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Nokia N85

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  • Anonymous

OLED is organic light emitting diode, they do have defined life spans. sony has a tv that is 11 inch i think that is OLED and it has virtually 0ms response time and a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio. The problem sony is having is that because it is organic the components degrade.

  • dpnk

Had it for a week now, I love it! I can't really fault it, and the improved battery life on the N95 is so much better, I've charged it twice in 7 days! Keypad is really easy to use, which is surprising as it's a very flat design. The camera is really quick to focus and gives excellent results which are well worth printing. The Navi Wheel is excellent, not too sensitive. Audio quality is pretty good too, although I never bother using the headphones supplied with the handset - although I think they could improve the volume to make it a little bit louder. The gallery is really fluent, you can glide through your images with the Navi Wheel and the zooming is gradual. No crashing/hanging yet so all in all a brilliant phone! ...And it's not too expensive - Bonus!

  • Nokia Fanatic

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2008i saw a 24K N85 in SM Manila... cheaper than the 27k... im plann... moreTo the one who said that he saw a Nokia N85 with a price of Php 24k only, I would like to ask on what mobile phone shop in SM Manila did you see that? Because that really is a low price compared to other shops that sell it at Php 27k. I would really appreciate it if you will tell me. I am also planning to buy this phone, maybe next month and I am beginning to compare prices of this phone from different shops since it was released. Thanks!

  • wiss

this phone is amazing!!i've got to buy it!!!

  • Anonymous

already answered on the same page...^^

  • Anonymous

Can you play "real" youtube on the phone??

  • Anonymous

is it worth upgrading??? from n78 to n85???

  • Anonymous

i saw a 24K N85 in SM Manila... cheaper than the 27k... im planning to sell my n78... is it worth it???

what do you think guyz???

  • grimjow

man from iligan, 03 Nov 2008sus naa bisaya diri,taga asa gapuyo bay? this is really a nice p... morehehehe... mao jud.. It's still ok, im planning to buy this fon since I'm going to give my N82 to my wife.. I like its design and functionality...

  • batman

i realy want dis fone bt if dis fone dnt last me 3years it aint worth it,need a overview on dis

  • Feusag

Hi, Will anyone who has experience of this phone please tell me what it is like as a PHONE, does it work in rural poor reception areas etc.

  • musicphone

i've realized that this phone is not for me. the oled lifespan is too short. i'm a power user. i want a phone that will last as long as it is still functioning and doesn't have a definite lifetime like a countdown timer.

  • MZDR

The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens have low-life time that can not go longer than 1-2 years max, as it is made of organic material. Yet in 2007 it seems science cameover this issue. A metal membrane helps deliver light from polymers in the substrate throughout the glass surface more efficiently than current OLEDs. The result is the same picture quality with half the brightness and a doubling of the screen's expected life.

  • Anonymous

wait for 6 to 12 months before u buy this phone. becos by that time its price has already slipped down about 50% of its initial price and new units with better build, more color options and latest firmware are shipped.

  • Anonymous

clientelle, 03 Nov 2008hi, im really excited to know that this n85 is now in the phi... more27k for the price of N85 here in Phil.

  • clientelle

iolo003, 02 Nov 2008i receive an email from nokia philippines that this phone was al... morehi,

im really excited to know that this n85 is now in the philippines...but still what i see in my place is a dummy of this phone...

i wanna ask how much this is in Php in manila???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2008n95 up to this date still has the best camera among all nokia ph... moreIf you look at the n81 and the n85 they are very similar (in looks), i'd say it is a revamped version

  • man from iligan

grimjow, 02 Nov 2008Daghang salamat pre (many thanx buddy). I'll just w8 for it til... moresus naa bisaya diri,taga asa gapuyo bay? this is really a nice phone but to due economic recession here in the philippines i am settled with my nokia 3310..hehehe!

  • Anonymous

Mirian, 02 Nov 2008i jz cant believe my eyes....i saw this phone at miri....parkson... more2000++ is too expensive..better go buy AP set from ur trusted dealer..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2008is it faster enough? compare to innov-8 What is the main disa... moreinnov8 is the fastest symbian smartphone. it's got a dual processor running at 450mhz clock rate. if u can afford it, buy it.