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  • new n8 user

hi Ray,
i just want to know, how do i calibrate the battery? by the way, i totally respect your ideas and opinions. keep it up and best wishes to everyone!

  • Anonymous

If u live in USA there is no anna update. DONT BUY!

  • ujwal

Ray Hipkiss, 01 Sep 2011@Aaron. Directly copying Android OS is a lazy and cheap way ... more@Ray

Ur right ray,i got my n8 a month back n now its at ncc for d purple tint in it's display i love nokia but we all have to agree that its way behind d other manufactures.i guess i will shift to another brand in 2-3months because i dont have an option.i hope nokia makes good devices again as they made before so that i can again get a nokia masterpiece in my hand n be proud of owning it.

  • Anonymous

those who are using Symbian at least try android. thousand,thousand,thousands......apps in android majority of them free,very user friendly and most important u will be in a new world that releases update with new features with new ideas lightning fast. leave boring,uninteresting nt changing world of Nokia with its symbian

  • AnonD-20265

I had purchase the nokia n8 mobile for 3 months back. A new update had came SYMBIAN ANNA. I heard that the update of the symbian anna is not much better compared to symbian 3. It creates more problems after updating.. can any one suggest me to update my mobile to anna or not.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Aaron, 01 Sep 2011I don't understand why you detest Symbian Belle. Symbian Belle i... more@Aaron.

Directly copying Android OS is a lazy and cheap way of trying to please Symbian users.
I personally find the Belle GUI to be boring and uninspiring.
I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S as well as an N8 and literally hate the TouchWiz user interface, so you can imagine my disgust when I saw that Symbian will end up looking the same as the Galaxy S. I also detest that stupid HTC'esque Fisher Price home screen clock. It's a real shame what Nokia have done to Symbian. They have effectively destroyed an OS that has been around in one form or another since the '90s, when it should have evolved into the best phone OS on the planet.

All the best.


  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-2665, 01 Sep 2011i have same thoughts like u ! Faced too many problems with n8 an... more@Gitty.

The N9 is a perfect example of Nokia's lack of business acumen.
They give the world a device that people actually want, then only supply it to a limited number of countries and announce that it will be the only MeeGo device they are producing.
Meego is a perfect contender for the likes of Android and iOS but instead, Nokia have decided to adopt crappy M$ Windows Phone OS.
Just another Nokia fail.


  • AnonD-2665

Ray Hipkiss, 01 Sep 2011@ DANZ ANNA It means that the N8 is getting old and boring. ... morei have same thoughts like u ! Faced too many problems with n8 and i ve lost my interest 4m this ! I ve used nokia till now n i think it ll be difficult to adjust with new brand for eg. Sgs2 or any other android ! I have kept my eye on n9 !

  • Aaron

Ray Hipkiss, 01 Sep 2011@ DANZ ANNA It means that the N8 is getting old and boring. ... moreI don't understand why you detest Symbian Belle. Symbian Belle is now based on Qt framework which is million times better, faster and more beautiful than the AVKON-based Symbian Anna and all older versions of Symbian S60. Belle is the best thing that ever happens to the Symbian platform. It really lives up to its name, Belle of the Beauty and the Beast.

  • Ray Hipkiss

DANZ ANNA, 01 Sep 2011hey,,what going on with rating chart..?? 46%!!! vote ... more@ DANZ ANNA

It means that the N8 is getting old and boring. Nothing anyone can do about that now. It tried it's best but failed. Nokia, as a brand are failing also.
It's now time to move on elsewhere because Nokia just don't have a clue anymore in the smart phone business.

Best regards.


  • AnonD-4392

Nokia N8 battery backup is 64 hours (2d 16hrs) with moderate-heavy usage.... My N8 is 11 months old

  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-20269, 01 Sep 2011@ ray. I am from bangladesh . i want to knw abt the batttery b... more @ paziboy


There is absolutely no difference between N8's made in China and those made in Finland. All are built to the exact same standard using the same components and materials.

The battery life is dependent on a number of factors such as usage and what it is used for. It's also worth calibrating the battery every couple of months or so.
I typically get around two to three days battery life from a single charge, but I don't use the thing very often these days as I've grown bored with it since the Anna update and the announcement of Belle which looks hideous.

All the best.


  • AnonD-5651

is it true that android does not support video calls over 3g network and only can video chat in skype?

  • hussian

help me guys i bought n8 two days ago but the camera quality is too bad.i have removed cover from lens.but its the n82 camera is good than me


hey,,what going on with rating chart..?? 46%!!!
vote up!!!10 points...make own n8 to the top!!
i hear some issue...belle will come a couple of the day...

  • AnonD-20274

my new fone

  • AnonD-20269

@ ray.
I am from bangladesh . i want to knw abt the batttery backup of n8 . Is there any difference between the product of made by nokia( china) and made is finland. In our country only the made by product is available and original finland is very rear to find out .

  • AnonD-20265

AnonD-5927, 31 Aug 2011i updated my n8 to anna using a comupter but after switching on ... moreThat means what u have updated is not genuine version. Plz Contact Nokia Care for details.......

  • Anonymous

AnonD-10880, 01 Sep 2011You can change it with older themes from ovi, new anna themes ha... moreThanks, petrzalkarulez. I think I will do just that.

  • Jude

Tapash, 01 Sep 2011Hi I`ve update my n8 to anna on the 19th, but if I go to SW UPDA... moreHi!

Symbian Anna update (1/2) or 1 of 2 is a must or required to install. The Symbian Anna (2/2) or 2 of 2 is also an important update. However, your phone will work if you had installed only Symbian Anna update (1/2). Frankly, I don't know the importance of Symbian Anna (2/2) but I did installed it on my N8.

After I installed the 2 updates, i noticed the increase in browser speed.