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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]smartphone : nokia did it before apple and android. So who is the copycat

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Frank, 16 Jan 2011I have it and they ain't laggy,why do u say such a lie? NFS isn'... moreWell anyway it's only mobile game,for serious gaming use pc or buy ps3 or xbox360. :-)

  • Anonymous

Frank, 16 Jan 2011I have it and they ain't laggy,why do u say such a lie? NFS isn'... moreDude don't get me wrong,I'm not saying its laggy like hell,i said it just not fully optimized for N8 get it?. Raging thunder 2 is awesome agree with that, but asphalt is worst and full of bug i almost finish this game but somehow when i play it again all my cars and and level is gone..anyone face same problem or it just me? Gt racing or grand tourismo wannabe is fine but I'm just sick of another racing game,Hawx is nice game but i'm not very good pilot. i just want developer made game that fully optimized the power of N8 and not just lazy port from other device.

  • mohit

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2011Not 5500, An N8 page in Facebook has 109700 fans. http://www.... morethanks for updated information

  • mohit

Nokia N8: How To Set
Up and Edit Multiple

Home Screens The Nokia N8 is one of the best Nokia
devices we’ve ever seen, and the Symbian ^3 operating system offers
loads of new features. One of those is
the ability to use multiple home
screens. Flick your finger to the right or left on
your Nokia N8 ′s home screen, and the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s more than one home screen. There’s three in fact – a feature new to Symbian ^3. You can set up any kind of shortcut for
these different home screens – from icons to launching apps, to shortcuts
and bookmarks to the internet.

are also loads of widgets available for
the Nokia N8, letting you carry out
social networking, stream video clips
and much more. To get started, either tap and hold
down the part of the screen that you
want edit, or tap Options and Edit
Home Screen. As soon as you do this,
the screen will become darker, and
you’ll be able to move icons around and add more. To remove an existing widget, simply
tap it and then click Remove. It ’s just as easy to add a replacement, or a
widget to any of the other home
screens. Simply tap on an empty part
of the screen (indicated by a +
symbol), and you’ll be taken to the Widget Catalogue. There are loads of different widgets to
choose from – if you simply want to add icons to launch apps then click on
Shortcuts. Once you’ve picked your widget, click Done, or add another. To
choose which shortcut launches
which application, tap the shortcut
widget, and press Settings. Then
assign the app you want. You can do this for all three home
screens – press the button in the middle at the bottom to switch
between the home screens when
editing. Using this method, you can
assign different pages for different
occasions – a work home page, for instance, or one for your social
networking and gaming.

  • Anonymous

mohit, 16 Jan 2011WOW 10 million mark of daily interest. I know you all know tha... moreNot 5500, An N8 page in Facebook has 109700 fans.

  • mohit

WOW 10 million mark of daily interest.
I know you all know that N8 made a
history and still making it.

The first
phone to reach a mark of 10 million

almost 30,000 comments,

159,000 votes,and


I guess N9 will be a more famous
phone. N9 will continue N8
domination. Nokia will surely make a loud bang
during the MWC.

  • mohit


~ click on Settings, and
go to Themes.

~Click on General, and
pick the theme you want to use. Once
you’ve done this,

~click on Options, Animated
Background and On.

~click on Theme Effects, and turn that
on as well. Then head back to your homescreen.
You’ll need to change the background to the default theme setting, so

on Options and Edit Home Screen.

~ click on Options, followed by
Default Wallpaper. Instead of displaying your own photograph, the
wallpaper will now be set to the
default theme setting. This only effects
one of your three

you can always leave your photographs on the others, or
change all three so they’re the same. Animated backgrounds are now good
to go.

The subtle colours highlight the
widgets really well, and the
background colour constantly
changes – in my case from teal to black, and back again.

The menu is
also updated slightly,
changing the way it appears when
you click the menu button Instead of
just appearing, there’s now a subtle transformation between homescreen
and menu, with the colours adjusting
gradually. Even though it offers the
same functionality, it looks fantastic.

