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  • Anonymous

Rocket Singh, 09 Jan 2011This N8 is the last 'n-series' gadget to run on symbian OS (S^3)... moreI don't believe Symbian 3 will be phased out. If u have some proof, please show it here.

Makes no sense to phase out Symbian 3 as its the most stable OS with great battery life and Symbian has been around for 8 years.

  • Compound

thainese, 08 Jan 2011lately i've been getting Memory full close some other applicatio... moreI dont know why, n8 has alot of RAM, i sometimes experience that on my n78 and by clearing history, catche, deleting cookie on opera mobile seems to solve the problem, give it a try.

  • Anonymous

Janus, 09 Jan 2011Im from SA too and my n8's software version is 011.012 (2010.0... moreWell,according to the v nr is the second batch. But the time of your purchase says it should be from the first. Did anyone update it after you bought it?

  • aaron

guys kindly post the direct link of swype compatible for nokia n8.thanks.

  • Thainese

Thx To all of you who replied to my post, I just downloaded opera mini 5.1 beta 2nd version, and it worked flawlessly page loads much quicker too, now I really want to see is the new browser update

  • yash

hey guys can you pls tell me which vedio formats Nokia n8 will support? I m facing some issues with vedio player?
And i am not able to delete one vedio file also..In my PC/In my N8?
Pls help me out?


i love its features..since im really a photoholic it really fits gonna buy this when i'll become a CPA

  • Janus

bullzeye, 08 Jan 2011on a side note i have been reading this page a long while now. ... moreIm from SA too and my n8's software version is
011.012 (2010.09.18)so is it from the first batch or second? My n8 works great though...

  • Mbavhi

thainese, 08 Jan 2011lately i've been getting Memory full close some other applicatio... morego and get you device up dated. Have my n8 for a couple of weeks now. And all is well. Or try using an earlier version of of opera.

  • Rocket Singh

This N8 is the last 'n-series' gadget to run on symbian OS (S^3).
All future n-series phones will be meego based (until Nokia finds something even better than that).
But N8's PLC (product life cycle) gonna be longer than N97 for sure. Latter was phased out from the market even before it could celebrate its 1st birthday properly.
The point of telling all this is that this is the right time to buy N8 because N9 is still far away. You won't feel disappointed like i felt when I got my N 97 mini barely one month before N8 hit the shelves. Only if i could have waited...

  • ryan

can anyone tell me there will be a playstation1 emulator for n8?symbian^3?

  • Sasuke

agusforthebest, 09 Jan 2011go to there is discount up to 65% fot premiu... moreTy m8, already in the site... :P
I think this was the only serious app that missed from n8, a good document editor.

@ anonymous

Ty for reply, realy helpful answer. :)

  • bokha

hey ppl r d S^3 devices includin N8 gettin a S^4 update i.e. A meego update? M desprate to buy a N8 and meego compatibility or even getin some features like its UI wood b enuf to convince ne1. And y is d most trusted mobile brand wasting time in releasing updates i noe NOKIA dosnt do things in haste, bt den it could b a bit early, and why should N8 users wait so long 4 exploitin S^3 at d fullest, i noe S^3 is more capable den its current state. Bt Nokia noes wts best 4 their customers and will/should/atleast give it a try to release updates on time

  • Anonymous

NOKIA PEOPLE! Revolutionize your devices and OS or get overrun by other devices nowadays look outdated even in their new release when compared to other brands like samsung and SE...learn from motorola's mistakes

  • agusforthebest

Sasuke, 08 Jan 2011Super excited with my new Dark-Grey N8!!! Do u m8s know any g... morego to there is discount up to 65% fot premium office software(view, edit and create new document)

  • Anonymous

Looking for a replacement for my samsung wave, tried n8, very nice camera but thats the only nice thing on n8. Ui is boooring. Slow as hell. Will stick with my samsung wave until such time i find a better fone. Maybe an Android device...

  • prince

thainese, 08 Jan 2011lately i've been getting Memory full close some other applicatio... moreits not your handset problem.just switch to older version of opera mobile.

  • Anonymous

Gitty, 09 Jan 2011Whatz the type of screen protector which already comes with N8 ?It is kind of a Clear screen protector, but it actually not a commercially available screen protector and it is a part of the Nokia N8 packaging material. I said it is a clear screen protector because it is clear and gloss, i found it producing a bluish tint in my display and i removed it as soon as i got the phone (I never considered it as a screen protector ) so i can't comment a lot there because i have no big experience with it (may be 5 - 10 mins).

  • Rick

this one word pretty much sums up the whole of the nokia n8. it is an absolute brilliant phone engineered to almost perfection. The physical design, and the super glowing AMOLED screen is brilliant for playing HD games, movies and the LOT.
The responsiveness has not been a problem at all, unlike other Nokia phones which i have used.
However i feel that the features of the N8 are not being used to the full extent by nokia. although they have produced such an elegant phone, the lack of apps within the OVI store is an evident problem. this operating system is new in the market, but needs to be well presented to other companies to generate interest to make apps (including games) for the Symbian^3 OS...
why has apple been so successful in making people and companies want to produce application, is what has lead to the success of their phone.
Over all, it is a masterpiece of a phone, but its full features need to be taken advantage of to ensure that it becomes the success it deserves!

  • Gitty

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011Ok, Gorilla glass needs no screen protector, but there are numbe... moreWhatz the type of screen protector which already comes with N8 ?