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  • Sako

@ Muta.

Did you avail the 3 year Accident insurance upon buying your handset? With this kind of warranty, Example, if the phone is subjected to any kind of accident, ( Except water leakage) Nokia can replace the handset if the phone is no way possible to repair. :))

  • AnonD-9238

I don't know what I'm gonna do to update my N8 in USA! I don't want to flash it because I still have 6 months of warranty left and don't wonna void it! Anybody knows anything about this? Or is Nokia ever gonna roll out the update in USA? Many people own N8 here and we need our phone to be up to date!
Please help if you know anything about this..
Thank You!!!

  • muta

i drop my handset &I block screen ,how can i get an assistence $ what are the cost of repair.

  • Somu

Realy, N8 is symbian anna os upgrages?

  • AnonD-23084

I would trash my iphone for one of these in a heartbeat. But ever since january's wp7 announcement I just cant do it... Nokias last for ages and I don't want to have the old OS once it has been left behind... If they did not announce, this would have been in my pocket long ago! Please just toss on the os on the n8 I love the hardware, design, features, all of it even symbian (just not the fact its going away soon-ish after I buy)

  • AnonD-7226

Anybody have any idea about the official release date of Symbian Belle for N8? Can't wait for the charm...

  • Wildchild_Tanvir

I want Symbian Belle on my N8 asap,but I want the official update... Anybody hv any idea about the official release date??

  • sandeep

asdf, 21 Sep 2011which one is best for touch screen...Nokia or Samsungnokia

  • asdf

which one is best for touch screen...Nokia or Samsung

  • AnonD-22997

NOKIA N8: here in the Philippines cost: 18,000p

Always remember that there will be no perfect mobile phone to be released by NOKIA because its business no to make it perfect.

A Mobile will be A Mobile.

I'm using my N8 as a digicam only because its portable than bringing Sony Digicams with me, and using a Nokia E6 which I regret that I bought and the best phone I'd love is Nokia E72...Best phone and battery,,,

  • AnonD-4392

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2011i've got my n8 for about a year now, at time of purchase it's th... moreDude, same here and I totally agree with you

Even though I have an iphone 4 too, as an overall phone the N8 is much better though the browsing experience on the iphone is way better and gaming also.

And to sammy trolls:
We all know SGS2 is newer and has 4 times the RAM and Processing power of N8 but what's the use if it has only 1/4th of its battery backup LOL!!
I could maybe use both my phones for more than 3 years.
Samsung can never reach Apple's or Nokia's build and quality... In 3 years SGS2 will be Crap let alone Scrap...

  • Anonymous

i've got my n8 for about a year now, at time of purchase it's the best hardware and specs that i required and the best value for money mobile phone. a year later it's just as good as when i first got it actually it's even better now that i've got nokia drop.
main reason i bought it because 1)good clarity phone calls, email and sms (for work). 2)plays almost all video formats, fast mobile internet via opra and great music player. 3)free GPS for life (maps are up to date here in Australia) have used over 100 times and works better than stand alone GPS units. 4)awesome camera, also have found better than some stand alone units. 5)for me battery life is very good, heavy use every day. eg playing warspear online game via 3g full to empty about 4 to 4.5 hours straight/background email sync every 5mins for 2 email accounts.

with cpu and ram size, i find it sufficient for what it is and the price of phone. with all my background apps running (eg email sync every 5min, nokia bubble etc....) i find the phone doesn't lag that much and it only lags when i use a big app eg gallery pics loading (i have over 2000 pics on my phone) but besides that phone is perfect.

a little advice to make the best use of your n8, i suggest when comes to charging only charge when below 20%, also as low amount of ram i suggest restart every 2 days.

  • peachy

well what can i say about n8? i sold my n8 and bought samsung galaxy i9003,. but the truth.. am not satisfied with the camera of samsung. that is why and selling my
samsung and trying to buy n8 AGAIN... and AGAIN... nothing compare to n8.. i dont know if iphone4 is good in camera.. if its so.. then i shall sell my n8 again and buy iphone4. hehhehe and if not satisfied in iphone4.. again,,, n8 again... hehehe

  • AnonD-13383

[deleted post]im not a troll bro, im a nokia n8 owner....
and why on earth do you think im a troll???

  • AnonD-13383

AnonD-22159, 20 Sep 2011it is true that sgs2 has heating problem but is fixed after andr... moreI have to really desagree with there, symbian belle isnt at all bad like you say it is smooth fast and gets done what it needs too without fail, it has inproved so much....
I was going to go android if nokia didnt rectifi the problem that symbian had but belle has done that with a revolutionary new user interface...

  • nick

one of my friend buy samsung galaxy 2 and me i have my n8...yes indeed that sg2 is more interesting when it comes to its applications because its android..but n8 provides my needs...when it comes to cameras, sms, touch screen (not so bad) and a lot more...and besides sg2 is out of my league.. mush expensive than n8...good luck

  • AnonD-843

Manu, 20 Sep 2011Nokia.....i have used many phones of nokia....symbian is not a g... morelol. u might have used the symbian in n97!!! Go and try out nokia 701 with belle

  • AnonD-843

AnonD-22159, 20 Sep 2011it is true that sgs2 has heating problem but is fixed after andr... moreshow us some eg where belle lacks in front of android. Belle is soo fluid like its running on dual core. who needs mobile like sgs2 which cant even go more than 14hrs in idle??? Its waste. completely waste!!

  • AnonD-628

AnonD-22159, 20 Sep 2011it is true that sgs2 has heating problem but is fixed after andr... moreJust to share some ideas, SG2 is indeed a great phone, but when it comes to video recording I (key word I) still prefer the n8 because of the stereo recording capabilities whereas SG2 records mono. Other things that makes n8 a better choice for some people are GPS, fm transmitter (which I barely use, I admit), and the fact that n8 is a pentaband phone. Honestly, if I didn´t have to travel frequently abroad, and if I had a contract with internet I would choose Sg2, but as I use my phone prepaid, and I travel quite often changing sim cards, the n8 is still the best option for me.
Regarding lags and software issues, so far no big issues at all, the phone does what it is supposed to do and quite well.
Have a nice day!

  • Anonymous

martin132014, 19 Sep 2011u got to be kidding me..all ur comment are contradiction to the ... moreI also wonder why you are in N8 session and trolling all around.......hmmmmm