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  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-5400, 31 Oct 2011Hello to every N8 users, this is the 5th day with my n8, got it ... more@ SRC Nokia N8

Firstly there are many battery saving tips to consider to increase battery life:

Turn off Wi-Fi when you're not using it (same goes for 3G)

Use a Dark theme instead of a bright and colourful one.

Turn off Bluetooth.

Set Widgets to offline mode and only set them to online mode when needed.

Turn email synchronisation to manual or extend the sync period to hourly or every four hours. Also, when closing the email app, press options then exit rather than pressing the exit button next to the options button (this merely hides the app and doesn't close it).

Close down all apps that may be running in the background. Long press the menu button to see what apps are running in the background.

You will need to install the Applications 1/2 (mandatory) and 2/2 (important) and the Service pack to ensure optimal performance for your phone. Any problems you may have with Anna have been discussed and solved over on the Nokia support site.­es/Symbian-Anna-Troubleshooting/td-p/1127953

You will also find many answers to anything else at the same site.



  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-22651, 31 Oct 2011Ray purple screen is never a issue in my phn.. ya 1 of my frnd... more
@ shobhit and Sned.

A friend of mine has had his phone since last October and had a perfect working screen with no purple tint.
This August he broke the screen and had to send it back to Nokia for a replacement screen. It was returned to him with a new screen and the purple tint problem. So, even though Nokia have been made aware of and acknowledged this problem they stil haven't done anything to fix it.

As Sned has pointed out, they are selling new phones today with faulty screens.

All the best.


  • AnonD-15976

Symbian Anna launched in Australia!

  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-4801, 31 Oct 2011Ray, I have an N8 with Symbian Anna running on it.I can't wai... more
@ likeable999

I can't really comment on flashing the N8 with leaked or custom firmware as I've never done it myself.
However, I can tell you that it will carry the risk of bricking your phone so following the instructions exactly to the letter should ensure a successful flash.
I believe (from reading what others have said) that you will be able to update to the official Belle when it gets released by Nokia, so that shouldn't be a problem.

All the best.


  • lovely

i luv my n8 dere is no prblm in my n8......its bst smrtphn works like poket pc wid usb suport nd hd gaming

  • Ray Hipkiss

Krish, 31 Oct 2011Hi Ray, I would like yo purchase a new smart phone. Now which... more
Hi Krish,

I very much like the look of the new Motorola RAZR and would buy it tomorrow if I had the cash.­.php

You might like to consider the Samsung Galaxy S II as well. Pretty much every professional reviewer has given it top marks.

However, Nokia are soon to release their new batch of WP 7.5 Mango phones but I've no idea if they're any good or not.­­

All the best.


  • george_k

N8 - symbian anna (or belle)- updated, has purple tint problem??? or regards only N8 with symbian 3?
Thanks in advance

  • AnonD-5400

Hello to every N8 users, this is the 5th day with my n8, got it with anna v22 onboard. Im very upset with its battery life, just lasts a day with moderate use. Is this okay with everyone? Or i have got a poor battery? Please give comments on this...

Btw, how to format c drive? What are the concequences i will face if i do so?

And what is update 1/2 , 2/2 and anna service pack? Any change log?

Please help me on these guys...

  • leenshadow

12mp compare to andrroid 5-8mp only/// nokia has better battery backup and application install/// look for the hidden apps for nokia and you will see the big stand of nokia phones/// hacking phones

  • Anonymous

Friends i am not able to ply mkv file pls help........

  • Rizwan

Charl, 31 Oct 2011N8 is super slow. Every update they bring out makes the phone e... moreI think dear you are using N8 manufactured by china dual sim.. well about the camera result. Nokia announced this set the best camera smart mobile. so how can you compare this one with a 3.2 mpx camera you cant even compare a 3.2 mpx camera with n82 5 mpx camera ..

  • Charl

N8 is super slow. Every update they bring out makes the phone even worse. Advise from me, do not install any updates on this phone. Don't install Anna. Too many bugs. Even though it has a 12 megapixel camera, my old Sony Ericsson 3.2 megapixel camera phone took better photos. It's a slow phone. They had nice intentions with the phone, but it's like trying to play a really nice new 2011 computer game with cool graphics on an old pentium2 laptop with 16MB RAM.

