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  • AnonD-6614

AnonD-31486, 23 Nov 2011Please someone give me a link where I can download free games on... morego to

  • Tariq

My nxt fone

  • AnonD-31724

Is there any continuous shot for my Camera on N8. thanks

  • Khan

sajawal, 25 Nov 2011@shakil no converter is needed .. copy file to mass memory and r... moreWhere can we get that converter? Please provide the link also.

  • baskar

i am using N8
at present my mobile is this state
defenx security - phone locked enter password to unlock

kindly suggest

  • sajawal

@shakil no converter is needed .. copy file to mass memory and run in n8 .. it support all types of video like mkv, divx mp4 , avi ,flv ... enjoy

  • ARYA

veryyyyyyyyyy sexy & gooooooood mobile

  • harry

hello friends, when belle will be offically out

  • Alicia Morris

I want to know the warranty of this phone?

  • Khan

Where do fall the settings for ambient light sensor in N8?

  • shakil

can anyone tell me where i can find video converter symbian anna????

  • Ray Hipkiss

[deleted post]

Are you asking if those games are available for the N8? If so the answer is no.


  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Just goo to corresponding web page and click on the download link. The file will be downloaded and saved in the mass memory. Now u can copy using data cable.

If u want to download through torrent, u can use symtorrent.

  • AnonD-15911

AnonD-31486, 23 Nov 2011Please someone give me a link where I can download free games on... moreGames here man

  • AnonD-8058

AnonD-31513, 24 Nov 2011* plus points 1.12mp camera 2.symbian anna 3.amoled s... moremine last between 1.5 to 3 days depending on my usage...maybe u have applications running in background....try exit and application when ur done with it ;)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-31435, 23 Nov 2011Stay away as far as possible from the Nokia N8! Its proximity s... moreU must be referring to iPhone 4

  • harry

hi friends, i wanna know when belle will be officially out

  • AnonD-31513

* plus points

1.12mp camera
2.symbian anna
3.amoled screen with sensitive touch
4.faster downloads and internet without freeze
5.inbuild 16gb

* main defects (problems)

1.ovi mail, ovi chat, nokia messenger, nokia sync..mailbox and micro soft mail exange server
are totally waste and through into dustbin
2.updates are made very dead slow
3.inbuild battery and it could not see nobody
4.g-talk working partially (g-talk voice call and video call and also chats not worki8ng well in 3g network) only messenger usage its working between morning 6 to evening 9 o'clock only
5.atomatic e-mail, facebook status update and also twitter not allowed its working only manual updates
6.low battery life in stand by 6hrs only

these are my own experience with nokia n8

  • AnonD-8058

xenonmobile, 23 Nov 2011hello and assalamualaikum guys, i'm using this phone for 8 month... moreassalamu alaikum my friend, i just read your pros and cons, and agree with you up to the cons where u mentioned scratches on the camera lens. I dont agree with this as the glass on the camera lense is not normal glass or plastic,it is gorilla glass, same one as the screen on the mobile and is resistant to scratches (i have tested it)
you could also have added the fact that we can play HD games on the phone, it has a very easy and user friendly interface as well as the battry consumption is good for a 3.5" AMOLED screen when you compare it to android devices. you must also bear in mind that touch screen phones requires more energy to function and the battry life is decent for such a phone (the camera and flash uses the memory).
on overall, the OS could have been improved further and awaiting symbian belle (the official update)
meanwhile keep n8-ing
cheers and assalamu alaikum

  • babbukhan

i used nokia n8 for 5 month amazing phone relly best pohne in nokia what a phone .........