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Nokia N85

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  • x-men

What does OLED mean?is it suppose to be better than TFT?Does it have a certain life span? please let me know because I am almost about to buy this phone, but don't want any disappointments.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2008n95 up to this date still has the best camera among all nok... moreI believe that the N82 has a much better camera than the n95

  • Vish

Bought N85 here in India last week for 23,200 Rs = 370 euros .

1) gr8 build quality.It doesnt fell plasticy at all
2)slider does wobble after a week of use.but no probs faced till now
3)camera clarity is good but night shots have some noise.Videos turn out to be really good
4) Sound clarity is really gud thro good earphones( i only use creative ep630).but speakers are not as loud as one would expect.
5)auto rotation and navi wheel are not gr8...especially navi wheel accuracy is really bad
6)the phone is slow if u turn auto - rotaion and transiiton effects.but not as slow as n95 8gb
7) overall gr8 phone...worth buyin

  • Anonymous

it "ROCKS!!!!!!!" I have N82 but I want this fon!!!

  • ryan

Can anybody gives a slight review of this phone?
N85 VS. N95

1. speaker loudness?
2. vibration level?
3. camera performance?
4. music quality through speaker and headphone?

  • iolo003

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2008This new phone of nokia is very bad battery,all features be... morethis guy is going around nokia page saying that nokia battery sucks, well he is hallucinating

he says nokia is going down in norway, in his dreams.. he doesnt know how to read reports, nokia is number 1 in norway!

  • batman

yeah need a review soon on dis b4 i buy it

  • Anonymous

This new phone of nokia is very bad battery,all features become useless,here in norway nokia is starting going down

  • The King

Andy Burgin, 31 Oct 2008I totally agree with Aoron the Speakers used on the N85 are... moreoh God... sooo many varied opinions....
some love it. some hate it..

waitin 4 a detailed review on gsm arena !!

  • warlack

aaron, 31 Oct 2008i use this phone for almost 2 weeks but the sound quality i... morejust say yuo like it

  • jun

The King, 29 Oct 2008hey... gettin d phone in india for 24,000 approx. jus f... moreColor Lifespans - OLEDs, colors have a lifespan. The colors Red and Green have achieved lifespans of over 20,000 hours (over 2.2 years.

  • ling

design isaw is good... but why not have GPS operation sistem in this phone..

  • Andy Burgin

I totally agree with Aoron the Speakers used on the N85 are not as loud as my N95 8gb mobile as i thought they would be alot louder,the phone looks superb,easily the best "N" series mobile to date,an now more contracts becoming available in the U.K,but why are networks like Vodafone,T-mobile an now O2 offering 18 months contracts for mobiles as you get annoyed waiting till your contract ends to get a new mobile,so i am sending my N85 to get a 12 month contract on Orange instead, its not because of the phone but the contract length

  • aaron

i use this phone for almost 2 weeks but the sound quality is very poor through speaker (for music.If through headset which is provided in package it is good.Previously i am using Nokia 6233 which has very very good sound system through phone speaker.Even though N85 has a stereo speaker but it failed to impress in sound division. Other than that this phone is ROCKS..

  • clientelle

how true is it that the lifespan of OLEDs are a bit lower, that tghey said it can only last a year???

anybody using this phone can pls give us anything negative about this goody???

  • Anonymous

n95 up to this date still has the best camera among all nokia phones considering it's already 2 years old. n85 is the revamped edition of n95. n85 is not a successor to n81. there won't be any successor to n81 because n81 is an uninteresting device. as n96 is a revamped edition of n95 8gb, so is n85 is to n95. the problem with these 2 latest phones is that nokia enhanced their overall performance and added some minor extras but crippled some essential hardware to these devices. a concrete example is if u want to upgrade from n95 to n85, you'll be getting a better screen display, longer battery life, better build quality, latest software, some extras like fm transmitter and usb charging, but you'll be sacrificing the better camera with larger lens and dual processor with 3d graphics accelerator.

  • iolo003

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970this sounds like Dani, this anonymous by m@t2

his attacking nokia again, before he attacks nokia then shift and attack SE bcause his phone broke, and openly say he love nokia n82 and want to buy it, now he changed his mind again..

this gud have no credibility c",

  • Bilou

Lg and Samsung have killed Motorola and SE. Nokia still ahead because they have phones for every taste and are innovative. But touchscreen is the future and Nokia is lagging behind...

  • Anonymous

I've seen in this phone in person and it looks awful. Looks like a chinese clone of N96.

  • Anonymous

gsmarena has updated the info and now it shows the american version with 850/1900/2100 hsdpa

wee! i'm so happy! =) ^^