  • AnonD-1097

GUys iam a very happy and proud owner of N8 with not i single problem..thou its been nearly a year of ownership..and my fone has gonew thru many falls and sme very nasty one and the color had become dull.........So i decided to change my fone body..i got a new N8 body blue color...and my org body was also blue....i saw the full video on youtube...i sucessfully managed to change the body...But then camera flash refused to work...i opened again..try to fit it well....but to my bad luck flash still not working..but red focus light was working....i will load all pics how i manage to change the body.......
then while putting the body back..i broke the camera button.....i was very angry with myself.......i had ruined my precious N8......i thought i had to buy a new one....i was confused get new N8 or samsung S2..i tried samsung..lovely screen and all, but i cant live without N8 camera, hdmi output,Fm transmitter,and my lovely symbian belle...and android battery is very short....N8 battery works for 2 days......Then i met my friend who works for Nokia care...and he has promised me to get me a replacement..with New N8...and iam praying i get it....thou i have paid sme amount for 1 year xtra warranty....he asked me if i wanter diff color..but i said no i like 10 days my New N8 shld be with me.....few days without my N8 and iam feeling lost......Guys beware if u plan to change yr fone shell.....Go to some proffess to change it..but be very careful while removing the flash....

  • AnonD-4801


I have an N8 with Symbian Anna running on it.I can't wait for the official release of Symbian Belle and so I have decided to flash my set with Belle .But is it safe to install any of these custom firmwares available on the internet? I'm not bothered about the warranty and stuff as my N8 is almost a year old now, but I don't want anything bad to happen to my set because it's working just fine .And with the custom Belle running on my N8, will I be able to revert back to Anna and install the official Belle OS when it is released? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

  • Krish

Ray Hipkiss, 30 Oct 2011@ shobhit Are you absolutely sure on that? My friends N8 has... moreHi Ray,

I would like yo purchase a new smart phone. Now which is the best in market?

  • Anonymous

Anna is finally available in Australia. Took them long enough.

  • AnonD-22651

Ray Hipkiss, 30 Oct 2011@ shobhit Are you absolutely sure on that? My friends N8 has... moreRay
purple screen is never a issue in my phn.. ya 1 of my frnd has the purple screen issue but he has nt yet updated his phn to symbian anna.. and in my opinion its not a matter of concern... bcoz now in new and even older phn this issue is almost fixed.. the all u need to think is can u get a feature rich phn like n8 in its price.... Nokia N8 is 1 of the perfect phn produced by nokia... like 6600, N73, E71, etc.....

  • Suhanoo

Most of you know that I use both Nokia N8 & Samsung Galaxy S II. I have been experimenting with my S2 & comparing it with my N8 since my N8 came back from the Nokia care last Thursday. Now, when I tried to go to internet from my office (which has Wi-Fi connection & I have registered my phones with the network with the WEP key) in my N8, it uses the Wi-Fi instead of using GPRS/EDGE (I didn't have to switch on the Wi-Fi, it switches itself on & connects to the network, choosing the best connection comparing on GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi). But my S2 didn't do that itself. I had to manually switch on the Wi-Fi to let it access the Wi-Fi. Then again, after finishing the browsing, I let my N8 stay idle for say 5 mins & it switched off the Wi-Fi itself, but even after 30 mins, S2 didn't switch off the Wi-Fi. Now, you guys tell me (specially Ray Hipkiss), which one do you think is "smart phone" & which one do you think is "dumb phone"? Waiting for some answers. Any fandroids are also welcome to answer my question.
Keep N8-ing.

  • ruzz27

i got my n8 in the past 5days and i update to anna,today its awesome the purple tint has just gone and all workibg properly but my problem is the battery life only last for two days if it is not in power saving mode,but n8 rocks....

  • Rishi

Whenever i am connecting my Pendrive or USB memory stick with the USB OTG adapter and trying to Copy an Excel or a Word file to N8 it always shows an error" NOT ENOUGH MEMORY" and then stops.
My Internal memory is having a space of 12 GB free.

Could any one xplain why is it happening and how to rectify it.
Thanks in advance.