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  • Bob

From Nokia Suite, how do i configure synchronization such that only changes on my phone device are relected in Nokia Ovi (and changes in Ovi do not reflect on ohone device)? Please help.

  • AnonD-12885

Please could someone tell me the differance between Andriod & Symbian? The good and the bad.

  • AnonD-4392

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2011I am thinking of buying N8. Anyone please suggest me that what I... moreGo Ahead if you want a symbian phone!!
It'll be atleast another 5 months b4 anyone can catch up with its camera.
I've been using it for 13 months and its now running the latest leaked Symbian Belle update (111.030.0607). The phone has absolutely no lag now and is faster than my iphone 4 or any 1 ghz droid I've handled so far...

Or wait for the rumored Nokia 900 windows flagship....

  • sachinkarnawadi

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2011I am thinking of buying N8. Anyone please suggest me that what I... morerate please

  • BHFK

My question is to the font of all knowledge Ray H. From where can I purchase a battery cover (purple) for a nokia 3710 fold. I cannot find any parts for same. Thankyou in antisipation.

  • jc

hi to celladik of Phil. and to all N8 users, why my c memory is decreasing when im just txting, i just bought my handset last month. another is some pictures have some smokey background specially in shaded area shootouts. pls help me.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2011I am thinking of buying N8. Anyone please suggest me that what I... more
You should wait for a better phone to be released. The N8 has had it's day and is quickly becoming obsolete.

Is there any particular reason why you want a Nokia phone? In my opinion Nokia are way behind the competition in the smart phone market and have yet to release a dual cored handset. They might release one sometime next year or the year after but with the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and even Apple already having dual cored phones on the market Nokia are failing big time. There new WP 7.5 phones aren't much good and the new crop of 1 GHz Symbian handsets are pretty boring as well.


  • jc

my N8 display got damged in 4 months time from the date of purchase,free replacement with updated software done by nokia care

  • shawon

i m very luck that some gifted me n8..........
N8 is AWESOME.........
Thxs NOKIA........... 2 made such a cell

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2011I am thinking of buying N8. Anyone please suggest me that what I... moreIf u r interested in n8 go for it if u r willing to wait go for windows n9 or 800.710

  • Suhanoo

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2011Plz Tell me that in between N8 And E7 What Cellphone Is good In ... moreFirst of all, you will NEVER get a cell phone with ALL specifications you want. You hve to consider which one is better for your use. You gain some, you lose some.
In between N8 & E7, compare them in gsmarena & see it for yourself. N8's camera is awesome, stays longer than E7 (battery), sexier looks, upto 32GB SD card support, Dolby-Digital Sound, DivX & XVid support, FM Transmitter. On the other hand E7 has hardware QWERTY keypad, heavier & bulkier, has CBD (Clear Black Display), bigger screen. Go to a Nokia shop & use both of the phones. See which one suits your use.
If you ask me, I'll choose N8 over E7 ANYTIME as I don't mind using display QWERTY, happy with non-CBD & last but not least, the 12MP cam is awesome for my need.
Keep N8-ing

  • khurram

hello friends any body know from which web i can download free hd vedios and hd games. i am from pakistan.

  • estella

how to set up wi-fi on my nokia n8?

  • solgeorge

hey guys....wanna ask you !!
i have E7...and the camera is bad in it...and im thinkin to change it to can you give me any advices ???!

  • jimsutt

This is a great phone but I am trying to get an rii Bluetooth keyboard to work properly .. It is OK with text but not able to get the mouse section to work ... Any ideas ????

  • Anonymous

I am thinking of buying N8. Anyone please suggest me that what I should do? Should I buy it now or wait for some better phone from Nokia?

  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-6552, 18 Nov 2011i deleted some items in C: drive and now the messaging is not wo... more
@ Sagi

What files did you delete to have caused this problem?
You may have to do a Factory reset on the phone. Type *#7780# into the phones dialer to reset to default factory settings. This code will not delete any apps or personal data.

If that doesn't work you can do a full factory restore by typing *#7380# into the dialer. This WILL delete all files on the phone in all locations (so remove your SD card first) including pictures and music etc as well as all your apps.


  • Anonymous

Lesa, 18 Nov 2011My N8 delets all the photos I take after 2 hours, is it mine onl... morei have an N8 too but i don't have this problem :/ maybe you should try re-installing its software or upgrading it ...

  • Pek

avigodse, 18 Nov 2011Check your phone for virus, it might got have infected.I guess you're right. I experienced same situations 2 times. If you check in file manager, you may find that all folders now displayed as short cut.

The scenario is obviously noticeable when you cannot review photos which just taken even after 10mins. Another symptom is those shortcuts contain nothing but file manager still showing mass memory is still contain data.

So what i did to recover this issue is back up all data from mass memory in every single folder especially photos, videos & music by using pc via usb mode. Hidden files especially in private folder contain lots of information related to apps installed in mass memory drive. It also includes maps data for ovimaps.

After recover required data, format the mass memory. Then restore back everything. But make sure before restore, do virus scan first. If not same thing will happen.

If you only backup photos, videos & music, you need to reinstall apps again. Even maps data for ovimaps.

You can try. if not send to nokia care. But do back up first.

  • AnonD-6552

i deleted some items in C: drive and now the messaging is not working... even reinstallation of software is of no use :(
how to restore them? anybody plz help.... :(