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  • AnonD-2912

Dear brother,

Who ever is willing to compare N8 with Vivaz, I think it's more or less stupid.

The biggest reason is the camera. N8's camera is way better than any other camera phone in the market and it's not particularly because of no of mega pixels.. For god's sake grow up people.. N8's camera is great not due to it's mega pixel count.. Just google it if you don't have the camera.. Else just go outside and shoot. You'll see the difference.. It has the biggest sensor in a mobile phone camera ever. So the photos are sharper, smoother and detailed like never before.

I don't know why the hell some one is comparing ordinary Vivaz camera with N8's camera..

Let's say I have got only 3 MP for my N8.. Then also I will select N8's camera Only due to its fantastic sensor size. Mega pixel count is nothing but bigger size when it comes to the photography. The sensor size and exposure control abilities of the camera matters the most for 'quality' of photography and ask some professional and he'll say about N8.

I'm not going to say any other things which are good in N8. I only said if anyone is going to compare damn iphones, vivaz, satio or any sh.t with N8, he's so lame and don't know anything about photography.

Cheers N8 owners...

PS: I feel sorry for those who're using N8 but haven't used their great camera potential.. For me, i can live without N8 but not without its camera.

  • AnonD-695

AnonD-2965, 16 Apr 2011Se vivaz is better than n8.? 720mhz processor with more advance... more"720mhz processor with more advanced graphics chip."

The Qualcomm processor used by vivaz has a pretty suckish battery life and poor architecture. And the broadcom bcm 2727 (n8) gpu can do 32mil triangles/sec while the SGX and do 28 at best.

"Same symbian60 OS"

Same OS, yes. same version, no. The n8 comes with symbian^3 which a huge improvement in terms of performance, usability and visual compared to s60v5. Vivaz doesnt even come with kinetic scrolling for god's sake. And dont get me started on the shittastic support provided by SE.

"No purple screen issue"

Not EVERY unit has the purple screen issue. And i would take capacitive AMOLED screens anyday than a resistive TFT one.

"Both got 720p HD"

N8 can do 25 fps which is slightly smoother than the 24 fps of the vivaz. Besides that, one could easily improve the video recording on the n8 by using a mod or an app (camera pro). I tried searching on google on how to get 30fps on a vivaz and so far i havent got any results.

"Vivaz is at 18000, n8 26800"

What do you fu**ing expect? The vivaz has been in the market way longer than the n8. Of course the price is lower.

Not only that, the n8 has :

-free maps
-usb otg
-xenon flash
-aluminium body
-better camera
-dual mics for stereo sound recording and active noise
cancellation during calls

and so on...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2965, 16 Apr 2011Se vivaz is better than n8.? 720mhz processor with more advance... moreAre you serious comparing vivaz to n8? I am a big se fan but come on! Ive had enough laughs for todayb N8 rules

  • AnonD-695

Laurynas, 16 Apr 2011NOKIA N8 open 15 MB PDF file: moreBlame the suckish built in pdf reader. There are far better alternatives out there, but i dont quite remember the name

  • AnonD-695

wsm, 16 Apr 2011anybody gents can tell me where I can find a downloadable street... moreHave you tried Ovi Suite?

  • wsm

anybody gents can tell me where I can find a downloadable street maps cus the update sevice is not available in my area, please help

  • Laurynas

NOKIA N8 open 15 MB PDF file:

Decide your self about how fast or how slow NOKIA N8 is.

In my opinion it is awfully slow!

  • AnonD-2965

Se vivaz is better than n8.?
720mhz processor with more advanced graphics chip.
Same symbian60 OS
No purple screen issue.
Both got 720p HD
Vivaz got smile detection ,n8 doesnt.
Vivaz is at 18000, n8 26800.
Truly n8 lose !!!

  • Lucas

having this N8 as my main phone was a nightmare.. it hang so often that I must wait the phone to low batt and shut down itself.. bring to warranty they say if open it might scratch the casing/housing, ask me to wait until low batt then turn on.. the screen is seriously defective, i feel shame when people ask me what happen on my phone screen.. It just took about 2 months for the price to fall from RM1700 to RM1100 in Malaysia! Even Satio/N97 price is higher then it right now..

  • Anonymous

iszmir, 16 Apr 2011nokia n8- the best phone ever.buit and you never gonna moreits ok that n8 is good but symbian is far crappy than android..n u know wht , it wont make any difference if u further make an argue between android n symbian..cause at present android is leading OS...

  • leon

the best fone created by nokia.Full multimedia mobile first fone was a 5110 in 2000.since then i had 12 nokia fones.Forever Nokia

  • 7aMaDa

symbian iz the best even the S60 v3 on my old n81 8gb is nice

  • AnonD-1082

gadget noob, 16 Apr 2011Throw all away, cos if it happens, people won't buy it, I feel l... moreSearch the net before you open your mouth. The defect is real and it's not a small problem. The majority of N8 and C7 users don't even know the defect and some Nokia reps will even tell you it's a feature. The fact is Nokia admited the defect and it is real and not made up.

My link below will show you the net full of complaints about the defect. Wake up and stop trying to cover up the defect.­creen+defect&nomo=1

  • AnonD-2665

Sukhwinder, 16 Apr 2011Hey friends i want to update on the GSMARena Review of N8 Video ... moreI ve avatar movie,size 1398.64mb,avi format ! It takes too much time when I forward it and after forwarding it plays but without sound,weird ! Anyway itz nt a big problem ,only that purplish red screen ! I hate it !

  • Anonymous

Pano Wallpaper

Also, this is a cool related app that would partner well with Nokia Panorama (though it doesn’t need it) is Pano Wallpaper

http:// store.ovi. com/content/102760

  • thainese

why can't i update my map at all, the 3.6 on ovi suite and there's new 3.7 i cant even update that either, i keep sayin update error :( please

  • iszmir

nokia n8- the best phone ever.buit and you never gonna regret.better than any android phone(from experience)

  • josh

AnonD-478, 16 Apr 2011Guys i am having a C7 and a N8 both with purple tint issue on th... morei dont believe you for a second.....

  • Sukhwinder

Hey friends i want to update on the GSMARena Review of N8 Video Playback

They said it wont play files larger than 2 GB and wont seek reverse/forward files larger than 1.5 GB but today I checked a 720p 3.3GB MKV Movie on it and to amazingly it played it and even was able to seek the file reverse/forward but just starting the file took a bit more time than normal files...but that is ok since having a 680MHz processor it can play so good...i lyk my N8 a lot...

  • AnonD-2665

AnonD-478, 16 Apr 2011Guys i am having a C7 and a N8 both with purple tint issue on th... moreme too have same problem with my N8 ! Better u sell both the phones bcoz nokia is helpless,replacing defective phns wid another phns having same screen defect !