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  • Kas

Can the n85 charge using the regular nokia charger? or can it only be charged through usb?

  • Anonymous

Lucian, 09 Nov 2008I would like someone to compare photos taken at night between th... morethere's a comparison here. n85 is better than n95-4 and n96 but is still worse than n82's xenon flash!­nokia-n85-vs-nokia-n95-8gb-vs-nokia-n96-camera-f­lash-test-in-darkness/

  • Anonymous

This phone is very slow. Mainly it disappoints me in photo gallery.

  • Lucian

I would like someone to compare photos taken at night between the N85, the N95-4 and the N82. I own the N82 and my complaints are about the battery life which i read could be resolved by replacing the battery and the keypad gets uncomfortable after long use like when gaming or IM. I think i got a defective model because it restarts almost every other day, even after firmware upgrade. Lastly i can't hack the firmware to install a few Ngage games, not even with drakkar's help. I don't want to downgrade too far from the xenon flash because the night time photos are amazing so can i get some opinions? i like the camera but i'd settle for a more ngage friendly device

  • iolo003

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2008reading gsmarena's review of n85, the only things they mentioned... morefrom the start of the review yes but if you will read everything, they conclude that its a worthy upgrade.
i believe its worthy for people who wants to experience somethng different.

  • Anonymous

reading gsmarena's review of n85, the only things they mentioned that were good about n85 are the screen and build quality.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Jeez speak english!

  • The mobile store

it's very good mobile in mah store if you want take this then call me on mah store and i dont have any special opinion fot it so please bunk it ..!
and now i'll tell you something about comparing just take two fone like one nokia and another one you can take sony,moto,HTC, any one..!

  • Anonymous

N85, N95, N95 8GB, N96

Gets --> Crapper as you move to the right....

LOL! nah man bad thing to say, i'm in love with the N96 but in almost everyway nokia have messed it up and made N85 better..:( why nokia..why?

  • J f Constantine

Knowing Nokia so well over the years 1 cell ll have 1 thing short as always anyways this phone is good but a heavy brick 2ndly this is corrected in N79 but with older design lines finally nokia almost always ve worst still cameras with or without zeiss optics strangly excellant video what sony has is quite opposite and samsung bit of both


does any one know if dis fone comes with d game fifa 2008

  • ng_lee

Can this phone download videos from youtube directly?
please please ....... thanks.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2008is the 8gb memory card included? or it's just 1gb... usually w... morei don't understand why are you so lazy!
gsmarena just posted the review and it clearly says that it comes with 8gb card!

  • Anonymous

is the 8gb memory card included?
or it's just 1gb...
usually when I'm buying phone only 1igb included...

  • Andy Burgin

I tried the N85 out,o.k the slide an the screen alot better than my N95 8gb mobile,but the speakers are not very clear an taking photos at night the images end up a bit blurred,o.k Nokias cut the price of N85 down abit to attract more buyers,but they should have put even a better camera an speakers on the N85 to show the others they had to produce something special to compete with the N85,so i decide to return my N85 an wait to see if November to December Nokia release there 8 mega-pixel or 10 one to shock the others,if Nokia had made the N95 8gb mobile in the same way as the N85 it would have easily been the Top Class seller

  • Mustafa

i bought it today, lubin it =)
i bought it for 42000 in khi, pakistan

  • Anonymous

Hey i already called that nokia customer care. They asked to admit the phone in nokia care and give the job sheet no. I did. Still no use.

I like N95 for it's bigger screen. Why i shouldn't buy that mobile? What happen if the model stops?

The country is india.

Yes that's kingston memory card only. It's working perfectly in my 3120 classic. But it's not working in my N82. What should i do?

  • najoom

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2008About me i'm a mobile freak. I love nokia mobiles. 3 months befo... morehey dude u have 2 put kingston hd memory card of 4gb den it will except

  • al

to iolo003
What country is that?

  • iolo003

i realy like this phon
i visited nokia store yesterday and it so happen that they already have this on display. i tried it and was very impress by it. the phone is amazingly thin, feels very good in my hand, the sliding mechanism was smooth, the screen looks fantastic, interface was fast, camera seemed similar to n82 in daylight, a bit louder sound than n82, keypad was smooth and the fp2 brings a different experience. I wish I would have played with it longer but customers are cramping up the store so i have to give way 2 others

i also visited the ghostown stores of samsung and sony ericson, its like only the sales person were standing there with no customers around. i tried innov8 and omnia, innov8 was "nokish" but feel short, feels slippery in the hand, same ui with nokia but not nokia, thats d problem with it, its trying to be nokia but cannot emulate it. i tried the picture but i cant seemed to find difference with n82 pics in auto mode, the sound was great but i think i heard it with 6233 already and the keypads were confusing. i was candid enough 2 ask them if it sell, answer was no, they havent sold a single unit yet since it arrive, there even confuse wd d price, that means nobody was asking even the price. i was shocked!