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  • Blue

Just on Saturday i bought Samsung Wave replacing my good old N85.
Though it was good but mine needed good amount of maintenance, screen broke twice & slider belt too had to be replaced & their costs with Nokia care were too high, a AMOLED screen costed my 2.8k Rs. which is high.
After this i was fan of AMOLED screens & thus was not convinced enough to go for N97mini or any other nokia as none of them have this display, Wave impressed me with its even better display.

I never wanted to go for touch screen phones but in range i was, there was no option except for E72 which i didnt liked much for its small qwerty keys. I still miss my Nokia for its some convinient features & as for the 1st time i have moved from Nokia in these 11years of mobile usage, definately i will miss Nokia. But slider's for still are not recommended, i love those simple big Bar phones like N73 which i had, i just loved it, they are much more reliable & classy looking.
The features i loved in N85 were:
AMOLED screen
FM Transmitter
Symbain compatibility
Its camera
Its looks & some convinient features.

But i dont know why Nokia discontinued it so early in India.

  • n85 king

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2010Can you it take 16gb memory card ? i have n85 and 16 gb memory card
it work normally

  • Anonymous

Can you it take 16gb memory card ?

  • turkey

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2010used iphone,milestone,n5800....but came back to my N85, guess i ... moreThat quite scary what you wrote but i went for nexus instead of milestone but back with my n85,,

n85 is small compact,,good audio cam video and battery,,glorious strong vivid colours in screen,,good value full of apps and it got BUTTONS non of this touchscreen rubbish..I have had no problems with mine except the front plate housing d-pad is little creakt but it works fine and normal symbian crashes thats goes with all computers these days..This n85 is one of them little gems of a fone that come along now and again like n95 s/e k750/k800 all good fones SO whats happened these days in 2010 i cant get excited about fones as i did back then and other people are saying this on gsm arena and blogs etc..Bring back good clamshell button fones with shape curves and style..

  • Enan Pogi

Any upgrade version for n85? cool and smooth phone!! is there an application like picture editor that we can install?

  • ENAN

Cool phone!!! however when i go the the gallery option system is logging any update>?

  • Anonymous

used iphone,milestone,n5800....but came back to my N85, guess i hated touchscreen phones, regretted selling my E71, milestone is ok but battery life sucks.

  • n0kiaS

i found a nokia n85 and in the phone was 8gb mm card :))

  • noKia

nokia n85 have television?

  • Meee

my n85 is splendid. only problem is my navi wheel acts up. how do i solve it?

  • harshad bhamare

my n85 have 8gb memory card. 6gb is filled up & now a days even i try to install any sis or sisx app, phone shows an error 'file corrupted', so how can i solve this problem?

  • Shibly

I think you should formate your memory card.

just try it ! !

  • Shibly

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2010when ever i want to save something in memory .so it cant... moreI think you have to formate your memory card,

just Try it !!

  • Anonymous

navas, 09 Aug 2010any body can say what is the complaints of the N85 hand... morebuy this phone do not look opinions
belive me buy n85
n85 is better than n86

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010good phonewhen ever i want to save something in memory .so it cant be save .i want to know reasone ?

  • Anonymous

it was a good phone.... until the LCD , C, Menu, right and left key died only after 1 year of using it.

  • n85 king

brynn, 30 Jul 2010its your memory card cannot write that amount of information to ... morei have micro sdhc class 4 8gb

  • n85 king

navas, 09 Aug 2010any body can say what is the complaints of the N85 hand... moreif you want buy n85 run and take him.
phone is fast,camera is better than n95 8gb,n96 and n97 mini(test).speakers are good but not much loudly:as n96.
buy this phone,8gb memory card come in box
be happy with n85
when you buy n85 reply to me,is n85 good for you
thank you

  • navas

any body can say what is the complaints of the N85 hand sets........
pls....................tell me becoz i want to buy it......

  • Anonymous

good phone