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Nokia N85

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  • Anonymous

i have used it and they are made in china do your research, nokia flagship store in new york and chicago will tell you the same thing call them yourself, n85-3, and n96-3......... made in china

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2009actually in reality its a wannabe n95 with worthless fm transmit... moreif u really used the n85 you would realize how amazing it is!

  • Anonymous

BLAZE, 23 Jan 2009hey frndz can anyone pleaze advize me which phone should i BUY :... moren79 blaze... m usin it now and its wickedly great!

  • choxz

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2009loose slider loose back cover loose camera loose keypad loos... moreare u really using N85?... or just a copy cat?... if so, trash ur fon!....hahaha... switch to n79...much better

  • Anonymous

N85 must have !!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2009actually it's a nokia n95 with fm transmitter, oled display, nav... moreactually in reality its a wannabe n95 with worthless fm transmitter with a lot of static, oled display that you wont see when the sun is out, navi wheel that is 100% garbage, battery in reality is no different than n95, better build quality my ass ( made in china) over priced piece of crap stick with your n95 you will just go back to it anyway guaranteed. n85 is a downgrade to n95 trust me and the thousands of bad reviews most of it is true

  • Anonymous

nick, 29 Jan 2009it's just an n95 with a fm transmitter isnt it?actually it's a nokia n95 with fm transmitter, oled display, navi wheel, fp2, better battery, dual led, sleeker design. better build quality(my unit)

  • nick

it's just an n95 with a fm transmitter isnt it?

  • piratz

VSK, 27 Jan 2009hey abhi do u own N85 ? what's ur opinion ?awsome phone . everything is gud but the speakers sucks.........!

  • cguw

had this for a few weeks and its awesome!! i am a nokia man..this is my upgrade from n82 and they are much the same but this takes it for gaming and buttons-ie calls text etc. i also own a c905 as my mate works in a phone shop sold it to me for 80quid- its also quite good but n85 gets all awards

  • stvn7

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2009loose slider loose back cover loose camera loose keypad loos... moreDude i think the screws in your head that are loose. Even though i'm not an n85 user but an n82 user, still i'm a nokia user. Nokia wont put something in the market like that. Nokia is a world class company that produces world class products. Maybe the fone youre using is a fake and i think fake is all you can afford. I've watched lots of videos in youtube about n85, and honestly speaking n85 is a great fone, and i would buy one. But for now i'm a happy n82 user. So i think what you should do is better tighten those loose screws of yours. So i suggest you go to a doctor or better yet to a mechanic, whichever you prefer. c",

  • Anonymous

fr, the caribbean., 28 Jan 2009loose this loose that......maybe your looose. get tightened then... morei think some people didn't undestand that he is being sarcastic, he's criticizing the guy who says that the n85 has loose slider etc.
ok, i'll give my opinion, and let me tell you that this phone is much better than my old n95, the fp2 is awesome and the build quality, at least in my unit is awesome. the slider is very firm and the keypad is very comfortable, the softkeys are actually kinda hard to press but nothing you won't get used to in some days, overall it's an amazing phone


amazing display clarity . . perfect design . . good camera performance . .. . . . . . . . fm transmitter produces a lot of hiss noise . . d- pad construction suck's . . hang's a lot while playing song's (pre loaded )

  • paul

hi guys just got this phone from optus aus great but when i recive a message just the number shows not the name any body help ??? plz thanks

  • N85

I don't know which loose phone you are talking about. may be a your child's toy phone? N85's slider is firmer than any slider I have ever touched. it has a great camera. the best OLED screen I have ever seen. I agree with other people you propably never seen an N85. Go write somewhere else. don't miss lead ppl.

  • fr, the caribbean.

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2009loose slider loose back cover loose camera loose keypad loos... moreloose this loose that......maybe your looose. get tightened then maybe the phone would step up. if the slider gets any tighter u would need a crow bar to push up the dam thing, some ppl are not suppose to be speaking on reviews, u cant completely say negatives from head 2 toe. i mean i think your stupid but your smart enough to type your view.

  • Fr, the caribbean.

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2009reading somo posts here look fake. i mean who would write- 'wors... morei agree. anyone who says its the worst phone ever has never owned one. jealousy is an evident thing. i've owned a n80 and n82 and both phones are great. i sold my n80 but kept my n82. the camera for both is off da chain, seriously. and to talk about the speed reliability etc i wouldnt be finished now. so that thing (for lack of a better word) needs to just shut up. nokia great phone guys, i like the different lifestyle u guys cover.

  • aerynfadzryna my N85..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2009Worst ever Nseries. Kept it for 4 days and sold it off. Loose sl... moreloose slider
loose back cover
loose camera
loose keypad
loose display
loose front camera
loose multimedia keys
loose dpad
loose battery
loose dual led
loose lens cover
loose nokia logo
loose mind!

  • Anonymous

for the record the n85 is NOT and upgrade to the n95 8gb, if it had descent speakers, better camera, and better build quality then maybe