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  • Janus

bullzeye, 14 Jan 2011how much airtime do you use in a month, excluding the calls etc ... moreI just checked the bundles, I suggest 100mb for basic use. Here is the link:


Copy to your browser and change the 'xx' with 'tt'.

  • Anonymous

him, 13 Jan 2011which update. Please tell me . For which it availab... moreThere is an update called Apps Update 1.0. You can get it from SW Update, I hope it is up for all market. It wont show up in firmware update (*#0000#)and not what we were expecting and it is not the PR 1.1. My phone still says PR 1.0 after the Update. It may be a pre update for PR 1.1,it increases the stability and overall speed. Home screen switching speed has increased, Theme effect animations are snappier than before and the search is improved. It may contain some other bug fixes. Waiting for the PR 1.1..

  • Janus

bullzeye, 14 Jan 2011how much airtime do you use in a month, excluding the calls etc ... moreWell, smatphones are really dependant on the intenet. If you are going to download songs and apps (remember you get 6 month unlimited downloads from ovi) and games especially is huge (around 80mb)then the more the merrier. But then again, its up to your own personal use..

Remember I told you that I have a 300mb bundle on? Well, my dear friends at mtn failled to include it in my contract, so what happend was that I only used airtime for about 4 to 5 days and I downloaded songs and weather app, I had about 3 outgoing calls (I sms more, but I have a bundle for that)and it used round about R42. Bundels are way cheeper..

I hope this helps and that you get your phone real quick!

I also got the three small updates as well, as I recall two were app related and the other new midnight themes..

  • maruko

awesome phone with full multimedia capabilities. One of the most "superb" features is the usbtogo. Coonect to N8 pendrives and hard disks :) u can browse from the phone,take files and play them ^_^ It has also HDMI ,so u can connect to ur tv and enjoy movies at 720p ^_^ not bad right? There are a lot of applications not just the iphone but all the main applications exist like skype , swype ,etc ^_^ More and more updates make this phone even better. Now it is just released the PR 1.1 that rocks and soon we expect PR2.0 that will have +50 features and changes in OS and UI. Also it has Gorillas screen so u can relax with ur screen and dont expect to break every drop like iphone ^_^ These are the best features that made me buy this phone :) Absolutely happy to have it. Iphone is too fragile ,android os is too messy for now (in 1-2years itll dominate).If u like multimedia then this phone is a must ^_^

  • bullzeye

Janus, 14 Jan 2011I am really glad that I have this phone, because its like the la... morehow much airtime do you use in a month, excluding the calls etc

and what data bundle do you rate i should get?
75mb? or more?

looking forward to my phone next weekend

  • Anonymous

This phone has a non responsive screen, and the resolution is horrible. Any HTC, Motorola, or Apple phone is better. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Any American phone kills this one

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2011Guys I am having a problem? previously I was using facebook and... moreunistall on the apps section. then run an update. social will be there. it doesnt matter because once you re install it, it will say the same thing. contact nokia.

  • Janus

I am really glad that I have this phone, because its like the last N-series phone that has SymbianOS. To me its the epitome of what Symbian can be like with decent support and the hardware specs that makes everyone look twice.. Now NOKIA is making their MeeGo N-Series phones and in two years, when its time to get a new phone, they would have perfected MeeGo.

I think I might be going crazy.. but loving every second of it with my N8 XD

  • him

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2011why nokia havent choosed maemo for there phones it would have be... moreaccording to tomia honen-the best mobile industry guru in nov 2010 said "if any OS has the capability to reach masses is the symbian".
Nokia made phones for all type of symbian is open source and linux based it is best suited for masses.
maemo is develop by nokia in jan 2009 and after that nokia and intel made a joint agreement to develop the best os in the world for mobile,computer,super computer,car system,navigation and astronomy and its work started in may 2009.

The new os is called meego.mee from maemo and go from goblin(intel os)
Nokia said that now N8 was last handset in Nseries portfolio and from now all Nseries will have meego os.
Now all high end phones with no.9 as suffix will feature meego os.
Like N9 coming in MWC.

  • him

boda, 13 Jan 2011can please taell me n8 is good or not good befor i buy this phon... moreIts the best phone ever built by nokia.
Undoubtly go for N8.
U will just love it with its alluminium body and powerful multimedia feature.
U can read people post here and 90% said that phone is awesome.
Now the initial restarting of N8 has also been solved with previous.update.
And further a new update is also coming.
choose orange colour.
Its a cool and unique colour .only N8 has orange colour.

  • him

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2011This mobile is great! One of my best buys ever. And today just g... morewhich update.
Please tell me .
For which it available for India.

  • Anonymous

This mobile is great! One of my best buys ever. And today just got a new update making it faster. And... Waiting for the next firmware update which should be soon.

  • Old Is Gold

The Best Two Mobile Phones In Mraket Nokia N8 & BlackBerry Torch.

  • kumar

em usin' X6 , wanna switch over to C6 or N8 . the reason y i dn't want C6 cuz it's behind N8 in camera but go for it cuz it's slim which em actually lukin for .... i dislike N8 cuz it's not slim and z like a heavy device .......
confused a lot which one to opt ??????? help me :-/

  • Anonymous

boda, 13 Jan 2011can please taell me n8 is good or not good befor i buy this phon... moreMan the phone is not great...its awesome!! you can notice a high quality in everything on it...a superb 12mp cam...flawless built, very responsive touchscreen...great gps...great wi-fi connection..high quality can buy it with your eyes closed..its by far the best choice on the market..its my first nokia and im loving it! i bet that if you rather another phone, you'll be deep regret later...the n8 is the top phone today...dont listen to the android lovers..their are jealous! :P

  • boda

can please taell me n8 is good or not good befor i buy this phone please thx please repply me

  • deep space bar

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2011They delayed the n8 origunally to get it right,yeah right it sti... moreit might be a pain now but
look we waited for the N8 and when it came out

it gave the world a strong impression about nokia and they are planning to do now with symbian and their company

i'm glad i actually got this phone

i've given my sister my digi cam and am taking mad pics and video with my N8
i'm even using the stock browser more since it's alot better
which is good
and the minor update yesterday actually helped out even more
can't wait for the full PR1.1 and 2.0

  • AlirezA

Whether N8 supports from Symbian 60.v5?

  • Anonymous

Pandora sort of application for the N8!­-streaming-music-can-it-fill.html