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  • Nil

N 8 Dives is Good but batteri backup is d'not god & colar is not actractive plz check other dives mode the NOKIA 603 & C6 PLZ Cheange the body of N8dives thank's

  • AnonD-32755

AnonD-2912, 31 Dec 2011 Dear friends, I'm a very happy owner of an N8... (Delight B... moreI'm using N8 and Galaxy S (sym n droid), well both have their own good n bad, since i'm having difficulties finding a good apps for playing my vids for my N8 (the one that play all file types inc. avi), i transfered all my vids n pict to my Galaxy, even the one i made using my N8 (since Galaxy has good contrast n brightness also cause of Super Amoled).

But my primary sim card is on N8, since i love making calls, send text, email, whatsapp, making photos n video with it (cause the design n material feels good in my hand, not to mention good signal yay ^^, sometimes i wonder if its the reason the batt could stand long enough). And it fits perfectly in my jeans, i doubt phone with 4" display will lolz.

Also remember Android is an OS, it comes in many forms(could be pretty or fugly), so the main important things is the product it support, not the OS itself, one thing that makes me still using my Galaxy is that has lots of apps that helps me n entertain me also that great S amoled display.

Sorry for my bad english, regards


  • Ben

Hello N8 users. Happy new year to you ALL!
Pls can anyone tell me where to get a good bible software for my N8.
Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

happy new year 2012.

The best fhn of world n8 for camera.

  • gus

how much to replace sreen on nokia n8

  • AnonD-1782

drlloyd11, 31 Dec 2011Take it back. There are no apps for it and it is unsupported by... moreDear .. If you dont own any Nokia device.. then dont worry...

  • AnonD-2912

Dear friends,

I'm a very happy owner of an N8... (Delight Belle V 3.8 installed and doing just fine.)

Just wondering in which areas Android OS could be way better than Symbian Belle.. Since I've never used an Android device, I just want an unbiased comparison between the two..

I've heard Android is not a powerful OS since it's working like a virtual machine on a Linux kernal that's why it requires more power in certain works where Symbian or Meego does very easily with less power.. Please give me more details about that too..

By the way, I have watched so many videos about Powerful SGS II in youtube and so far I am not that convinced it's Way better than Belle... I mean just to be honest, I sometimes wonder 'where's this difference between dual core, 1 GB Ram SGS II and just 680 MHz, 256 MB ram simple N8, because I feel both are very sleek and operating just fine..

Just for the record... In N8, Symbian developers have gone too deep to Modding and preparing Custom ROMs where Android developers like XDA people are not even close... IMHO..! Please correct me as I know very little about XDA and Android..

From the obvious facts, very popular Symbian Developer sites (Eg: dailymobile forum which also has an Android section too..) have much more developer support than XDA site.. Users, visitor much higher in number.. You can visit both sites and check by yourselves.

Symbian 3 modding section in Dailymobile forum exceed 3,00,000 posts already.. and Android section only has 20,000 posts.. OK... See What XDA site has... XDA developers site most popular phone SGS II has only 90,000 posts for custom ROMs etc...!

Above are facts.. Please explain them to me.. Why still people are repeating that Android best android best.. Bla bla..

Please tell me, in which areas android is better than Symbian Belle..

  • drlloyd11

Take it back. There are no apps for it and it is unsupported by Nokia now.

  • Anonymous

happy new year

  • Mohammad m Omar

when does nokia n8 software update begin in the year of 2012

  • desira

I bought the Nokia N8 and within an hour of switching it on it started freezing every few hours. Rebooted it several times, updated it but it still remained the same. I endud up getting a refund. Trust me buy something else, I was always a Nokia person and still am just don't buy the N8.

  • meetu

hi there i want to know if there is locator option avavilbale in this phone means if i lost my phone then i can find the phone bye locator option .

  • kp shahid

camera is itz a symbain phne........nw we must use ANDRIOS OS

  • AnonD-36250

jattonzy, 30 Dec 2011n8's camera is very cool but i really wish its ram size was abou... moretotally agree brill phone bigger ram & better rez screen would make it perfect :D lets hope newer version of N8 is :D

  • AnonD-36250

NOKIA N8, 30 Dec 2011buy lumia 800 it is a good phone.I did went back to N8 awful battery couldn't pick up singal very well to went back to N8 which last over 3 days for me and get full signal where i am not 2 bars like the lumia did

  • AnonD-36250

Love GSMArena to do battery test on Nokia N8

  • jugo

me, 30 Dec 2011for those hu updated ur N8 with belle,look into this application... morejust got the anna update and discovered that there was a 276MB update available only via the nokia suite. Is that the belle update.
I'm in nigeria. Thanks.

  • Michael

juz a doubt my frens.....If i were to buy Nokia N8 for New year long do u think this phone will have reputation in the market? or will it be outdated soon? THANKS....

  • Sajjad

This is amazing Phone..... Inspiring

  • Tibanu

It's a wonderfull phone. I upgraded to ANNA and it's even better now. One draw back though, the battery it's very weak I have to charge every other day and I'm not a power user or gamer. If left untouched the battery goes in 3 days. Maybe it's my phone only.