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  • Riaz

I plannin to buy one, I like to know whether we can use skype and nimbuzz, and also the internet calling softs on this phone. my current N95 8gb sserves the purpose now

  • Ariv

Charles, 25 Jan 2011My sis bought N8 on 23/01/2011 and the phone cannot turn on 25/0... moreOUTDATED!!!!!!

by God what do you want it to do a striptease for you

can you please explain what is outdated supposed to mean have you actually used this phone for real???

  • Anonymous

i want this fone but cant decied wheather to get this or the mozart or the samsung google nexus which should i get

  • rdca

PR 1.1 its delay again?

  • Anonymous

10 things you didn't know about Nokia:­ngs-you-didn%e2%80%99t-know-about-nokia/

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

trebphil, 25 Jan 2011if you can download apps in N8, can you download anti virus as well?Sure you can,there some anti virus like Kaspersky,netqin and F-secure.

  • Anonymous

For N8 mods,apps and games go here :­amp;daysprune=30&f=916 (No spam,but you have to sign up first)

  • trebphil

if you can download apps in N8, can you download anti virus as well?

  • Aaron

N8 has the best sound quality among all phones that I've used. I mean sound quality coming from the 3.5mm jack. It's even better than the N91 which I also have. N91's just louder but there are some distortion while N8's sound output is just perfect. All sound elements can be heard clearly and bass is fuller. The only issue with N8 is it can't play some of my WMA files. I hope this issue gets resolved on the next firmware update.

  • sun


How are you sunny ,

Its good to know that you posted your mail ID for any help ,

i Have small query i purchasedthis n8 under impression that it will be better music then 5800 wher i can use Power mp3 player to listen which is awsome player here in n8 there is no mp3 player supports and even we cant modifiy equalizer settings according to our own choice u have any idea to this side,,,kindly share

  • sun

SUNNY, 25 Jan 2011Hey, Dont worry, mine is also of the same manufacturing month. ... morethanks sunny ,keep sharing these tips will be helpfull to love more to n8 :) i was tried many times to dim light but again it will coming to bright mmmmmmmm

  • anshu

SUNNY, 25 Jan 2011O hello..!! I bought this phone on 7th jan 2011 for Rs.23999 fr... morehey i got it on 2nd jan 2011 for rs.22100 from ezone.
there was instant cashback offer of 6% on the total amount on standard chartered cards.
i was lucky..........

  • Charles

My sis bought N8 on 23/01/2011 and the phone cannot turn on 25/01/2011 (3 days only). Will sent to Nokia Care Centre to repair. Hopefully can get replacement.

As for the Symbian OS 3, really out dated compared to Android, iOS and WP7. The Symbian developer need to work hard to improve it.

  • Sachin

Prince078, 24 Jan 2011Hi everyone.. I have been using this phone since last 3 months a... moreCan u please share from where did u get mod v4 plese

  • new user of n8

SUNNY, 25 Jan 2011Hey, Dont worry, mine is also of the same manufacturing month. ... morehey sunny tnx for the reply.i will do that.ok we are same version is it belong in second batch???and can i know what is your latest update coz mine not about you??and how many days the battery life of your n8???anyway tnx a lot again sunny.

  • time-maker

  • blue n8

best i have so far.. i had a samsung galaxy s last year and i sold it due to its very large size i can't text using one hand.. i might drop its so large.. and i cant even text while walking nyaahaha.. n8 is much better simple and powerful camera.. ive waited to have a phone that have a xenon flash a capacitive touch screen, a good music player like ipod touch, large internal memory at optional to insert a micro sd card.. over all n8 is the best phone i ever used and have today.. ive used htc desire hd all big screen phone.. 4 inch above.. but to hard to used big phones.. im sticking to 3.7 inch below.. hahaha n8 has 3.5inch.. hmmm.. another thing guys try to update ur n8.. not the PR or software version.. but the avalable apps update.. it will make your n8 more faster.. the midnight themes are very attractive my fav is the aqua theme.. lol.. maybe nxt month im planning to buy a c7 for my other sims hahahah..


why, 25 Jan 2011guys where can i download free games..movies and music videos fo... moreHey,
U can download
all youtube videos
games from-
ovi store 'or'


new user of n8, 25 Jan 2011hi i bought n8 yesterday can you help me how to increase the bat... moreHey,
Dont worry, mine is also of the same manufacturing month.
To increase N8 battery life, u may try these simple steps-
(1) Fully charge the phone
before u first put it to use.
(2) At the top right corner of the N8,
just touch the screen,
u will get some icons,
after that u need to
touch the BATTERY icon,
there is an option
'activate power saving mode' ,
select it and see the results.