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  • anonymous

Does the phone come with integrated Youtube??????

  • aj2010

AnonD-4264, 21 Mar 2011I bought mine without a line at S$688. Now the phone is having p... moreif u can afford to pay $700 for this phone,
buy a hammer as well then!
these days no one is paying $700 for N8!
i have to ask u if u really have bought this phone?

  • anonymous


  • Pfulu

I must say aswell I am so impressed with the phone i love music and taing picture is part of my life with the 12megapixels it is so much nice I can watch videos that I take (friends outing ) on my hdmi lcd tv they come out perfectly well!!! I must the Nokia N8 is the closest thing to perfection!!! mwaaaah

  • outdated

i dont know whats so good about this phone everything is outdated the only good thing i see is the camera and thats about it, im not gonna buy a crap slow phone just because its camera

  • sardar

Hi, I bought new N8, when I connect to OVI Suites it shows that 11.4GB is available out of 14.5GB....Is it normal that they says 16Gb and give 14.5 GB..? or I got defected pieces...? thanks

  • g_nel

where made is this phone, is it china, Korea,Finland?

  • Anonymous

One more question about defective screen: is it already made defective and I can see it when buying the phone, or it can become purplish/reddish after some time using it?

  • Rao

rohit, 21 Mar 2011i am really very much interested in buying this pleas... moreu better try this site bro­hones/nokia-n8-692448/review

  • Sam

I face a camera problem. It was one or many round spot appeared when i taking pictute with flash in distance object (normaly in outdoor). Anybody face that problem?

  • aj2010

sun, 21 Mar 2011Public demand Nokia : 120 gb Harddisk ,4 gb Ram,80 mp cam,3g wit... moreyeah, this shows what people expect from Nokia!
they want PC which makes a call for free too!
let them check out which phone is better thank N8!
we already know this!

  • aj2010

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2011internal memory for storage = 16 GB plus MicroSD ... more16gb+32gb=48, mate
it's Nokia n8!

  • rdca

rohit, 21 Mar 2011i am really very much interested in buying this pleas... more
Yes N8 Screen Defective It has Reddish,Brownies,Purple display the color Not really accurate The dark gray and black color will become reddish,brownish,purple... If you play movie the dark color instead of dark gray,black the color appeared Reddish,Brownies,Color...

If You Really want To Buy N8 this are the things you need to check,

1.) Full to the Maximum level light sensor( Press menu-setting-display)
2.) Set The Midnight Silver Themes, Or Nokia Dark themes
3.) Lock the phone and press the main menu to unlock and the Analog clock shown The Normal Color is pure black...
Note: IF you see the analog clock is half black and half Reddish,brownish,purple( The Screen is defective)...
4.) Look widgets CNN,E,Nat if you see reddish,brownish,purple the screen is defective.
4.) Play the Tron Legacy Movie Trailer the dark gray and black color will look brownish,reddish,purple.
5.) Put the lagoom amoled tester and transfer it on your device the normal color is black and dark gray if you see the brownish,reddish,purple the screen is defective...
6.) Install the Qtorch application the normal color is black but if yo see reddish,brownish,purple the screen is defective...

N8 Is great phone no problem performance is perfect, The Unacceptable is the screen performance(Reddish,Brownish,Purple)... This Problem is from the second batch released N8.... First Batch will not encountered this reddish,brownish,purple display. I Hope will you get a perfect Screen...

  • N8 Lover S

AnonD-4274, 21 Mar 2011let me know about its message memory ..... is it too less [ less... moreThis is NOT a Java phone and don't have limited sms memory. It can save sms until it has memory (believe me, a 160 letter sms only takes 160 Bytes, 1024 Bytes = 1 KB, 1024 KB = 1 MB).
About your second question, if you don't install anything in your phone memory, it is very much okay to handle any kind of programs. Why do you need to install any programs in your phone memory when you have a H-U-G-E mass memory available to do the same? So if you keep your phone memory free, you can do ANYTHING with your phone. Believe me, I play NFS Shift & browse the net (using opera mobile) & kept my contacts & call log on the background, still my phone didn't hang or slowed down. But, when I put the camera on the background as well, it started to slow down a bit. But, who'll be doing that in real life/ (I did it to check my phone's power) Just one suggestion, don't buy the silver ones, they are the ones having more troubles. (I'm using a lemon green from November 11, 2010 & an orange from February 12, 2010. Both are running awesome) Take care.

  • AnonD-698

nokia n8 has
1. 12 mp cameara
3.usb otg
4.touch screen
5.16 gb
6.256 mb ram 512 rom
7.supports all hd games player with nice quality
9.hd recording with auto focus
expandable upto 32 gb
10.nice heavy body structure

what else anyone wants from a mobile handset .everything is available expect symbiam os is older so for symbian os no one can ignore these 10 features

but problems are making people unhappy and making people in doubt whether to buy this handset or not bcoz problems are not minor so nokia should fix issues rather wasting time for next year for windows mobile or nokia should close further sales bcoz no one wants to face problem and issues after buying this n8 ...

3 main problems :-
1.power up/down=problem solved
2.restarting/hanging=not completly solved
3.amoled screen purple reddish=not solved yet.

hope these problem will be fixed soon and after that no 4th problem will occur..

  • jonas

All you android fanboys out there... I'm constantly seeing ' prehistoric symbian, outdated symbian' av used android 2.2, and quite frankly, I wouldn't even trade the symbian^1 on my device for it...

Basic things I take for granted like connection manager, ability to organise apps in folders, pc suite,etc... Oh and lets not forget ovi maps which trumps google maps any day of the week.. The only thing I c in reviews that makes android better than symbian 3 is the web browser and camera ui, and thats hardly enough basis to knock symbian...

  • rohit

i am really very much interested in buying this please tell me how is the over all experince of the phone??what about the screen??is it true that screen on n8 is defected????

  • Liarhaters

n8, 21 Mar 2011autofocus is available in n8...agreed symbian is sure can take micro shot on words from books or whatever small objects you wanna focus.what books is that you can't even take pic? Stop bluffing and find those pics on web. Yah, we want symbian to die from many years ago, and still now nokia keep producing it after they they learnt the truth.

  • geekanoids

I juz simply love this phone nice camera, great features, fluid ui and very useful ovi maps. I can't stop watching movies on it too as it can read anything I throw at it.cheers my first phone of nokia did bring some impression to me :)

  • AnonD-4274

let me know about its message memory ..... is it too less [ less than 1000] ??
please tell me about its internal memory ...not mass memory .....i've heard that its internal memory is too less to handle updates.... and install other things