  • mohit

sks, 16 Jan 2011guys,please help me to find some codec packs compatible for n8.... moreAs N8 plays all widely used audio and video formats.
but Still formats like asf,mpg,fac cant be played.

so, download core codec player for N8 and other S^3 phones.


  • Frank

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2011For me so far the best hd game on N8 is NFS and spiderman. Most ... moreI have it and they ain't laggy,why do u say such a lie? NFS isn't the best graphic there are better graphic games liek ranging thunder 2,GT racing and Asphalt5.Anway, HAWX can show u how its graphic rocks noobie liar.

  • mohit

Grbic, 16 Jan 2011Can i know that, where can we free download the FIFA 2010 and Fi... moreFOOTBALL 2010 HD For N8 and S^3 Phone.

from ur native browser,

please subscribe to RSS feed before downloading.

All games r free even angry birds also.
you can download 2010 football HD FOR N8.




  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2011best symbian3 games ssassins’s Creed HD Like its console cou... moreFor me so far the best hd game on N8 is NFS and spiderman. Most of game is laggy coz it just port from Iphone and not fully optimized for N8,i wish Nokia could convince some developer to made exclusive game for N8. Has anyone play the big role in paradise made by idreams? It look pretty good even on device with no gpu accelerator like 5800 xpressmusic.

  • Anonymous

I have been a more than happy N8 user for 3 months.
I am still loving it days by days even though there really are some irritating bugs needed to be fixed.
But i really thank God that i am not like some user who need to return their N8 to service center.
These bugs just nothing major. Well, no phone are completely bug free anyway.

The camera is just awesome even in low light condition.
The video recording is just as awesome. The audio recorded is so good in quality even in loud and noisy area like karaoke.

The user interface is ok for me. Personally i like symbian's homescreen more than IOS and Windows Phone 7. Symbian^3 allow me to switch themes easily and i do it like once a week. It looks fresh like i have a new phone every week.

I took loads of video, photos and copied loads of videos into the 16gb memory. It is just really convenience. I also really love the USB-OTG features which allow me to watch movie on my 8gb thumbdrive.

The radio transmitter function also really cool and works really good with my creative speakers.

OVI maps also help me a lot because im really bad in direction.

Oya.. one thing i cannot or rather choose not to live without is the basic radio function.

All in all, i love my N8 so much.
Its in blue color btw :)

  • mohit

gitty, 16 Jan 2011where can I get youtube videos in mp4 format ? isn... more1)

  • mohit

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2011When will the PR2 release?on feb 14 at mwc in barcelona

  • Anonymous

When will the PR2 release?

  • Grbic

Can i know that, where can we free download the FIFA 2010 and FiFA Manager 2010 for NOkia N8. it is only for certain country to get free download. Thanks

  • gitty

where can I get youtube videos in mp4 format ? isnt working !

  • gitty

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2011N8...i dont know bout you all but my phone's death for just buy... moremy 2n8s were .4m 1st batch,faulty ! After that my 3rd n8 is 4m 2nd batch,itz perfect,no issues ! They took 20days to send it ! Keep waiting

  • Anonymous

best symbian3 games

ssassins’s Creed HD
Like its console cousin Assassin’s Creed HD puts players in control of Altair on a quest of assassination, quests and mystery, accompanied by some great mobile graphics.

Monopoly Classic HD
Electronic Arts’ mobile version of Monopoly is just like the real thing, complete with the same original locations, tokens and rules of the popular and much-loved board game.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD
Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD gives players the freedom to use Spider-Man’s web-slinging powers to save New York from a flurry of super-villains out to spread a deadly virus, in this frenzied Ovi Store action game.

James Cameron’s Avatar HD
Players take the role as Ryan Lorenz in a story that has you taking on the tole of am experimental hman-Na’vi hybrid, known as an Avatar. Will you save the Na’vi, who you see as your own? Will you work with the humans to destroy their world? That’s the conundrum facing players in this rather good mobile Ovi Store title. See our review of it here.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. HD
In Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. HD your role is simple: rid the world of terrorists. You do so by taking the reigns of a fully armed jet fighter equipped with powerful missiles, and hopefully some clever piloting skills. You’ll need them to dig past a sky full of enemies.