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  • AnonD-51915

Interesting, after I updated N8 software seems the image quality increased even more, now images taken in poor light look like less processed and more natural with more detail. I love my Nokia N8.. by the way, while ago there was a big accident - my N8 appeared completely in the water!!.. the phone just vibrated, the lights blinked, and the phone dead.. I thought that was it.. the friend of mine suggested just to dry the phone very well, and see it might recovers.. I didn't have a realistic hope, but I did it... and unbelievable, after about one week of drying process the phone turned on!! it was acting a bit crazy for another week, but now it works like before!!! I couldn't believe but i was very happy because I had some important images already stored on the phone...

  • sid

N8 is the best phn ever it bt i have to chrge N8 3 times in a day....which is a big problem for me.....although i use it less....
nd is anysoftware which provide videocallng?

  • rehasid

Best phone no doubt....

But can't update as its product code is 0599777.
Using the old PR1.2 2011-03-01

Any suggestions will be highly appreciable.

  • AnonD-52537

In my opinion, I think that Nokia N8 is still the best camera phone out in the market today. It could perfectly replace a conventional, point-and-shoot camera anytime, which is pretty convenient since I don't have to bring two gadgets at a time.

I also love the fact that the back cover of this phone is made of anodized aluminium, which could greatly help in avoiding (if not totally preventing) scratches and normal wear-and-tear from daily use. However, it is also stated that this phone's screen is made of Gorilla Glass. I can attest that the said material does not guarantee a one hundred percent over all protection against scratches. I accidentally dropped my boyfriend's N8 once and it hit a rock. After we inspect it for damages, we saw that there is a deep but very little scratch mark in it. So, if you still want an overall protection, it is recommended that you must apply screen protector in it.

The CPU's clock speed, on the other hand, is very disappointing. With such great features and camera that this phone has, I was expecting that Nokia would have try to at least clock its speed to 1GHZ but turns out, it only has 680MHZ which makes playing games a total frustration!

I can sometimes experience occasional lags into it especially when I'm opening multiple apps simultaneously. In short, multitasking is a chore!

I'm posting my opinion in my Symbian Anna experience. I haven't tried toying with it on a Symbian Belle OS but I heard that it's much better than the previous one.

Anyway, this is a great phone! And also, hands down to the camera! But I'm not buying one of these again anytime soon. :).

  • Anonymous

Lets make n8 the 0ne wh0 m0st visited!! N0kia rockzs! N8 s0o awesome ! N0kia belle rockzs! H0w many apps their in 0vi st0re?

  • Mobile StrongBOX

Rolabouncer, 29 Apr 2012i dont know what's wrong with ma C-drive, anytime i install... moreIts because the apps, not the C drive, any app can let the user to choose the destination drive, but even so, it can copy some private files to C drive, because the C drive is more secure.

  • Rolabouncer

i dont know what's wrong with ma C-drive, anytime i install any app on mass still consumes ma phone memory.... Pls Help!!!

  • Andre

Got N8 for more than a year now. My best phone ever. Use it as Phone, gps, camera, video recorder, modem, psp, flash drive, music player in my car through play via radio, hdmi player to my tv, my email client, mobile office,ebook reader and mobile browser. No other phone so flexible.

  • sahil

nokia n8 is the bestest phone of nokia after updated symbian belle it works very smooth n fine i m very happy after purchasing n8....... n8 rockszzzz

  • AnonD-4254

I have the N8 for one year and 2 months and I have same opinions as many of you...

Excellent phone: Best music+Camera Quality combo possible for its price... I recommended it to some guys and they're quite happy with it.

(Of course, maybe iPhone 4S has slightly better audio with somewhat acceptable camera, but it costs as much as a high end laptop... And I have to be really nuts or really filthy rich to buy it. But, I'm neither of these.)

  • Mobile Maniac

Nokia N8 is the best phone ever made by nokia. I m proud to be an N8 user.

  • Anonymous

Nokia N8 is the best phone ever made by nokia. I m proud to be an N8 user.

  • carl johnson

estephen ellope should get nobel for changing nokia to trash without any chemical opration

  • AnonD-1097

Guys have been using N8 for 1 anf half yr now,,,i must say best camera fone ever...i have used each fuction of dis master piece...i download music on my fone transfer it to my usb and play it instanly in my car....even me and my frds watch movies via my N8 with hdmi...Now waiting for 808 pure view,,,but still will never sell my N8...these fone r master be u Nokia Guys iam using galaxy note ,but apart frm few good fuction like live wallaper and its display,still my N8 is way way faster then android note....

  • ssb

probably the best mobile till date

  • Anthony

Hello guys... i got a problem with my N8 when it was in its symbian Anna all types of videos are playable, but when i upgraded it into symbian belle, i got a player problem, sometimes it plays and most of the time it encounters flash player error... how can i resolve it? please advise... thanks..

  • AnonD-28873

A great mobile and worth keeping.

  • AnonD-28873

Worzel, 26 Apr 2012@celladik Whatever is included in custom firmwares won'... moreminor update for me is just a bug fixing update. But im really sure that the leaked fw is from nokia as the same strategy they leaked it to know the feedback from user and eventually released the final fw, i've tested the browser of original belle as to compare to the latest leaked one and the leaked is a lot faster... Also the music player improves from options to tab, more widgets and more coming soon..

  • AnonD-28873

wow, daily interest is 65%? Keep going n8

  • jim

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2012i updated my npkia N8-00 to belle, i cannot hear any sound.... moretry to reinstall