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  • AnonD-8058

AnonD-4190, 23 Aug 2011My phone is not showing packet data connections in Log since i u... morei am facing the same problem
the cause is the country code...
i am from mauritius and the country code is +230
if i dont put the country code, when i recieve an SMS i dont know which contact has sent me an sms...then i started adding country code to my used to work fine with symbian^3 when incoming call i could see the name and phone number of the person calling me..but not anymore with symbian anna. if i remove the country code from the contact list...the problem persist in the sms...where i cant find out who sent me a sms recieved always start by +230 (which is my country code) and there is no way to disable this...
this is the only problem i find with symbian anna till now
also sometimes when i just switch on my phone...i got a message "fail to startup" i need to restart again...any1 having the same problem???

  • jazz

now nokia also started supporting Anna Hazare by launching Symbian Anna. :D

  • rahmanbadsha

AnonD-9248, 22 Aug 2011Hey Friends, I just have a question for everyone and also to ... morehow shoud we upgrade it to symbian anna. .??

  • AnonD-18968

after i update symbian anna, my ovi social app can't run.. any idea? have setting any place?

  • snow_speeder

My nokia n8s battery life has becum rly long after updating it to anna, has lasted 3 days and the bars are not even half way down.. Nokia Symbian belle is going to be out in a few days,, :) nokia rocks!
check dis out:­pdate_coming_in_two_days_-news-3031.php

  • Anonymous

AnonD-9248, 22 Aug 2011Hey Friends, I just have a question for everyone and also to ... moredude,replace ur n8 from nokia care ! I am waiting for nokias wm7 phone

  • AnonD-112

Mr Kingsley, 23 Aug 2011Hello everyone. Please I will be very grateful for your assistan... moreYou probably have your contacts saved twice.

  • AnonD-4190

My phone is not showing packet data connections in Log since i updated anna. Formatted twice ,but not fixed. Is this happening only 4 me? Please reply guys

  • azharmax

Hi am from srilanka.i updated my n8 via ovi suit.all are working fine but my OVI applicatin is not working bcz it is not connecting to net when i opend it, any one facing this problem? any one know the what is this problem plz reply toooooooo meeeeeee. thank u

  • Mr Kingsley

Hello everyone. Please I will be very grateful for your assistance. I just updated to Anna and now my contact name do not appear when I have an incomming call, only the number. This makes it very difficult to know who is calling before I answer the call. Thanks.. Thanks

  • AnonD-9248

Hey Friends,

I just have a question for everyone and also to me...

I am noticing that most of us in the forum had forgotten that purple tint issue is still there, everyone is quite happy with the new Anna(including me), but the sad part is, Purple tint still exists, I just love this phone, but when I take a pics in low light and a video in evening and later, I can just find the purple patches every corner of the pics, Videos dont ask me, the recording just SUCKS (Please bear with me), the CAM is really good in the day time, but night I can find the purple tint issue..

Do we have any solution from Nokia for this??? Can all of us do something, atleast in this way Nokia will do something( I know mostly of u all suggest go to NCC, but do u think is that a solution, can't we make Nokia get to know.. while playing videos we can cleary see the purple colours..

Now we have Camera UI changed with Auto Focus & 25fps(which is supposed to be 30), but whats the use when we have purple issue still on the device.. let me be frank guys, sometimes when I see my friends S2, I feel really sad, after so many hopes and be loyal to Nokia, this is what we are facing...

come on friends please come up with some idea for a solution pleaseeeeeeee


  • kodn

How many MB of free memory does your C: Memory have left? I never installed any app on my C: Memory, but the update seems to have installed itself there. I receive more "Memory Full Notifications" now,.

How do I clear it up? It is DEFINITELY clean. How do I remove some of the 62MB SIS apps and 121MB other files?

I don't see the installed apps in the installation manager, and I can't find the other files via file manager.

I'm probably not the only person with this problem.

  • Anonymous

Is anyone having problems downloading Anna in the UK OR IRELAND i can get to 70% and it stops. Also no over the air available only Pc. Thanks

  • yuki

y no ans 4 me dude

  • Anonymous

N8 gets beta cam update to 30fps,­pdate_with_better_ui_and_video_recording-news-30­28.php

Also it is important that you update part 2 of Anna as this has more usability tweaks and fixes..

  • AnonD-13334

Thanks ray many thanks.....

  • Anonymous

Also found out that UK network operators wanted Nokia to make it not availble over the air because of the large update.

Belle is NOT using the system symbian avcon its using at the moment its something else at its core..

Just a note that WORD you all use on your computer contains 50,000+ lines of code ,when nokia are doing these overhauls it does take a serious amount of work..Symbian will get a new overhaul with the new core systemm but i cant tell you when..Nokia still have 6-7 more 1GHz symbian smartfones to bring out.

  • Santosh india

Why do people bother about ui? I face no problem with symbian ui. why do people need spoon feeding to use their mobiles? I think
..the functionality, performance, usability, hardwarewithgood built quality ofamobile are more important than its UI. n8 rocks with symbian anna.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2011Nokia has to serve millions of customers thats why it takes a wh... morethanks