm think so hd2 is better
but it seems to nokia come back...
good luck nokia...

  • Anonymous

Hoping that cpu is 1ghz

  • f boei

thats what im talking about nokiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

nokia announced the last 15 phones with only 1 flagship which is x6... and finaly..........

so, f***in exited.....


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010still no divx/xvid files player....Do you have access to the prototype, if you don't then you can't say it doesn't have a feature.