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  • AnonD-13569

Are these features commonly used, do they make a lot of difference-

-tv out.
-fm transmitter(isnt aux cable more easy to use).
-usb on the go.
-HDMI port.
-Active noise cancelation with dedicated mike.

Is there a lot of difference between 1ghz single core proccesor and 1ghz dual core proccesor?


  • Anonymous

AnonD-5197, 17 Jul 2011I heard people talking about how Symbian is so much easier than ... moreI think you lie we all recognise your name by now,,

  • AnonD-1712

is anna update is like anna n i love to kiss her n do what i want with it...

  • helopilot

aaaa, 16 Jul 2011anyone using Nokia N8 from US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and ... more both N8 & e7 are not considered poor people phones ,they are elegant problem free, within limitations obviously if you load the full 16 Gb it will slow down some i have both with the N*8 loaded with 32 GB sd card works flowless today i took notice prices for both went down considerably the N 8 now cab be had in mainland china for $285 and the E7 USD300, buyer be ware there are some chinese copies its looks are very deceiving the case is in palstic and not metal as the originals they are exported all over the average price is about 150 USD all the fakes do not have the 2 stickers on the back one white the other green,the only way to tell the shitty copies is by close observation in doubt connect them to OVI and try updating copies will be rejected by OVI,personally i believe many of you that have problems with either units is that they are copies from china or HK and not real nokia

  • ajc

any one please do help? which 1 sholud i buy? nokia c7 or n8? which 1 is better?

  • Rollindice

I hear persons complaining on Amazon that they can't use social networking apps through wifi without a sim card in the phone, any advice ppl??

  • AnonD-5197

I heard people talking about how Symbian is so much easier than Android so I recommended the C7 for my aunt and Android for my 13 y-o cousin... My cousin has familiarized herself with the Optimus 2x fairly quickly, but my aunt is having hard time getting used to C7. She says Optimus 2x is much easier to read from and operate... fancy that. I think I made a terrible mistake recommending Symbian to a non-techy person.

First of all she cannot enlarge any font on the phone. They are just too small for her. Does anyone know how to make them bigger? Is there an app for this or anything?

Second, is there Korean support for Symbian? Read and type in Korean? If not type, at least read? Make the whole UI Korean without changing the firmware?

Errr... when Anna comes would it support the two mentioned above?

  • Rollindice

AnonD-14058, 17 Jul 2011i am also facing purple tint problom ,will anna solved the probl... moreYes Anna update will take care of that, its a software issue, there's programs u can try but wait for official anna update that will take care of it

  • AnonD-14058

i am also facing purple tint problom ,will anna solved the problom or not

  • vijay

hai i am also facing purlple tint problom,waiting for anna update,i dont know wheather solved or not

  • Anonymous

vimal, 16 Jul 2011it is not usable by everyone...the basic quality of TV OUT facil... moreClearly you do not own a n8 I use my nokia n82 tv out cable on my n8 it work perfect on normal tv that have place for rca in .I feel sorry for you not to have the prifalich to use a n8 you must ask your daddy to buy you one when turn 10 then you can cum and talk with the adults in this forum who own a n8.

  • AnonD-5465

Galaxy s 2 vs n8 camera comparison at low light and flash please leave a comment thanks :)))

  • fred

hi dude i found out recently that my phone have purple tint on the screen. pls advice me on what to do. i need help. thank u.

  • anu

if u say that nokia n8 is bettre than all d phones that is wrong it is good brnd phn bt better than all phones ,,,,,,,,,

  • vimal

it is not usable by everyone...the basic quality of TV OUT facility lacks,i.e,only for LCDs.....not for all TVs.That means ,when one purchase this mobile ,one has also to purchase an LCD TV.And,the battery is also unchangeable,i.e,if the battery becomes weak you have to change the handset.Such an expensive hanset Not useful in long run.Nokia has done a very clever job,for every use ,there is a different cable,for everything,for data transfer,no battery,no tv out cable,nothing parts are usable of other nokia mobiles,that means even u cannot use your old nokia data cable also.No use and value for money for such a so called high end handset

  • ian

finally symbian anna leaked will successfully solved the purple tint.... i update mind and the result of analog clock is pure black even i watch movie its pure gray and black.... my old firmware got a purple tint.... thanks symbian anna leaked... its really cool display smooth ui very responsive.....

  • fuel

i confirm that ncc said that they will change the screen to remove purple problem. but i wait first the symbian anna if the purple problem removes.


  • Rollindice

midps, 16 Jul 2011pls do nokia n8 still have d purplish reddish display? Someone s... moreYou're pretty much safe, no purplish issue anymore , wait about 2 weeks and buy with anna update

  • Anonymous got the beta anna update

  • Rwiai

AnonD-13989, 16 Jul 2011I am using N8 with symbian anna.....its cool and fantastic.....s... moregive us link where did you download symbian Ana