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  • N8Fan


My N8's screen went blank without any crash or fall in 6 months and I was at a great loss and could not make up my mind for any other handset (Android / iPhone etc), So I landed up at Nokia Care, They gave me a new handset. Now it's product code is not found on the Belle update for India. Pls advice. Thanx a million !

  • AnonD-32581

AnonD-3538, 08 Feb 2012Hello Drew. Yes mate, you can still update even if you're in... morehello just a question ray, do you know when belle will hit australia?
my isnt branded...

  • AnonD-25961

while updating ...laptop power switch off my n8 is dead what to do any idea ?? frns phone not responding..i was overwhelmed by seeing ppls response : one frn was saying only 4 home screen buddy you need to add go to option..

  • Hussain

I tried to update my N8 with Nokia Belle but it is not showing in Nokia suite. My N8 product code is 059B656, please assist.

  • joevy

my fellow friends please is the update availabe in ghana(west africa)? Somebody talk to me cuz i can't wait any longer.

  • Ben

Hey guys! now that we got belle with its exciting and smooth features. What then will be our next focus???

  • N8

i already got the new belle for n8... its nice... a little bit changes to the program other than anna

  • Ben

AnonD-3133, 08 Feb 2012where has the game folder gone after the update?? Also i can see... moreHi, click on option. and click on add another home screen. Enjoy!

  • phary

when belle arrive in cambodia?
I wait for along time.

  • skitso

yeh belle update size 290 mb for product code baad so....respek nokia

  • AnonD-3538

Drew/ @Drew, 07 Feb 2012Hello Ray, My product code 059D110 shows its available in North... moreHello Drew.

Yes mate, you can still update even if you're in another country.

All the best.


  • torcida

The N8 is amazing - especially with the new Belle software!!!!

  • AnonD-3133

where has the game folder gone after the update?? Also i can see only 4 homescreens instead of 6..can anyone help?

  • Kamal

Hi Guys,
Symbian belle is finally arrived in India on 8th Feb 2012. Its not a rumour, its a reality.

  • javed

it's possible in n-8 model when we are making a video clipping in night so flash should be on or active mode

  • AnonD-2691

i have lost lots of my apps..angry birds, table tennis, other important to retrieve them guys...moreover my update size was 260 not 286 mb...plzzzz help me...

  • Drew/ @Drew

AnonD-3538, 07 Feb 2012 @ Drew. Can you check Settings > Application settings ... moreHello Ray,
My product code 059D110 shows its available in North America but I'm in the UK for school. Can I still upgrade it here?
Thanks a lot.

  • Ranjit

Why doesn't nokia make it update ota,we can download via wi fi,ota always hassle free,rt now it says update via pc,looks like I'll have to go to nokia care n get updated,don't know much how to do via pc.what's the big deal in giving option for loading ota on phone.

  • AnonD-3133

Belle update is finally available for N8 in India and I m currently installing it via nokia suite...its no rumour..Belle has finally arrived..:)

  • AnonD-8058

AnonD-15087, 07 Feb 2012HI shaf just check now it is available go to tools and software ... moremine tooo just checked that...just cross fingers everything goes right....btw is there still quick office and adobe reader? koz last time it was in a seperate update