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  • Mac

Glennuth, 24 Jan 2011Hi Mac, thanks for the advice, In the Spam I only had 3.0MB unde... moreSorry to hear that it didnt work. Try taking it in. Hopefully they can do something for you. Im sure they can. By the way, simple things like a faulty or corrupted memory card, Max internal memory used and 3rd party apps can also cause issues. Try the small things like removing your memory card, free up your internal memory by deleting some stuff and unstalling 3rd party apps too. I hope they fix it for you nevertheless. My memory card caused my phone some problems so i removed it and it works fine now. I think it is corrupted. I will reformat it and try using it again. I had badluck like you too but my current phone works just fine now. Good luck to you and i hope you win!

  • Anonymous

Hey guys,
If u need any kind of help related to N8,
feel free to mail me
u can call me


priyanka, 01 Nov 2010sunny its 22,500 not 23,500O hello..!!
I bought this phone on 7th jan 2011 for Rs.23999 from mobile store. So, from where did u get for Rs.22500..?
Anyways, I just love my n8..!!

  • doyd

hello guys,.i must say ts been 2 very impressive months with my new n8 since ive been jobless lately it gives me all the company i need. . . . .just a slight problem i hard reset it last night and now it cant play mkv files.any idea how to bring it back? And i have downloaded games but upon installation they say they are for devlopment only and may serious hurt my phone,shud i continue


polisabak, 24 Jan 2011i buy an N8.but somehow my phone get viruses.then i formatted my... moreI did the same. I was facing the same problem. I wen to the nokia care, where they kept my n8 for 10-days and finally my n8 is ok. So, u must go to the nokia care. Good-luck.

  • Anonymous

hi, i downloaded ovi maps 3.06 and the map is street, no nothing! just the red dot.. how do i fix? help!

  • yad

hi somebody tell me do u knw next firmfire release date

  • ahmad

n97 is the best. I love you nokia n97.

  • Janus

fhbr, 24 Jan 2011hey guys, how i can watch movies with subtitles in my N8? must b... moreI watch avi files with subs....

  • fhbr

hey guys, how i can watch movies with subtitles in my N8? must be avi files? dvix files? .srt subtitles? please help..thx

  • Anonymous

Any one bought this yet ??

  • Glennuth

cai, 24 Jan 2011To Glennuth, I too have been getting the "memory full"... moreHi glad to hear I'm not the only one having this problem.
Hopefully PR2.0 will fix it with the new browser when its released.

  • Glennuth

Mac, 24 Jan 2011Do me a favour please. Download netqin M.Gaurd for your phone an... moreHi Mac, thanks for the advice, In the Spam I only had 3.0MB under system cache and zero under the other 3 caches, In memory cleaning I have 113.8M/245.1M with the following running: Battery Monitor, messaging, log, clock, contacts, calander, web. and under Auto start apps it says [Empty].
After closing all open apps it said 125.6M/254.1M, and speeded up by 14%.
I've just started teh web browser again and within 3 web pages, google mobile, facebook mobile and then to my inbox it popped up again and closed the browser its off to nokia me thinks, but thanks alot for your help.

  • dara

No, they don't release that soon. This news got from official facebook page.

  • Mac

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2011PR1.1 was to release today...what happened any idea? Still don't... moreDid nokia make that statement on the release day being today? No! So rumours have spread like wild fires but keep checking anyway cos some rumours eventually turn out to be true. I will keep checking too!

  • cai

To Glennuth, I too have been getting the "memory full" message quite often; or lets say more often than I care to have it. I will try what "Mac" advised you to see if it cures the problem.

Let us know if you try his method and the results, I will do the same after I try it.

  • Anonymous

PR1.1 was to release today...what happened any idea? Still don't see any updates...

  • Mac

Glennuth, 24 Jan 2011Hi, is anyone else getting the "Memory full: Close some app... moreDo me a favour please. Download netqin M.Gaurd for your phone and install it. I suspect that you may either have lots of junk hidden as spam, too many auto start-up apps and finally too many apps running in the background. Use the software. After installing. Run the software by firstly doing a os scan. It will scan and then tell you what is wrong. Click on each problem listed and follow instructions. Click also on the clean spam icon. Then click on the memory cleaning icon. A list would pop-up with all the running apps that you cannot normally see. Close all apps running except metadata. If you close that, your phone wont run properly! Dont stress if you do however accidentally close it. Its just that it is one of the auto start-up apps that i dont know how to restart! The only way to get it back is by restarting the phone. The phone wont break if you do close it. Closing the messages, clock, log etc doesnt mean that it switches them off completely. They still work but they are'nt minimised like they were before. You'd still receive sms's etc as normal but your ram and phone speed drastically improves. Try it and let me know. If that fails...then onto plan B...when i work it out!!

  • Anonymous

Fragmentation, 24 Jan 2011I just bought the Nokia N8 U.S edition and I will tell you... th... morelook man i can see that you love the N8 just like i did, so go ahead and download the opera mobile browser, and feel the real speed of the internet!!!!

  • Anonymous

i don't know why nokia didn't give chat services in this phone like yahoo chat,g talk...but i really like that phone