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  • andy burgin

Just got the N85 today an its such a classy mobile an shows that Nokia must have realised the N96 build was not good enough an the N85 is such a solid phone an alot better than i expected,all the u.k people go on an its available on contract with a free 8gb memory card with it,that how i got my N85 today,its worth getting i promise you

  • n85 user

Hi guys,

Just a small review based on comments i see on this forum:

1) Camera: Needs no mention. slightly poor than n95
2) Music: Good quality if u tweak the equilisers. Volume s adequate. could be easilt heard in noisy environ. Please throw away the headphones tht come with this phone
3) Misc: A bit slow if u:

a) loadup 8gb
b) have menu transition on
3) auto rotate on (though not very irritating)

Hope this has helped.

  • JinkoMK

Hey guys, are the main buttons just like the N81? Where it's a thin plastic and if you push buttons with your nail it will leave a dent.

  • al

I disagree that Nokia is like Rome. there is something to be said about their phone reception. their support of almost all languages, their ease of use, their numerous software possiblities, being really great when it comes to a real international phone. Or am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2008i didnt really saw why innov8 was superior compared to N96,... moreThe time will show. Nokia is strong now, but Rome was strong too. There is so many people buying Nokia phone just because is Nokia. No specification no quality, no durability no style no nothing requirements !

  • al

This n85 will be available for us 3g for preorder on Nokiausa starting 11-04. it will support 850/1900/2100 3g compatible with att.

  • kel

yoda, 30 Oct 2008its the first 8MP and its a waste of money because I can sh... moredo u think the n85 camera quality is good? just let u know i got the innov 8, c905, n85, n96 and n95 8gb. the camera quality of n85 n n96 are worse than n95 8gb. The best camera quality is c905 then follow by innov 8!!!

  • Ktulu (N95 8GB)

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2008i think not & ...

How can anyone believe this is real?! First of all 5800 hasn't even been released, so... Those guys should cut the crap!
If you'd look after the contact page on the site, you'd find a only an E-Mail to write to. I think those are the very skanks that wrote their ads over here. They sometimes succeed by asking for the money first, saying they'd ship the package afterwards :D

So buh-bye!

  • yoda

Kel, 29 Oct 2008dun forget innov 8 is a 1st 8 mega smart phone!its the first 8MP and its a waste of money because I can shoot great images using 5MP on my Nokia N85, isn't that an over kill and marketing ploy where in the public did not bite..

good opinion anonymous.. may the force be with you

  • buddy

khamal, 29 Oct 2008where can i go to see a full video reveiw of the nokia n85?you can have a full video review in nokia priority centres nearest to you

  • ng_lee

Can someone tell if this phone support WMV and Flash?


  • Kel

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2008i didnt really saw why innov8 was superior compared to N96,... moredun forget innov 8 is a 1st 8 mega smart phone!

  • abdul riyaz.....

all the latest n series like 96,81,85... looks similar..try to have some thing different in look,,,which the third genaration grab the mobile so fast...stylis,comfart,and good handling.. now a days 80% of n series are bulky and huge.......

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2008Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 vs Nokia N96 vs Nokia N85 : Hardwar... morei didnt really saw why innov8 was superior compared to N96, N85 or even N82 because it doesnt contain somethng different compared to the 3 feature wise

based on a normal consumer like me(95% the least) the specs of the hardware that innov8 have doesnt matter because we dont use them often in our daily life and we knew that it just adds up to the price. And you might have notice the cold attention of people to innov8 lately compared to the hype and interest that n96, n85 and n82 till date

If you think of it generaly
N96 - consumer will get all the feature that innov8 have plus DVB-H and a 50euro bunos being N96 cheaper than innov8
N85 - consumer will get all the feature that innov8 have plus OLED, FM transmitter, longer battery life and 150euro bunos being n85 cheaper than innov8
N82 - consumer will get all the feature that innov8 have plus Xenon and 200euro bunos

Innov8 doesnt offer anything different from the 3 except upgrade of its features and extra cost.

  • gk

I am using a Nokia N85 and i must say that truly its a classy phone. The only problem i have is that when you select more than 20 recepients for a single text message the message format automatically changes from a text message to a multimedia message.Has anyone else faced this problem? If yes how do u rectify it.

  • The King


gettin d phone in india for 24,000 approx.
jus for my inof, hearin so much abt OLED and its lifespan..
how long cud this phone last me ??
will it wear off in a year or last me for abt 2-3 yrs ?

  • q8door

it's nice mobile i like fast and high sound like N96 and design it's soft when you open or close it...easy to use.

  • batman

so many people are sayin different things about this fone dont know wat 2 believe

  • executivepak

I bought this phone and spend a fortune. But no Nokia service is availbe for this phone. No Catalogues updates are available and when go to Nokia web site for support the phone model is not listed. I really dont understand why Nokia is launching the phones without proper homework. I am really tired of Nokia and I am planning to switch to another brand and Nokia you are going to lose one of your faithful customer who is using your product from the last 8 years.

  • Jey

Just read from Nokia blog on comparing N96,N95 8GB, N85 and N82. N85 best all around juz lags behind N82's Xenon only. Even N96 dual LED couldn't be compared to N85 dual LED...