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Nokia N85

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  • karl

.n85 is the succesor of n81?or no?.i guess..

  • karl

.hi,again nokia users..isn't it that scratches is normal for a n81 phone?coz mine is alot of scratch at the me.i wil thank you if you help me

  • visius

How to auto rotate the nokia n85????

  • www.

problems with my wifi not connecting to my net at home

really annoying me as this is such a great phone

  • steveg

Ive had this phone since it came out, and its the most reliable phone i've ever had. all my sony ericsson phones froze up the 1st month i had them (G900, k850i, W960i, k800i). The OLED screen creates a perfect image. The gaming is the best in the market. Great camera usability for people who take lots of pics/vids and post them on facebook,blogs,ovi,etc. Surfing the web is easy and the Realplayer app for playing videos on intenet and tv is decent. the 5mp and carl zeiss lens are a great combo for crisp and clear pix! A high megapixel camera is nothing if the lens are crap. You would just have a high megapixel of blur. the camera zoom is not as slow as other reviews claim it to be. the speakers still sound pretty good whe playing music at max volume. The single speakers my k850, and G900 were a bit clearer and not as fuzzy as the 2 on the N85. This is a solid phone because it never freezes up and its quick and easy to navigate thru the phone. I've never owned any other Nseries. This is my first one, and i am completely satisfied!

  • rwfg

MAYA- i am a shopkeeper in brent cross...come see me if you want ;) & i do get commission from phones but i get the same amount for all new SE (c905,x1) or samsung (f490,innov8) HTC, Palms etc etc not to mention all nokias such as N series and 5800 XM

so i could try and promote all of them but i am not, just this1- i am shocked with the great ability and slickness it has

you are right- ellen is the only 1 who can read your text messages- i had only tried her and as there is an option to change i presumed....

and most of the ngage games are demos but it is easy to download most takes a minute. plus you should get tokens with the phone to download games and music free for a period?

for me it feels the slickest and smallest with all the best features rolled into one. ive never really been this excited over a phone which may sound a bit sad but until they make this even smaller,xenon 8mp i will not change for anything

plus i am a nokia man so each to their own. also dont get me wrong every nokia is fab..i just think this is their best to date (unless you like touch phones- then go for 5800 which is good but cant compare to apple)

  • MAYA

rwfg, 29 Jan 2009ok so i just got this a few days ago. i also have a c905 and a n... morehey RWFG u r a Shop Keeper & u always want to buy ur device so i think u always say is good is perfect but i have N85 no game in this phone goto the N-Gage website & download try version not full & only 1 voice have in read msgs menu not several


Anonymous, 29 Jan 2009actually in reality its a wannabe n95 with worthless fm transmit... moreWHEN YOU said this it proves you know nothing about n85. i repeat,nothing. n85's camera is better,thaN n95, n85 also has 85mb more memory than n95 8gb. the screen is so much better as you can see it is an also does not hang so easily. but its okay tis okayo be jeolous coz n85 really is good. but n95 is okay too. just not as good as n85.

  • Sean

i this phone a good phone i might buy it what do you think about the camera or should i just wait for the nokia n97 please awnswer thanx

  • Germaine

rwfg, 29 Jan 2009ok so i just got this a few days ago. i also have a c905 and a n... morehi there, may i know about how many days can the battery stands before it runs out? thx..

  • N85

rwfg, your eval is perfect.

  • Anonymous

Just got my N85, OLED is nice but somehow doesnt look as nice as on my 8800 arte, i wonder why, but overall im liking this phone better.

  • rwfg

ok so i just got this a few days ago. i also have a c905 and a n82 as i work in a phone shop

hands down the best nokia to date.

n gage gaming wow- it comes with fifa08,wsopker,tetris and 5others- the screen is so crisp its like playing a playstation. it also has 2way slider for great gameplay.

internet is so fast and easy- WIFI yesssss finally

camera= perfect. i tested the dark shots as we have some haters on here but it works perfect- 5mp. no xenon but hey buy a camera if your that fussed

-several different voices can read out your text messages if ur too lazy to read- or driving

-slider is pretty sturdy and again those haters dont own one clearly

-bbc i player - i mean on the go skyplus for bbc! im currently watching match of the day from last night

- great video centre and perfect videos

- music player is now set up like the ipod and crispest sound ever

i could go on forever but let me finish by saying .... all this stuff above and the same easy layout of a nokia

what more could you want?

sorry did i mention easy to use sat nav?


  • nokia king

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2009i have used it and they are made in china do your research, noki... moreoi tht is racistism
whts wrong with made in CHina!!!
98% of the stuff in the world is made in China!!!
Why dont u go back to the stone age then!!!

  • Nokia King

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2009loose slider loose back cover loose camera loose keypad loos... morei think u really need to fix your mind mate!!!

  • Mokia king

I think the N85 is a really good phone!!
Best N serice so far!!
I hav a N96 it always freezes no gd no gd!!
strongly recommonted N85!!!!
is real gd!!!!
trust me

  • N85

To Maya
Try Pager mode it should work better for massaging and call vibrate.

To China guy:
Flip your computer key board and see where it's made. get over the China thing. they make 90% of your tec.

I really don't think you have an N85. It's not perfect but it's a great phone. It's not a replacement for N95. Just another great phone from Nokia.

It's processor is faster in real life than N95. I have both. it's software is nicer than N95. N95 wins in it's speakers and masculine design.

  • MAYA

i m using N85 last few days but i have problem, i hope k anyone know k how i solve this n the problem is that k when i switch my cell to Silent profile so its only vibrate when new msg comming not call i already on vibration in Silent profile menu but it cant vibrate when someone call me only it vibrate when msg come not call, so plzz help me how can i activate vibration mood at Silent profile in comming call

  • Anonymous

elegant....but....loose!....i gave it 5 minutes and couldnt get over how loose it was. Not a big fan of the buttons, but make this phone solid like my n95

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2009i have used it and they are made in china do your research, noki... moreand what if they're made in china. the factories in china are still managed by nokia standards.