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  • adkane

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2011yeah lets wait for the updates will miraculously make the proces... moreyour funny.

Apps do need cpu (e.g loading time) and ram (app activities), but they do need hardware acceleration also, especially with qt written apps and games. Thats when the gpu comes in

complain all you want about the processor and ram, but till to date i havent seen any app which doesnt load at all or cause a 'memory full' msg when opened on my n8. So the cpu and ram is sufficient enough. Even stated that putting an cortex a8 into the the n8 (or any other s^3 devices for that matter) would be overkill and power ifficient.

And if you think your post will drive away customers, think again. Go ask any random guy/girl in the street and ask them about their phone hardware. I bet that 89% will not even know a thing about it.

So keep your hate and jealousy to youself cause many of us out there are enjoying our n8

  • deep space bar

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2011yeah lets wait for the updates will miraculously make the proces... moreyou know the update will increase the clockspeed to 750mhz+

n900 used the same clockspeep but different CPU
but N8 has a way better GPU that actually helps out alot so

the N8 is fine

  • Anonymous

This was release a few months only but there thousand of this unit you can find in second hand celpon store. The reason is it has so many o s issues. It freeze, battery issue and many more.

  • Enthusiast

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2011yeah lets wait for the updates will miraculously make the proces... moreHi dude, I don't understand why you have this much hatred to Nokia and N8. If you need to understand what others are saying truly you need to use an N8 for about a month and see.

Light OS not only means that it use up little RAM but also means that it leaves most of the available RAM to other apps. Example N8 has 140-160MB free RAM upon boot depending on the widgets and other programs you load on boot, the exact same amount which is available on 384 MB wildfire. On the other hand HTC desire leaves around 200 MB of its 512 RAM and the advanced (?) multi task handler of android shrinks it to 150MB within an hour or two (without Task killers -and you know the story of Task killers). That basically means all the phones have the same amount of RAM available for the task such as web browsing.

A lot more worthy of critique might be the 256MB memory allowance, which halves what other new phones are coming out with, but again, the argument can be made that Symbian^3 is an inherently more efficient platform and the lower number on the spec sheet doesn't seem to have had a correspondingly negative impact on real world use - extract from Engadget review.

Nothing you talk here seems relevant for the case of N8. N8 browser is bad, it sucks more than the awkward UI. That was the only program that managed to threw me a memory full error when coupled with HD video playback. again opera does the job smoothly.

Honestly Web and the poor implementation of text input are the only drawbacks of N8 for the moment. Nothing in hardware front. It is well accepted that N8 has amazing hardware and It is a well balanced device.

By the way if you don't mind me asking, what phone does you use?

  • Anonymous

S Roy., 31 Jan 2011Please state the screen quality on the Nokia N8,in aspects of re... moreYour questions are already answered in this website. Read the review and this article­541.php

You are done

  • S Roy.

Please state the screen quality on the Nokia N8,in aspects of resolution,viewing angles and sunlight legibility.Also,please state the sound quality and video quality.Is the N8 able to give HD video playback?Please reply friends.

  • Anonymous

When are we getting the PR1.1 update?

NOKIA sucks on updates.

  • Anonymous

i hv heard dat da only demerit of n8 is its non-detachable bttry coz if da bttry strts 2 show any prblm,thn u cant change it n da phone bcomes cripple.Frm dat point of view again c7 is bttr as it hs gt a detachable bttry so aftr buying such costly phone if some days or evn a year later da bttry shows prblm,at least u will b able 2 change it n carry on wid ur i guess,wid n8 u can't do so.wht do u say guys???which one 2 go for.Abt n8 dis is my only worry.thnx in advance.

  • virendra

os of n8 is good so i will buy it

  • ...NIT...

Isha, 31 Jan 2011i'm confused b/w N8 or C7, which one is better..c7 is better. But n8 is surely the best.

  • el greenzo

i just got me a nokia n8.
simply,it's the best phone i ever had/seen.
response if really fast,it's full with cool stuff,and the camera is unbelievable - me and my bro did a little test - i was jumping in a spot, and he was running towards me and took a picture of me.that picture came out like he was standing still,and i was roped to the sealing. all @ 12MP .i couldn't believe it. iphone is no match for this phone at all.

  • Anonymous

Isha, 31 Jan 2011i'm confused b/w N8 or C7, which one is better..N8 is much better.

  • ramesh

Moha, 31 Jan 2011hey why N8 browser is very slow..? its really worst in speed.. p... moreu have to change u r operator service or u r GPRS setting

  • $UNNY@

Dks, 31 Jan 2011Total 7650Thanx buddy..
Actually, I m
little weak in

  • Anonymous

Moha, 31 Jan 2011hi thanks for the update, but c am using opera browser only but ... moreyeah lets wait for the updates will miraculously make the processor into a Cortex A8 an increase the RAM to 4gig.

Or just start acing reality, that Arm11 is very weak and that no OS can make an app use less RAM and processor? Im sory to say that many who post here are so clueless, saying symbian dont need much ram or processor, when its the APPS THAT NEED RAM AND PROCESSOR. Time to realize that lightweight OS cant make a website use less RAM in a browser, only by simplifying can RAM be conserved, in other words use a old WAP browser. That has alway been true and it will still be true after your long awaited miracle updates.

  • Anonymous

Two techniques for linking photos from Facebook to your Symbian^3 contacts!

also write back to Vincent, talk to Jeff about guarantee document

  • Dks

$UNNY@, 31 Jan 2011c7 or n8? With c7 (Rs.18000), u will get- 1.8gb memory. ... moreTotal 7650

  • $UNNY@

If C7 is sexier
N8 is sexiest..!!

  • $UNNY@

smfz, 31 Jan 2011C7 is better ! in terms of price c7 wins...with all the caps of ... morec7 or n8?

With c7 (Rs.18000),
u will get-

1.8gb memory.
2.8mp FIXED
(very bad for taking
close up snaps) focus camera.
3.simple headphone of no use (which comes
with a nokia phone
of Rs.1500).
4.No HDMI cable.
5.USB on the go supoorts only with nokia phones.
6.No USB cable.
7.No HD media accelerator (which
runs HD games or
movies smoothly).
8.No xenon flash.
9.No anodized alumunium body.

"Other features same
as N8."

For all these missing
features and accessories,
you r getting C7 for
Means Rs.5000 cheaper
than N8.

Now have a look
at the figures below
and decide what
to purchase-

1.8gb mmc- Rs.850.
camera- Rs.2500.
3.HDMI cable- Rs.500.
4.USB on the go adapter- Rs.500.
5.WH 701 headphone- Rs.1800.
6.Xenon flash- Rs.500.
7.Anodized alumunium
body- Rs.1000.

Total- Rs.7450.

Now, tell me its
better to invest
Rs.5000 more to
get N8 or would
u like to sacrifice
all these in order
to save Rs.5000?

But one thing u should always
keep in mind,
if u want to use
all the features
of C7, u have purchase
all those accessories
At least a nice headphone,
8gb mmc
and a HDMI cable
that will cost u
Rs.3000 and more.

So, the choice is ur's
N8 or C7..?

  • Moha

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