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  • Irfan

i want to purchase the N8 but budget is short, i try my best

  • AnonD-14190

iv had this phone since the week it came out. both mine and my husbands crashed at the same time ... happened slowly over about a week. mine they fixed, his they refused due to sending out one with a missing screw so acused us of tampering. mine worked for another few months before dying again slowly over a week to the point its in need of a replacement, husband bort a new one to have his speakers die a month from repurchase.
both phone company and nokia refused to do anything until i went public on fb.... finally getting them replaced but had to buy a new phone in mean time.
if you want a phone thats reliable and not going to crash and need constant repairs this is not the phone for you unfortunately! if it didnt have constant faults it would be an almost perfect phone!

  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-3575, 17 Jul 2011just to correct you, noise cancellation is used only for ca... more@aaptk.

Yes you are correct. My mistake, I wrote that in a hurry.
Thanks for the correction.

All the best.


  • AnonD-2609

celladik, 18 Jul 2011Dude you can upgrade to official anna even if you flash you... moreYou are correct brother... but you will not be able to go BACK... incse you do not like Anna or for any other reasons... I am not saying it is IMPOSSIBLE... but for a newbie its a pain... :) Cheers !!!

  • Saurabh Srivastava

celladik, 18 Jul 2011Dude you can upgrade to official anna even if you flash you... moreYou are correct brother... but you will not be able to go BACK... incse you do not like Anna or for any other reasons... I am not saying it is IMPOSSIBLE... but for a newbie its a pain... :) Cheers !!!

  • celladik

AnonD-2609, 18 Jul 2011Hi Friends, A lot of debate has been happening over the ... moreDude you can upgrade to official anna even if you flash your ph0ne with the leaked one.

  • Rollindice

imafan, 18 Jul 2011awesome mobile but the BATTARIE LIFE SUCKS!!!!! If u downlo... moreWell paid programs of course wouldnt come with adverts, that's why you pay for it in the first place....

Here are some tips to help with battery life of your N8

1. Always charge the battery fully (until the battery full notification is seen or the battery status bar stops running and stays in full position and charging indicator light is off).
2. Activate power saving mode. Press the power key, and select Activate power saving.
3. Change the synchronisation frequency for your mailbox. Select Menu > Applications > Mail, your mailbox, and Options > Settings, and the relevant sync frequency settings.
4. Mute unnecessary tones, such as key tones.
5. Use wired headphones, rather than the loudspeaker.
6. Deactivate the background animation effects. Select Menu > Settings >Themes > General > Options > Theme effects > Off.
7. Deactivate the Big clock screen saver. Select Menu > Settings > Themes > Screen saver > None.
8. Features that use Bluetooth technology, or allowing such features to run in the background while using other features, increase the demand on battery power. To prolong the operating time of your device, turn the Bluetooth technology off when you do not need it (Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth > Bluetooth = Off).
9. Features that use wireless LAN (WLAN) increase the demand on battery power. WLAN on your Nokia device switches off when you are not trying to connect, not connected to another access point, or not scanning for available networks. To further reduce battery consumption, you can specify that your device does not scan, or scans less often, for available networks in the background. WLAN switches off in between background scans. When Menu > Settings > Connectivity > WLAN > Options > Settings > Show WLAN availability is set to Never, the WLAN availability icon is not shown in the standby mode. However, you can still manually scan for available WLAN networks and connect to WLAN networks as usual.
10. If you have set Packet data connection to When available in connection settings, and there is no packet data coverage (GPRS), the device periodically tries to establish a packet data connection, which causes increased demand on battery power. To prolong the operating time of your device, select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Admin.settings > Packet Data > Packet data connection > When needed.
11. The Ovi Maps application downloads new map information when you scroll to new areas on the map, which increases the demand on battery power. You can avoid the automatic downloading of map data by downloading the needed map data via PC to your device.
12. If the signal strength of the cellular network varies much in your area, your device must scan for the available network repeatedly. This increases the demand on battery power. If the network mode is set to dual mode in the network settings, the device searches for the UMTS network. If it is not available, the device uses the available GSM network. To only use the GSM network, select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Network > Network mode > GSM.
13. The backlight of the display increases the demand on battery power. To change the timeout after which the backlight is switched off, select Menu > Settings > Phone > Display > Light time-out. To adjust the light sensor that observes the lighting conditions and adjusts the brightness of the display, in the display settings, select Light sensor.
14. The notification lights can be turned off to save the battery. Select Menu > Settings > Phone > Notification lights and disable the breathing light in Breathing light and adjust the light settings for different events in Notification light menu.
15. Leaving applications running in the background increases the demand on battery power. To close the applications you do not use, press and hold the menu key, swipe to the application in the list and close it by selecting X.
16. Pay special attention that you don't leave applications running in the background which are using GPS or network connection, for example Maps, if you are not using these applications.
17. Home screen widgets may periodically connect to internet if the home screen is in online mode. If you are not actively using the widgets, the automatic connection can be disabled by selecting Options > Widgets to offline mode on the home screen.
18. Installed 3rd party applications may consume extra power. Uninstall the application if you have noticed that power consumption has increased after the application was installed and if the application is not needed any more.
19. The AMOLED display in your device consumes more power with white color. Therefore the themes with a lot of white colors (e.g. in wallpaper image) may consume more power than the other themes.
20. When connecting to the internet, use a WLAN connection, rather than a packet data (GPRS or 3G) connection.
21. When you are listening to music, and do not want to make or receive calls, activate the offline profile..

