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  • Guest

what's the lock caode of n8 ?

  • Reddi

Y2J, 19 Sep 2011Has anyone in Singapore updated his/her phone to Symbian Anna?? ... moreI had already updated quite some time back. Maybe your OS is corrupted. just backup your phone then do a restore follow by update.

  • AnonD-22200

Oh! 12mp wow!
Xenon flash wow!

  • Dipu

Its battery life time is very bad.

  • AnonD-22200

I love nokia n8.
Nokia! Nokia!

  • AnonD-22200

I love n8, iph4 and htc desire hd but samsung galaxy s...i dn like.

  • Krish

Ray Hipkiss, 19 Sep 2011@Krish According to the specifications the LG has a 1500mAh ... more@Ray

Thank you... Thank you very much.

Also I want to know:

Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL (S1)

LG Optimus Black P970

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

In this 3 mobiles what you think, whis is good.

Sorry for the disturbances.

  • AnonD-2665

my n8 lasts 4 hours in 3g mode !

  • Dennis

I am due for a replacement phone should I take the N8 as I will not have to pay in or should I choose something more up to date

  • nijoe

why is it discountiued

  • AnonD-10458

AnonD-22159, 18 Sep 2011android is much much better than symbian,even much much better t... moreFrom which country u buy u r Sgs2? All sgs2 user complaing heating & battery backup problems.Needs more than 2hrs for full charging. Getting heated after half hour of gameplay.only 5 to 6 hrs battery backup.See urself on sgs2 post & help u r sgs2 friends.

What is talking about android vs symbian. See review of symbian belle.

None of any android mobile has battery back up like nokia.

Talking about apps & games there r so many websites that provides free of cost. Android store has many apps but 80% useless.

  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-9248, 19 Sep 2011@dbrijwasi1993 For ur Kind Information, None of us have asked... more@ Martin Raj

Something else to add to your response is he mentions the SGS2 has the capability to record 1080p video with only an 8 MP camera but the N8's 12 MP camera can only record 720p video.
Well, in response to that it has nothing to do with hardware but has everything to do with software. It would only take a minor update to give the N8 1080p recording and that may happen with future updates. In any case, 1080p's maximum resolution of 2,073,600 pixels or 2.07 Mega pixels (1920*1080) so the N8's camera is perfectly capable of 1080p recording.
I also agree with your rebuttal of his silly statement of opening 3 to 5 HD games simultaneously. Why in the world would he want to have that many games running at the same time? Utterly pointless.
Anyway, I think it's best in future to ignore such people who are clearly uninformed and do not have a clue what they are talking about.

Best regards.


  • Anonymous

My N8 doesn't send messages. Tried different sim cards but the messages dont go through. Please help.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Krish, 19 Sep 2011@Ray Thanks. I already purchase a N8 one month before (as per... more@Krish

According to the specifications the LG has a 1500mAh battery which is the same size as the one on my SGS, so by that logic it should last about the same as the SGS. Typically, I will get around 2 to 3 days use on a full charge, so I would expect the LG to last not quite as long due to it having an LCD screen instead of an AMOLED screen, which uses less power than an LCD. Having said that, the difference is only marginal so expect just a few hows less of battery use.
Other factors to consider to increase battery life would be to turn off 3G (also known as HSDPA) when not in use as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, wall papers (especially live wallpapers) and to make sure there are no processes running in the background that are synchronizing data such as news feeds, Email and weather widgets. Something else worth considering, is that when the phone is new the battery won't last very long but will improve over time after a few charge and discharge cycles until it is properly calibrated.

So, as you already have an N8 I would say yes, go for the LG. It will be a good compliment to the N8 and give you the best of both worlds.

All the best.


  • srinivas

Very good mobile for inernet and other communication purpose thank nokia n8

  • AnonD-9248

AnonD-22159, 18 Sep 2011android is much much better than symbian,even much much better t... more@dbrijwasi1993

For ur Kind Information, None of us have asked or requested for your suggestion, feedback or comments here.

