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  • AnonD-15911

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2011how do i get the Delight Belle 3.4 u guys are talkin about? firs... moreDelight Belle is here­7.0

  • Vinod

Nithin, 21 Nov 2011Hi Mr.Ray If i am updating something like maps in my N8 will ... moreWhen u install newer version of any software, it replaces first installed file and then installs new file.
Enjoy. N8.....

  • Anonymous

Symbian belle redesigned guys u should look that u will get an heart attack its just woww­esign

  • AnonD-31042

Hey Guys,

Nokia Vedio Player..Even plays files more than 2 GB or 3GB . I tried and it worked great. The only problem is it cannot play a vedio with audio bit rae more than 320 kbps(mp3 or aac). If we change this to AC3. It can play any file.

I love this vedio player.

Lets hope NOKIA will give one more best update on vedio Player.

Thanks NOKIA,

  • N8 user

can anyone pls tell me how to download built-in games on my nokia n8 because I have deleted them by mistake ( refresh memory by entering code) from any website (not from wifi).

  • Anonymous

how do i get the Delight Belle 3.4 u guys are talkin about? first smartphone, fell like a noob with it lol. . will appriciate the help, cheers


aji, 22 Nov 2011can i install android os in my n8can i install android on N8

  • lalas

wow!the creators of electronics (NOKIA) have done it again. with N9, you donot need labtop. everything is embeded in this "MACHINE" i love this phone so much

  • AnonD-5490

tell me where can i get a music application like winamp coz the nokia one sucks by miles acrossthe country,

  • ganpat

very nicephone

  • AnonD-15911

The N8 just got better for Belle and all

Quick Panorama Pro 1.0 - SIGNED - S^3 - Anna - Belle - Nokia N8 - Full Version App Download­pro-10-signed-s3-anna.html#more

Go get it

  • aji

can i install android os in my n8

  • Anonymous

Wow ....wat a phone?

  • amit singha

I'm using n8 more than one year without any prolem.Besides,nokia has been providing software update almost every month.I'm satisfied.

  • jimmy

vivian, 22 Nov 2011why does my phone not have play via radio featuresgo to menu, then looking for "music".
click the "music" u will see a "radio" over there !

  • unplugged

fred, 21 Nov 2011pls tell me the steps dat u took to install ityou can go to any Nokia store adn they will do it for you.

  • vivian

why does my phone not have play via radio features

  • AnonD-808

fred, 21 Nov 2011pls tell me the steps dat u took to install itJust head to and search for delight belle 3.4 entire tutorial in doc format is attached

  • Anonymous

my nokia n8 has had a few issues also.after only ONE year or less(9months)of having it,the battery does not seem to last the length it used to&also now my sim card is full it plays up when people ring&won't show me the name&number as it used to do wich has got me wondering what's going on.also as much as i love my nokia n-8 i have to say that some apps do not work on it-eg"Who To Call"&they don't even tell you,you have to find out on the reviews or for yourself.but all in all i find it a great phone,and wouldn't change it for the world&i own quite a few but my nokia n8 has to be my very favourite as i use it much more than all the rest.cheers!

  • AnonD-1097

GUys me too on latest leak of belle...and installed belle delight 3.4..fone it become much faster than previous belle..and i love the theme effects and mnay more stuck....N8 rocks and how....Now wating for N8 succesor...Love my N8