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  • Anonymous

Do not buy this phone it' s a bundle of junk, i buy two from and the phones would not turn on that' s sad.
i was hoping that nokia would have done a better job with this my last nokia device.

  • Borat

Borat, 22 Mar 2011Can anybody confirm that subtitles in videos doesn't work with t... moreNevermind. Subtitles didn't show up at first, but everything is OK now.

  • Borat

Can anybody confirm that subtitles in videos doesn't work with this new firmware?

  • hadi

i like your specifications very much
but you have not given the price of product
you should give it
bye the way your site is best for mobile product

  • AnonD-4322

can anyone tell which screen confuse more battery TFT, LCD, AMOLED or Super AMOLED in cellphone

  • Mesuto Oshiru

Zephyr, 22 Mar 2011Does anyone know where to find digital compass application for N... moreDigital compass go here :

  • Mesuto Oshiru

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2011HOws everyone finding the new firmware upgrade Just dial this *#0000# it'll show your current firmware select option and then check firmware update. Or go to settings/phone/phone management/device update. And its PR 1.2 btw not 2.0.

  • Mesuto Oshiru

I've just update my N8 to PR 1.2 via ota. What new? Well I'm not sure,but i notice one thing the music player screensaver is workin fine now,no more graphical issues. And the rest I'm not sure,maybe it just bug fixes and some performance improvements since it just minor update. But don't worry as i heard PR 2.0 will out soon following the released of C7/astound. :)

  • Moonkeeper

I just got this phone and it has the purple screen defect. Its very minor, unnoticeable in most of the phone, and worth buying even with the defect.

  • Anonymous

HOws everyone finding the new firmware upgrade

  • shinji

PR 2.0 now @ovi suite! go and update! goodluck!!

  • Zephyr

Does anyone know where to find digital compass application for N8? Or we can't use compass with this N8, whatsoever? Thanks in advance for your useful responses.

  • Anonymous

phone phone its just the rest the will alwa
ys be some nagatives on it just like this one but i think the are more positives than nagatives well done nokia

  • aRJAN

AnonD-4274, 21 Mar 2011let me know about its message memory ..... is it too less [ less... moreit is possible to get 1000 sms in ur inbox but i cant say for sure that it can handle that but ive managed to save 908 sms in my inbox with no problem

  • Anonymous

sardar, 21 Mar 2011Hi, I bought new N8, when I connect to OVI Suites it shows that ... moreThat is perfectly normal. After all, the phone needs some space to put in the preinstalled applications like messaging, contacts, calendar, notes, and many more, right?

  • Zlob

Hiya all,

My N8 also shows a purple tint on the dark gray. It was obvious on the analog clock screensaver, but after update to 13.006 the problem is now only with gray color in the background.

Anyway, I have another problem. When dialing someone, the 'free' tone in the earpiece is badly distorted. No other distortion is audible but it's pretty annoying. Does anybody else have this problem as well?

I don't want to service my phone just for that (or anything else for that matter), so some clumsy and lame guys ruin my phone.

  • Kwarug

Whats new for pr1.2 i updated just now i dnt see any changes for my n8 i thought nokia will release pr2.0. .But whats this they keep us waiting for a good ui that they promise. .Damn nokia

  • adnan

N8 is fantastic phone i am using it about 7 months no complaints battery timings are ow some camera result is out of this world. body is rock solid. in Pakistan is about 40K. but problems is with PROCESSOR it should be about 1 GHZ which is disappointed to users.

  • Omair

I have the display problem(the purple/brown/red thing)
So will this thing will give any problem is future???
People Plzz Reply!!!

  • AnonD-4392

santy, 22 Mar 2011its a very nice phone. i would suggest u to go ahead and buy it.... moreDon't Listen to the complaints... Its a damn good phone.
Buy it.
Its around 23k in Hyderabad.