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  • AnonD-15958

ronald, 01 Aug 2011its already August and I'm excited to upgrade my N8 to Symbian A... moreYes...ANNA is u a faster browser,potrait swype option!!

  • AnonD-15958

N8 is definately good for its HDMI output & 12mp camera has got almost the same feature of that of C7...
So go for c7 as it is VALUE FOR X7 if u really need a 4inch display....coz u get the same resolution at a lesser price in c7...

C7 rocks...i m gonna buy it in a couple of months

  • helo pilot

ahmedra2ol, 28 Jul 2011hi hiddu; Congratulations about ur new phone :D i have my n8 fr... moreyou dont necessarly have to hack you phone to egt the 6 home screens in OVI there is afree downlaod called GRID eevrything in the phone is presented in a grid screen touching will open up the screen you choose view all the installed apps works great and what i like its free anything free is good ,by the way here in guangdong provice PR China in all nokia shops all the colors are in exposition, Gray Charcoal,,, Lime green, orange and blue witht he anticipated N9 coming soon the prices ahve been drasticly reduced N8 280 USD, E7 for 30 dollars more again in all colors , from hands on expirience having bought 7 N8 3 E7 shipped Via Hk to the USA and Italy (for family) non had the purple tint (bought in chinese Nokia shop)in Shenzhen, )i live, and work here as offshore helicopter rescue pilot personally in the last 7 yrs i have been in china and used both Samsungs 8510 nd 8910, i will say nokia is a flagship,in last 7 months neevr have i ahd anykind of problems N8 loaded with 32 Gb msd card ,i did after 4 months of usage noticed my batter no longer lasted the norm 36 hrs with moderate usage I hopted to break my guarantee and replaced it with an after market 1800 MAH, now i'm good foe 4 days heavy usage , i would not raccomand you do this if within your one year guarantee,since, really both N8 and E7 are formidable business phones, reading the many blogs and peopel complning the os is slow ,ever tried sticking with essential needed appls for work,why load up 600 music files even driving one hr on the road just how many will you listen to the rest, is wasted space on your card and slowing down your phone same for games (my opinion) ,Samsung undoubtly makes agreat phone but where is support and updates ??? reason i left Sammy for Nokia take care

  • hale

Latest images of Symbian Belle on Nokia N8.. capture today... take a look here>>> or­n-belle-on-nokia-n8.html

  • ronald

its already August and I'm excited to upgrade my N8 to Symbian Anna...:D

  • sameer

guys just stop hating symbian at all its same os which gave u first second camera 3g phone 6630,first vga 30 fps video n93, first gaming phone and plateform engage,first gps phone,best 5 mp xenon flash phone,best 8 mp and 12 mp phone, first hard disk phone, first 3.5 jack phone first audio chip phone and first 720 video recording phone first dual core phone first 3 d hw acceleration phone n95 and so much more may be first optical zoom phone and so much damn symbian is legend

  • sameer

guys who says android is best just tell me a thing i have galaxy s2 and n8 and nokia 5800 ya with spb shell 1.2 3d android no match in eye catching ui i just love it try to show others and all get i had

a train journey of 7 hrs i had s2 and 5800 with brightness at lowest level at 1 and using poweramp and in airplane mode and yrs in airplane mode in 6 hrs music through headset 320 kbs mp3 cd rip in flat pre equiliser at full volume my s2 got flat dead out 0% battery left so tell me how did i feel 700 dollars set and wat a battery in airplane mode. dont get me wrong symbian is not bad nokia is bad as webos is not bad hp is bad. symbian had second camera since 6630 6 years ago i had and proper file manager excellent battery life most important like u got porshe and no petrol thats wat androids are i am just fed up with battery. mrgapixel race is over hard disk race is over screen race and cpu gpu race is on but i waiting for a battery race. n95 symbian uses first duel core 3d graphic.8 mp innov 8,12 mp satio first 720 hd recording omniahd first man symbian was champ 4 gb hard disk n91 audio chip n91 gps chip symbian. symbian,windows mobile ,palm could had app store 6 years back but they miss the train and yup symbian lost due to lack of nokia strategy no decent video player diff series touchscreen uiq diff. symbian will die a kid death who knew he would have been kid but alas a prince death. rip symbian greatest lightest custamizable os ever dont know wat wonder apple would have done to it and to my sg2 i am saying powe
r plug is waiting.

  • santhan

N8 is expensive phone.the 12MP CAMARA IS good.the 3.5inch touch is good.this is a good phone.the camara is increase the N8 power.mostly beautiful phone,smart phone.

  • hare

hello frends. I got a new problem in my n8. After reseting its gallary' music , pics and videos are not opening. Plz help me.

  • Gazzasore

Most hits of all phones is the N8

  • AnonD-1782

danyal 81, 31 Jul 2011and finaly n8 has crossed 5800 xpress music,now n8 has got no 1 ... moreNokia N8 is good.. but the world felt its not good enough .. its okay let it be..let it be..

  • Rollindice

Just bought the N8 Silver from Amazon, haha , can't wait for this one to come with Anna pre-installed



  • aaaa

N8 is number one now!!!

  • danyal 81

and finaly n8 has crossed 5800 xpress music,now n8 has got no 1 position wow,,,,,,,,

  • Ray Hipkiss

Rollindice, 31 Jul 2011What colors you n8 fans got for your n8, i have such hard time d... more I wanted to get a silver one but my provider only had dark grey so I got that instead. Have to say the dark grey is actually very nice so I'm happy with that.


  • AnonD-2665

and yeah higher resolution

  • AnonD-2665

i want GOLDEN n8 with 1ghz and atleast 512mb ram !

  • Anonymous

celladik, 30 Jul 2011if only nokia incorporated 1ghz proc to symbian 3 im pretty sure... moreIn actual. It is far better. I own both phones and do prefer n8 very much. it is most practical phone which equipped with usefull tools. Good job Nokia's engineers.

  • Happy N8 Owner!

The best phone ever!!!
And it is now the most viewed phone on gsmarena.. The musicxpress is finally no.2 :)