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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Your firmware does not support morse code!

  • palaris

i using n8 and it is the best phone i ever used i have n 82, n 95 8gb and e 72 what i like n8 the most is phone it self video is very nice and camera quality and even the game its awesome

  • Anonymous

any idea on the pr2.0 update?

  • Anonymous

any idea on the pr2.0 update?

  • kalra

unbelivable. m speechles. whole wrold in this phone

  • AnonD-2965

[deleted post]I dont think he is wrong.
Infact android is good than symbian 3.
Even gsmarena says so.just check n8 review page- disadvantages of n8 section.
Symbian 3 may be better than
Symbian 60.
Android Gingerbread is many levels higher than symbian 3.

Xperia arc seems to be a better choice with n8 and galaxy.
very stylish phone, bigger display,mobile bravia engine,720p hd at 30fps. 1ghz processor, way fast..
480*854 resolution with an impressive ppi of 343.
N8 is 480*640 3.5' screen with ppi of 23 around,isnt it?

  • thakur

can it play format

  • Silverfoxcr

I have some problems with my phn. When I write a SMS and one of the words that I write is long the app to write automatically goes out and I lost everything that I wrote. I need to know if some of you have this problem as well...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2912, 17 Apr 2011Dear brother, Who ever is willing to compare N8 with Vivaz, I... moreI am agree with you r right...some amazon customers are said that They take their N8 instead of Their dslr..they said that its picture quality is just great..

  • Anonymous

is anna os available
and how to update

  • sam120900

friends, please don't listen to the crap android vs Symbian and all, i use both best hands in market that is NOKIA N8 and SAMSUNG GALAXY S. apart from web browser their's nothing grate about SAMSUNG GALAXY S, on the other hand u have great phone, built solid and practical to use. where u gate NFS like games free and most of the app on ovi store are use full and free, thanks to Nokia. the email sync is much better in Nokia. camera with flash way ahead of all in market(don't look just how the pic looks on mobile watch it on pc, u will feel the difference). ovi store works on computer better than Samsung kies. ovi maps is boon to map users i tell u. now N8 is getting new Symbian Anna update, so their will be better browser with good speed.

  • AnonD-2965

AnonD-1082, 16 Apr 2011Search the net before you open your mouth. The defect is real an... moreI heard about the purple screen effect frm the link posted above reply.
I think its a major issue.else why would nokia websites,complaint forums are filled with talks about it?

I'm not a SE Fanboy, neither any brand.
I didnt know that vivaz got older symbian version.
Thanks for telling.

And watz the difference between camera sensor in n8 and vivaz ,the max camera sensor size is its megapixels.
Just more pixels resolution with n8 isn't it?

And Watz better with symbian 3 compared to symbian6 ver.5?
Thanx in advance.

By the way does n8 camera has smile detection?
Not listed anywhere.thats another reason I thought vivaz's camera got more features than n8's.

  • AnonD-6362

does the N8 have a push mail feature, and i am comparing between N8 and E7 and i still dont know which one to buy ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2665, 16 Apr 2011I ve avatar movie,size 1398.64mb,avi format ! It takes too much ... moreu download the movie from where??? i want also...send to me...


HOW's THE battery back up guys is it ok or........????

  • bigbig69

maps on n8 is diff.from other phone u can update ur map to ur phone or make an sw update to version 14,then follow the instruction upon open maps application

  • Anonymous

hey guys my n8 have same problem purple screen.......i want know that nokia care centre will solve my problem or not........ i want to replace it,...

  • Questions.

davidson, 17 Apr 2011i bought this phone a week ago and it sucks apple iphone ... moreWell update the OS into Anna.

  • Ariv

davidson, 17 Apr 2011i bought this phone a week ago and it sucks apple iphone ... morewhat was so bad about this phone????
please specify
i can scream saying iPhonei s bad just like that

  • liar hater

davidson, 17 Apr 2011i bought this phone a week ago and it sucks apple iphone ... moreso fail of u,dat is bcos u never have bought n8,i gave up on ip as its signal problem is really annoying!