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  • Mac

bullzeye, 16 Jan 2011damn now you are just making me more restless. i dont mind the ... moreGone 2 months now and i still cant get enough of this phone. Its like stuck to my hand! This is such a good phone! Btw, my friend just called and said that the n8 is now R4000. He must be really desperate to sell. The phone is still sealed in the box!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Apps installation = Nokia did it before Apple, HTC,Samsung, LG... you name it.
Who is copying who?

  • Anonymous

Nokia where's the update? whats keeping you so long?

  • timothytate

got my n8 about 4days now great fone i love it. however id like to know how to use the xenon light while recording instead of the red light that comes on while shooting videos.

  • Mac

[deleted post]What? Did you forget all the patent infringements going on between these companies? Like the iphone invented video calling? Like they invented multiple folders? They invented the micro sd slots (oh they dont have that yet). They invented bluetooth file transfer. They invented the flash integration in the mobile industry(wait, they cant do that too). Nobody is saying nokia invents all of these. Android doesnt even invent hardware, just software. Others just use it on their phones. Apple use lots of tech from others. So does nokia, se, lg, moto etc. Infact a lot of tech is supplied by sammy. What does that mean? Phones are not advancing but just copying sammy's tech? Thats so not true. Sammy supplies tech to others because they are cheaper to manufacture it in say korea than to setup a company specifically to say, make a screen. BTW where was android and apple when the phones where 1st released? So the platforms were outlaid a long time ago and they just copied the tech and built on it. They still dont know the basic and fundimentals of say integrating a antenna but they will fix it using someone elses learnings and then you'd still say that nokia are not innovative? Please grow up and think about it, the other phone manufacturers would be nothing without say what nokia did for them initially to keep them afloat all these years and until google came along and threw them another lifeline and then they all scurried of like parasites to the new feeding ground. Take android away and they are dead in the water.

  • mark percy

Mac, 15 Jan 2011The arc is an awesome phone! I really think they did a fantastic... moreit's really true,i luv this phone more than i ever luv my other's a well rounded phone,from music,movies,camera,connectivity others who were not able to try this phone.try it!

  • Anonymous

hai its fine phone

  • The Big Guy

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  • faisal

by far the best phone in the market with the best specifications....
camera: 12mp with powerful LED flash (as good as a digital cam)
OS: symbian^3 (the best symbian version till date)
CPU: 680 Mhz with 3D graphics accelerator lets u enjoy the best games with ultimate 3D experience.
GPRS: class33 (no other phone comes with it)
Gorilla scratch resistant glass and aluminum casing makes it almost UNBREAKABLE!!

thers absolutely no reason to argue against this latest edition from nokia!!!

  • sks

mohit, 16 Jan 2011As N8 plays all widely used audio and video formats. but Still ... morethanks a lot..

  • bullzeye

Mac, 16 Jan 2011The speaker is loud but it is a mono one. Still loud though. Tha... moredamn now you are just making me more restless.
i dont mind the mono speaker, you only hear stereo when the phone is near your face with each speaker pointed in the other direction.

that is just so much great stuff that you can do!!

i cant wait for the phone

  • Anonymous

guys tell me the sound of n8 is better than iphone or previous nokia n95 8gb and n73...i am hearing that it has only one speaker back so howzz quality of music sound....

  • bullzeye

David893, 16 Jan 2011I'm looking for the same kind of device. But all the latest SE ... moreyea, they always have the softest loudspeakers its iritating.

i am waiting for my n8, it should be here this week, i cant wait fort this weekend!

i dont mind the thickness and i think xenon is great coz i got bad experience with dual led flash, it only lights the middle circle. lol

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]So who incorporated the worlds first internal antenna onto the phones: Nokia.

Who came up with smartphones: Nokia.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]motorola made first mobile device so everyone is copying motorola then

  • wasim

hay guys can any one help me for nokia n8 wt abt music and battery backup???..

  • shubhang

I am using both nokia n8 and n900 but i like the speed of n8 comapre to n900

  • Anonymous

But now I really don't know what happened to Nokia, still no software updates! they're using 'only' 350MB of RAM in X7 as I heard which is the latest Nokia phone!! still no news about MeeGo!!! apps didn't grow as fast and big as WP7!!!!

what's happening?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2011nokia store in robinsons manila. I have bought mine PHP 24,999.Thanks for the info... Why is it that n8 blue is sooo expensive here in the Philippines???

regarding warranty, if the unit is bought from another country, do the nokia care here entertain unit replacements even though the unit is bought from another country?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Nokia has very very long experience in communications quality way before all others appeared in smartphone arena.