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  • AnonD-14344

Hello, please someone help me! I have a problem...
The problem is the HDMI...
When I plug my N8 in to my HD TV, the screen shows up in standard definition and ratio is 4:3, but if I play a video or open a photo it shows in HD 16:9.
Same goes for Gaming, it doesn't show in full screen...
So, pretty much everything shows up in standard (480i , 4:3) definition except playing videos and viewing photos (by the way, Videos look stunning quality via HDMI in my HD TV)
Home screen, menu, games, and apps are viewed in horrible quality.
H E L P ! ! !

  • danyal81

AnonD-8044, 25 Jul 2011Some help here for ovi store Also if you... morehi friend please give me some detail abt restoring ovi store,i can install ovi store but dont open says cantt, load Apaei ,store Api1, please need some help

  • Rollindice

Just installed QtSDK , haha, being a computer programmer, and seeing what the N8 can do, i can't help but to develop some apps for Symbian too haha!

  • celladik

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2011will symbian anna bring document editor on nokia n8?Even pr1.2 have document edit0r. And of course anna

  • celladik

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2011Googled the highest rated multimedia phones and cant believe N8 ... moreM0st of the users were blinded by the fancy OS

  • awesome person

ok so i bought a nokia n8 and now i want to download the microsoft software onto my phone, the lady at the store told me that nokia n8 already has the program for microsoft office but i need to download it of the nokia website , does anyone have anymore details?

  • Lucitm

In the last year ive had htc hd2(with android rooted),sony x10i,galaxy s and now this and all y can say that this phones beates the crap of all the others.
I mean htc hd2 its an ok manufacture but they have a problem with the software wm 6.5 its ugly and android rooted not ok,xperia x10 alot of bugs,the most annoing thing no multitouch,galaxy s was the crapest phone i dont know how so many people wants that phone beacose the samsung android customization its the worst ive everseen and ive tried all on my htc hd2 and the material that its made its the cheapest i`ve ever seen.
I jumped from galaxy s to Nokia N8 and the first feeling was that ive buied an expensive device when i toucht it.
The rest u know,12mp,hdmi port,fm transmiter,the new symbian its very simple and eye taking,extraodinary design,and the guarantee of a nokia product.
So people dont get cut of only beacose of the android os beacose its not like this.

  • Anonymous

will symbian anna bring document editor on nokia n8?

  • Anonymous

will symbian anna bring document editor on nokia n8?

  • Gelu

I have the message blinking that the sim is full. How i erase the memory from the sim!? Hints anyone?

  • alok

Hi all N8ians..
I have a question about Red video camera light... Is there any mod or rompatcher avelable to turn it off while recording... If any nokia N8 user solve this problem plz tell me i m very greatfull to him.... Btw somehow i mange to turn off the camera shutter sound .

  • Anonymous

Googled the highest rated multimedia phones and cant believe N8 is not on any of the lists. Can you believe it? You mean to tell me that with its superior camera, excellent music player, hdmi and fm connectivity it doesnt make the cut. I dare anyone to name a more comprenhsive multimedia phone with all the features of the N8 or better. What's going on here people?

  • Rithish

Hi all..

I proud to say that i am using N8.. Its really a awesome phone.. previously i had X10 xperia but i was not satisfied with that.. so i gone for N8.. Its really awesome.. no words to express about N8.. Great Cam+ Style+ Specification everything..

I love N8..

Thanks for nokia to introduce such a wonderfull device..

N8 is the best .. now or never..


  • AnonD-8044

Some help here for ovi store

Also if your having flipping problems with ovi store remove it and re-install its qt causing a few problems..

  • Darsh

Hi guys. Wanted to know whether u can do tethering with this fone. Hw are the internet speeds with this fone while tethering...and hw is the battery life....

  • AnonD-3575

AnonD-2186, 25 Jul 2011hahaha :)they say there's too little apps for N8 but I am gettin... moreyeah dungeon hunter2 is amazing
eternal legacy was ok, graphics were great, gameplay not so
but dh2 is, like avatar and spiderman, simply great...
the games are probably ported from other os, but i dont really care. also the game runs smoother than on htc desire

  • Anonymous

Was talking to my friends (iphone 4, htc and blackberry owners)about how I hooked up my N8 to my 47" led tv and played games and watched videos. You could see their awe and longing. Anytime I mention the awesome features of this phone I am called a boaster. I dont even have to try, the N8 is the king of em all

  • danyal81

Ray Hipkiss, 25 Jul 2011@ zat. If your asking about the three finger suicide method ... morehi ray , what is the shortest way to restore ovi store on n8?

  • AnonD-2186

hahaha :)they say there's too little apps for N8 but I am getting cautious now because my phone has 300mb sized games, the latest DH HD is really awesome, the audio is stereo^^. It's like playing pc on my phone. Games and apps are getting better. GO developers!

  • HHYYPP3377

reciently I connect my nokia n8 in my LED TV with HDMI, and its awesome