  • AnonD-3575

rahulveer, 18 Jul 2011I want n8 but i dont know special feuchers this mobile.hay ... moresomething like this
basically, you can navigate to a party while listening to music wirelessly, get there, play music on any hifi stereo, record everything and when you sober up, show the pictures / videos on the tv and copy them to everybody's usb memories / phones,...

  • shahid

ajc, 17 Jul 2011any one please do help? which 1 sholud i buy? nokia c7 or ... morei think n8 is bettar then e7 you cant slot memory in the e7 and you can slot up to 32 gb in the n8 and 16 gb phone memory in the n8 or e7

  • rahulveer

I want n8 but i dont know special feuchers this mobile.hay friends plese tell me what is the special?

  • imafan

awesome mobile but the BATTARIE LIFE SUCKS!!!!! If u download 3 x +/- 80 mg files ur batterie is saped , with high useage without downloads it will last 6-8 hours of useage . ovi store apps are poor thou and the good ones need payinn , the free once have active advertising which is so annoying ,good apps should be free like android , and once you go hd games u cant go back to normal standard defintion gaming , divx hd is tops on the phone , unfortunatly due to copywright i can supply free website links for movies and series , cant wait for anna to b relested :)

  • AnonD-1712

I love n8 are problem....i love my awesome n8 dark grey colour...this is the best phone ever right now compare to other phone...before n8 i use so many symbian phone...iphone froyo...but n8 is the's so fantastica...the best my extra ordinary u n8...

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-3575, 18 Jul 2011if your aunt cant read the font, either she should get glas... moreThat's unfortunate... she liked the pretty and small design of it...

  • AnonD-2609

Hi Friends,

A lot of debate has been happening over the Anna release for Nokia N8. I decidied to upgrade the firmware of my N8 and check out the OS. Here are a few observations that I made.

1.) Symbian Anna for N8 is not released OFFICIALLY. The ones available on the websites are only the Beta versions. Infact, Nokia has not even released the beta, it is a leaked version which is not supported by Nokia care centres.

2.) I did upgrade my n8 with this version and it surely is FAST as compared to the 014.002. However, there are a couple of drawbacks (discussed in further points). After the upgrade, the phone will boot up faster and the icons are changed (obviously) The processing speed is much faster as it utilizes the RAM more efficiently. I did not have a PURPLE tint on my phone, so I am not sure if it will resolve that issue, but the AUTOFOCUS in camera in the video mode is MISSING as promised.

3.) You need a flasing software - PHOENIX for flashing your N8 from PR1.2 to ANNA or vice versa. It is available freely on web. - search for it.

4.) This firmware is not complete, it does NOT have the OVI suite and Maps on it. So you will have to install them separately. Also, you will have to install the OVI fix to install the OVI suite as just the OVI installer will FAIL to install. You need to patch the phone with QT files. Search Google you will find it.

5.) It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to DOWNGRADE the N8 from anna to other official releases. So, beware, if you install ANNA, you will not be able to come back. Its only one way for the most of it. HOWEVER, there is a SCANDAVIAN firmware available through Navifirm in the QA mode that can overwrite the ANNA version using Phoenix.

6.) Incase you do not like ANNA, or for some reasons and then you want to go back, you will have to download the Scandavian firmware through Navifirm (Quality Assurance version) 011.005, flash using "Refurbish" option and then again upgrade to the 014.002 using Phoenix.

7.) The keyboard is definately better in ANNA in potrait mode as you get full keyboard.

8.) The IE is much better and supports faster rendering.

9.) The homepage scrolling is smoother and in the dialpad, you can search for a contact by just typing the name of the person using the keypad.

10.) At the end, I suggest newbies to WAIT for the official release of ANNA as it will be difficult to get the warranty and a downgrade if desired.

Cheers !!!

  • AnonD-5490

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2011i've had my N8 for 8 months now and it's still going strong... moresup bro
1 the floop symbian made is you cant move your short cuts one by one(more like aligning them) and if you try to delete one all four are deleted.
and if you ever add a shortcut it only allows you to add four not one.

2 when you receive files via greentooth the files go to messages

  • pek

ian, 16 Jul 2011finally symbian anna leaked will successfully solved the pu... moreHi Ian,

could you share to us how to get the leaked Anna firmware. I would like to try it. my prhone is now with PR1.1. i heard that PR1.2 already released but i couldn't update it.

  • www

arshad, 16 Jul 2011if say nokia n8 is good and better than all the phone.... ... moreHai,
Yes you are right we shdnot compare to symbian and android beacuse both are different when andriod h/s was not avlbl in India you people are used Symbian only and u liked it and do remember always old is gold new is not platinum

  • fuel

ian, 16 Jul 2011finally symbian anna leaked will successfully solved the pu... moreare you sure updating to symbian anna removed purple tint?

anyone confirm pls updating to symbian anna purple problem removes???


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2011Wow, N8 is an incredible phone. Fantastic hardware & so... morei agree with you, value for money you can't beat a N8.

i also use the camera as a scanner when i need to take pics of docs and email to fellow workers it's a great phone. not only that claiming for work aswell on tax refund.

  • Anonymous

i've had my N8 for 8 months now and it's still going strong, doesn't hang and battery lasts 2 days with constant heavy use. for the last week i've been using sgs (android) and ip4 to compare to my N8 in the end i stuck with my N8 yes the other 2 phones have a prettier os but that's about it when it comes down to it the hardware and software of the N8 is just as good as the others. you can also make folders and organise menu screens in symbian aswell. so honestly i don't understand why everyone is complaining about symbian3. for your reference im a IT Manager so i work with all 3 os, when setting up company email and sync everyones phones to our server/wi-fi.