People who have purchase N8 are quite happy with there devices, if you have liked Android or S2 So much, please help people by answering there quires in S2 Opinions windows.

As you have been using Andriod So much.. Tell me the difference between HTC, SE, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Micromax, Spice etc... They have the same software except the Hardware and manufactures difference. But we are different.

I never knew that we can play multiple HD Games in S2 or any. And even in my computer I dont open multiple Games simultaneously, first of all does it make sense to open multiple Games??? unless a person like you to open 4 to 5 in a mobile :)

Applications, what we have in OVI Store or any other N8 Fan websites are more than what we actually expected. My friend who has S2, wonders how do I get so many applications each day and always asks me to check if he can get the some for his.

Regarding the Processer, our phones run quite well, there is no issues at all. Now samsung is planning for 2GHz Processor, I dont know what is it for, until you wanna install Windows 7 or Linux in ur mobile.. People are happy with 600mhz or ur 1ghz... We can install all the applications and games that we need, So what else you want the mobile to do? make it dance or anything else???

My friend who has been using S2, is so much bored. Initially even I thought of going for S2, but after using his mobile for a day, I felt 29K is not worth, everything in Marked is expensive when it comes to full version. And he expected a lot, but its just another smartphone.. He spent 29k, but I spent 22K. In the same way there is Samsung Galxy which is 23K, but with very less features. No front Cam, No Flash and many more difference. Any person spending more will definetly expect more.. At this price N8 is worth 10times that your S2...

I dont know whether you noticed or not.. There was already a comment in the forum(To be clear it was a suggestion given for someones request):

"I happen to have both and can say that neither phone is better than the other. The N8 has some features and functions that the SGS does not, and vice versa.

The N8 has the best camera on any phone, HDMI output, an FM transmitter, lock screen screen savers, a notification LED, an all Aluminium uni-body, customisable and timed profile settings and USB-on-the-Go. The Samsung Galaxy S doesn't have any of those things but does have more applications available, a bigger screen, more system RAM and a faster processor for better performance, a better default web browser, live home screen wall papers (if you like that sort of thing) and a simpler to use OS (which to me means it's less advanced than Symbian but also less buggy)."

Android are commom to Virus attack, but Not Symbian.. I like S3, but Anna was better, am happy and many more are also happy in this forum. I do agree there are some who did not like the phone, but in the same way, keep following S2 Comments also, you will find person who did not like or had problems with the devices.

So my suggestion is, Stop comparing both and try enjoying the devices. If Nokia released 29k mobile, You can compare and make your own comments.

If you like use it, if not just sell it. No one is gona stop U, but stop commenting unless some one really asked ur views...

I guess, these kind of reviews should be deleted, because everyone in the forum here are to help each other, not for making useless comments. What do you all says N8 friends

Martin Raj

  • sun

ppl are used to Symbian and they r bored after some time some new os comes n they complain of android and Symbian - very stupidity phones are serving the purposes thts gr8 thanks for reading :)

  • Krish

Ray Hipkiss, 18 Sep 2011 @Krish To me the LG Optimus P970 is a bit of a clone of the... more@Ray

Thanks. I already purchase a N8 one month before (as per your advice) & It is really good. Now I need one more mobile thatís why I asking about LG. I feel that itís a good mobile (Optimus P970) but I have little confusion about the battery life. If you have any idea about that, please help me.

  • AnonD-1782

AnonD-10183, 18 Sep 2011thnx bro... but the e7 has a much more louder speaker here in ... moresimply go for the cheapest and LIVE WITH IT...then only its going to be your best purchased mobile and you best companion....


  • AnonD-9238

Warning: Symbian support for USA is already dead. No updates are available or ever will be. If you call Nokia Care they can't help you either. So, if you buy a Nokia in USA, if will never update it. Only way to update would be to flash it, but that would void the warranty! Nobody wants that! So, if you buy Nokia in USA, the choices are: Use old and crappy software or void the warranty and flash it!