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  • Neil

Hi Ray hello how are you needed your help again this time the problem is that when i try to receive a file or pair a device via bluetooth it does not pair the other person get the option to match usinf pair keys however i done get any and this is creating a lot of problem please help thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-3538

Drew/ @Drew, 06 Feb 2012Hi @Ray, Still haven't heard from you on the below. Seriously... more
@ Drew.

I was sure that I replied to your post the first time. If not, then I apologise.

First off then, make sure that your access points are properly set by going to Settings > Connectivity > Network > Network mode set to Dual mode. Tap back then Settings > Destinations > Internet and make sure your internet access points such as 3G and Wi-Fi AP's are in the list. If they are not then you can add them by tapping Options > New access point and tap Yes to allow the phone to scan for a new access point.

Once you have setup your access points launch the default web browser and go into the settings page and tap General > Access point and select Internet.

Now, exit the browser and go to Settings > Application settings > Videos > Access point in use and select your preferred access point (Wi-Fi recommended). Then tap Options > Advanced settings and set each item to their highest values.

If you want to you can download and install CuteTube from the following link. It's a very good YouTube app that allows you to download YouTube videos and streams videos in high quality. When installing you will receive some security warnings but these can be safely ignored.

All the best.


  • Anonymous

AnonD-32218, 05 Feb 2012Hi, Can any one help me Please to find high resolution games... moretry

  • Anonymous

Robert, 06 Feb 2012Hi guys, Does anyone knows if N8 can play .mkv files? Thanks!yes it can play mkv. :D

  • Mahesh

AnonD-40855, 06 Feb 2012Dear Mahesh Kindly Check Have You Install Any Of The Antivirus o... moreyes sanoj. I have Net Quin antivirus software installed. does it affects?

  • Anonymous

symbian os, is the most commentable review, blogs, news ever!

androids in on the least.

symbian still rocks every angles here!

  • AnonD-19420

Robert, 06 Feb 2012Hi guys, Does anyone knows if N8 can play .mkv files? Thanks!Hi Robert.

The n8 supports the mkv container if the audio file is stored in AC3 audio format and the mp4/hvc video file has a CABAC of 4 or less. The files should also not exceed 4gig due to the FAT32 file system of the n8. File resolution must also be equal to or smaller than 720p.

  • Drew/ @Drew

Hi @Ray,

Still haven't heard from you on the below. Seriously need your help Boss Man. Please...

1. I have a few Apps such as the Maps, CNN, Opera, Youtube that constantly require that I close other 'connections' to enable them to connect to the internet. Is there anyway around this problem.

2. My Youtube constantly fails to play a video I get a reply saying "connection failed". How can I fix this please.

I'm always grateful for your help.

Take care Buddy.


  • Robert

Hi guys,
Does anyone knows if N8 can play .mkv files?

  • andy

Dear Sanoj,
Can you clarify this belle release time 6.00 pm, vietnam time or London time on February 8.

  • Anonymous

khanjee, 06 Feb 2012dear ray why u abused me i m telling true my cousin working in ... morewho let the troll in woof woof woof woof!

I think your cousin is just making fun of you :)

  • wakkam

Going to buy n8 with Belle next week....yeeehhhhaaaaa

  • AnonD-40855

phary, 05 Feb 2012why nokia store do not work on my n8?Dear Phary
Its Not A Problem May Be Your Handsets Setting Problem .
Check With Your Phone Setting And If Not Solved By The Problem Than Kindly Restore Your Phone By Below Code Note Your Data Will Not Loss On This Code . *#7780# Than Code 1234 If Code If Differ By Your Side Than Put It .

  • AnonD-40855

N8, 05 Feb 2012 i have n8 but i dont know which r the video formats support in ... moreDear
Please Note Nokia Have Support Below Formats
Kindly Click On Below Link And Find Own Answer­kia-n8/specifications

  • Luke

The best phone I ever had so far!!!!
I love the camera and I updated it to a 30 fps!!!
Great phone!!!

  • AnonD-40855

mahesh, 05 Feb 2012hey thanks sanoj for your reply. my phone also re-starting now. ... moreDear Mahesh Kindly Check Have You Install Any Of The Antivirus or Anti Theft Software In Own Phone Or Not If Install Than May Be The Problems re from That Files .

  • AnonD-40855

mahesh, 05 Feb 2012I clear the cache evrytime before getting exit from web browser. Dear Mahesh Ji
Sir If You Cleared The Caches Files But Problem Not Solved Than In My Mind Some Faked Applications Are Intalled In Your Phone And They Dont Shows in Applications Manager So I Request You That Back up Own Data And Get Format Your Devices And Than Enjoy .


  • AnonD-40855

dinesh, 05 Feb 2012n8 mobile is good r not ...please guys tell me .am plan to buyDear Dinesh
If You Make A Plan To A Bew Phone Than My Advice Is Nokia N8 Is A Good And Have Attractive Phone Having Too Many Features And Best Smart Phone By nokia And Also A Good News That Nokia is Now Goes To Launch New Belle Update They Improved Your Experience .

  • AnonD-40855

[deleted post]Dear Khan Ji
Kindly Confirm With Nokia Care Helpline They Also Told By Phone Call That The Belle Update Realeased On Feb 2012 Sure But Actual Date Is Not Confirm by Nokia Care line But I Sure That Will Realesed On Dated 8 Feb 2012 .
okay khanjee .

  • AnonD-40855

khanjee, 06 Feb 2012dear ray why u abused me i m telling true my cousin working in ... moreNokia N8 Belle Update will released on date 8 feb i am sure so if nokia n8 anna user want to update own phone with belle than try to update with belle on 8 feb by at evening time after 6 pm .