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  • Wayne bates

Having had my new N85 3 days, I must have had the friday afternoon model, if I make a call from the contact list then the phone says "connection error" if I play a video then the phone resets itself.
The loudspeaker is poor and the buttons very easy to mistype, having just part exchanged my 6220 classic, I feel that I have made an expensive mistake.....

  • Mo

What's really the difference between this and the N82? It looks a bit different and it has some more features like the wheel thing. But honestly, I don't see much major innovation in order to make me change my phone.

  • Anonymous

guys i'm so confused i don't know what to do. i love n85 and i was seriously planning to buy n85 but now that i saw nokia's future phones i see the n85 refresh in development:

symbian 3.2
2008 wk 40
N85 refresh.
Quadband GSM, HSDPA,
5MP camera with xenon flash,
8-16GB ROM,
analog joystick,
integrated compass,
stereo speakers,
In development

  • Shou Ji

Nokia Smartphone Roadmap :

Nokia IP08
- Wide Touchscreen Display
- 5 MP AF Camera
- Full QWERTY Keyboard
- WiFi
- FM Transmitter
- TV-Out

Nokia Corolla
- 3" VGA Display
- 8 MP Camera
- Half QWERTY Keyboard
- WiFi
- 8GB Internal Memory

Nokia Ivalo
- 3.5" Touchscreen Display
- WiFi
- 5 MP Camera
- TV-Out
- FM Transmitter & Receiver
- 32GB Internal Memory

Nokia Eitri
- 3.5" Touchscreen 640x360 pixel
- Landscape Candybar with Full QWERTY Keyboard
- 5 MP AF Camera
- Accelerometer
- GPS + Compass
- Proximity Sensor
- 8GB Internal Memory + MicroSD

  • iolo003

mindzap, 10 Nov 2008its a province my dear.. not a country =) but we have aa nokia ... morehaha my bad, cagayan de oro is a city.. im referring philippines as a nokia country.

im not really concern with the camera of this phone, yes i hav nokia n82, the best camera phone ever, but i found out that im not using camera that much.

regarding the sound, in my n82, if its use in music, not that loud but its loud in call and text tones, i think n85 will also works same way.. anyways reviews says its better than n82 in ds department, so its not really a concern

im buying ds phon because of the form factor, OLED and FP2 but im not giving up my n82, i will use both phone dpending on the occasion.

  • Anonymous

Will the OLED screen get damaged if you speak with the phone under rain for example? And what happens if you drop the phone to the ground?

  • Kenzo

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2008I'm going to buy this phone tomorrow. My only concern is its OLE... moreHey i dnt own this device yet iv got advice 4 you......OLED is very pleasent 2 Look at....i say its worth the risk.....
yet there isnt much of a risk...
I dont knw about its abilities 2 resist shok..but i knw 4 sure that u should KEEp it Away from steemy areas....Eg: Barthroom &Hot kitchens(while cooking)...
Then you safe coz wen water(HO) in eny form : drops, steem or mist will demage ur screen in the long run......
If u can stay away from the abouve then u safe and are welcome 2 purchase the N85 8GBsd

  • andy burgin

Anyone in the U.k wanting the N85 just go onto an you will see a few contracts for the N85,the N85 is a lot better in the build an screen but might not be on the camera on the N96,i got my N85 with a 8gb memory card inside it an it worked fast,just wished the camera an speakers would have been better an i would have kept it but the N95 8gb is alot better in these parts,the N85 is not very heavy at all,just go onto Nokiablog an they always show you different subjects reguarding the N85 to help you see if its worth getting an thats why i sent mine back looking a the Hallowen photos taken by the N85

  • Faisal

Dhs Price AED 1700/= Dubai U.A.E. SHOP((NoT 1year Warranty No )

  • Anonymous

I'm going to buy this phone tomorrow. My only concern is its OLED screen. I'm sure its lifetime will be sufficient enough (more than 2 years). But I've read somewhere that if you drop the phone to the ground accidentally, its screen might stop working, because OLED screen is made up from organic materials.

Can anyone who owns this phone answer my question please? Did you drop the phone accidentally to the ground and did something happen to the screen?

  • f

hey! did they release the n85 in the UAE?
i saw this phone turned on in a souk[bazaar] and the shop owner said it cost 2000 AED! i thought it's supposed to go over 2300 AED...

please reply..ty ^^v

  • Bill

I've been trying to decide between this and the Nokia 5800 Xpress. While the 5800 will be revolutionary at it's price point, I think I'm leaning toward the N85 at the moment.

Having a touch screen isn't really that important to me: I can imagine it being a finger print magnet really. And, having a clean, smudge-free phone is more important to me than the gimmick of being able to navigate by touch. Also, I want a better camera than the 5800 has. However, the 5800 Xpress does have a larger, higher resolution screen than the N85.

Anyone care to comment?

  • Bilooo

Very heavy and very boring looks. N79 far better and cheaper, or get LG Renoir

  • rakeb

this not tarz or type new nokia n85 ................very like n81 ? also n81 8gb also like n96 ? i am sorry i do not love this know n85 full copy in the n81

  • Suka

Is the battery comparable to Sony ericsson? or is it still too weak?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2008N85, N95, N95 8GB, N96 Gets --> Crapper as you move to the ri... moreHey i agree wif u man!

  • mindzap

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970its a province my dear.. not a country =)
but we have aa nokia country basically. nokia owns a great portion of market share here in PH.

i like this phone, if not for the keypad. it is well-rounded and will give N96 a run for its money. but i am afraid of the pic quality. it is reviewed that the little bro N79 is better even if they have the same camera specs. booohooo.

  • Pinoy Rocks

I love this phone too...

  • Henry RaymondRay

I bought n85 3 weeks back. I didn't like the keypad. What is the 4GB issue. Currently I have 2GB card & I was thinking of upgrading the memory. Anybody else is facing this 4GB issue ?

  • Anonymous

Kas, 10 Nov 2008Can the n85 charge using the regular nokia charger? or can it on... morei don't think so cause i don't see the 2mm hole anywhere