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  • Y2J

Has anyone in Singapore updated his/her phone to Symbian Anna?? Coz Singapore is yet to get the Official Symbian Anna update... How sad is that?? One of Asian Giants in mobile technology is yet to get updated... Nokia can you please explain WTF is going on??

  • Akash

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2011but Symbian Belle is the bestMy Dreamest Mobile phone. I want it..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-22704, 19 Sep 2011except camera, symbian has nothing to show off with.nothing.but Symbian Belle is the best

  • AnonD-22704

except camera, symbian has nothing to show off with.nothing.

  • 239

AnonD-10183, 18 Sep 2011thnx bro... but the e7 has a much more louder speaker here in ... morethats odd mate,at my country n8 is $520,while e7 $670..and about the speaker,i already tested my n8(before i sold it) againts e7,the speaker is much louder and cleaner output..well its up to you mate,personally i'll take n8 over e7 any days..

  • Anonymous

Nauman, 18 Sep 2011Can we upgrade N8 to android OS????????????It's the phone king.

  • Ray Hipkiss

fred, 18 Sep 2011thank u mr Ray, i made a mistake it is BL-5K. I wil like 2 exten... more@Fred

Your welcome. You need to find out if it fits your device before purchase though.

Good luck


  • fred

Ray Hipkiss, 18 Sep 2011@Fred The Nokia C7 takes a BL-5K not a BL-5F. The BL-5F is o... morethank u mr Ray, i made a mistake it is BL-5K. I wil like 2 extend d battery backup.

  • AnonD-10183

239, 17 Sep 2011hey mate..for me n8 is better than e7.. n8 over e7 : much mor... morethnx bro...
but the e7 has a much more louder speaker
here in my country n8 is 420$ and e7 is 390$
so what do u say now? :p

  • babar

dear.. you should go for silver white color.. its so kool and also phone looks big and costly in that color:):):)

  • sun

Guys who ever you are don't think yourself own this website its open place for everyone views or suggestions no one own company too so be kind share your experience a and help each other ,,, n8 rocks I'm using it since 8 months never had any problem I have downloaded 200 apps from ovi store it is fabulous so far .

  • Ray Hipkiss

Nauman, 18 Sep 2011Can we upgrade N8 to android OS????????????The answer is no, of course not. I wouldn't exactly call it an upgrade either, more of a "sidegrade".


  • Nauman

Can we upgrade N8 to android OS????????????

  • AnonD-22159

android is much much better than symbian,even much much better than symbian anna and symbian belle.symbian is very laggy and slow OS compared to android.symbian devices doesn't supports adobe flash player.i have both nokia n8 and samsung galaxy s2.but my galaxy s2 is much much faster and better than my n8.i was surprised to see that galaxy s2 has 1080p full hd recording capacity on 8 mp camera and n8 has only 720p on 12 mp camera.also gaming and touchscreen experience of galaxy s2 is better than n8.i loves playing hd games in my galaxy s2.also user interface and customisations in android devices are superb over symbian devices.symbian devices lags on high multitasking.n8 lags after simultaneously opening of 3-5 hd games or applications.but my galaxy s2 can open 10-15 applications without any lag.also processor speed and ram is also a major drawback of n8 over galaxy s2.SYMBIAN IS VERY BAD COMPARED TO ANDROID.SO,ALWAYS PREFER ANDROD DEVICES OVER SYMBIAN DEVICES.

  • n8 lover

which good color at all? can anyone please help me Which color do i get .. and the best color because im confused tnx n adv.

  • Ray Hipkiss

fred, 18 Sep 2011hi mr Ray, i need ur advice here. I am plannin to bye nokia 701 ... more@Fred

The Nokia C7 takes a BL-5K not a BL-5F. The BL-5F is only rated at 950 mAh, whereas the BL-5K is rated at 1200 mAh for current devices and 1300 mAh for the 701. I see no reason why the 1300 mAh battery shouldn't be compatible with the C7, as long as it is physically the same size and actually fits inside the C7 and allows the case to be replaced.
So, whatever you decide, make sure it is the BL-5K (not the BL-5F) and that it actually physically fits your phone.

All the best.


It has been 7 months since i bought my n8. Now it is Anna powered, even though the firmware hasn't officially released in country/operator.

As a loyal Nokia user in the last years, no surprise was expected. And at first that was the case, but it works so fine, there are so many apps, and the photos are so extremely good that there is no phone to replace it yet for me. No N9 or Samsung SII are at its level. It has proven to be the most flexible and adaptable phone Nokia has made in the last 3 years.

There are better CPUs, better OS, no better camera and no better balance than this device.

Recomended 200%.

  • fred

hi mr Ray, i need ur advice here. I am plannin to bye nokia 701 battery (BL-5F 1300mah) as a replacement to my nokia C7 battery (BL-5F 1200mah).

  • Ray Hipkiss

[deleted post] @Krish

To me the LG Optimus P970 is a bit of a clone of the Samsung Galaxy S. As far as an Android device goes, it doesn't look too bad (on paper at least) but my experience with LG products (a TV and DVD recorder, both of them failed just out of warranty) isn't a good one. As a result, I wouldn't recommend anything made by LG to anyone.
Comparing the LG to the N8, I would still choose the N8 because of the features I listed in my previous post.

Hope this helps.


  • AnonD-22584

[deleted post]its better you buy sony ericsson xperia pro . it is phone of full features with keyboard